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December 27, 2008 -- HLS Supplier's Van Glued

received anonymously:

"As 500 animals die every day inside HLS, top logistics supplier Fedex continue to profit from the suffering of animals. This is why in the early hours of the morning the A.L.F. super glued one of their vans in the South West of England.

A fighting embrace to the British SHAC 7: Gregg Avery, Natasha Avery, Dan Amos, Heather Nicholson, Gerrah Selby, Gavin Medd-Hall and Dan Wadham. We will continue to directly attack the institutions that imprisoned you!

Our sabotage is infinite ... for the destruction of speciesism!
Solidarity in the form of rage and action!

Animal Liberation Front"

December 26, 2008 -- Brick Shatters Butcher's Window

anonymous report:

"Xmas present for Butchers:

To celebrate the festive season a brick was delivered to a Somerset butchers. With bad aim the missile missed the letterbox instead shattering the shop window. This isn�t the first time serial killers have come under attack in the area and it sure won�t be the last.


December 17, 2008 -- 70 Turkeys Escape Christmas Dinner

anonymous report:

"November - 70 Turkeys have been saved from a southern farm.
Merry christmas from the ALF!"

November 24, 2008 -- LSR Attacked in Town Centre

reported anonymously:

"Big companies can't hide.

Brighton city centre, right under the noses of Sussex Police and their Orwellian surveillance cameras, was the location for a round of co-ordinated attacks against the financial pillars propping up the sick monsters inside HLS:

While students were staggering around town drunk and eating kebabs we used the opportunity to visit Barclays and made a deposit into their ATM cashpoints. They are now both rendered out of use with industrial heavy duty glue inserted into their card and money slots. Cut your ties with HLS, Sell your shares in the NYSE - Anti-Capitalist Action Brighton

Goldman Sachs - You were warned. Selling LSR's pathetic shares was NOT enough. Now the colorful windows of Pret have had a funky new design added by etching fluid. Nothing is sacred, No-one is safe - Pret Sketch Crew


November 23, 2008 -- Trouble at Fur Shop

received anonymously:

"On a recent night, a visit was paid to Amanda's 'fashion' shop in Leeds, they've been selling fur.....

The door locks were glued, then the shop windows received spraypainted messages, and afterwards smashed.

[address deleted]

[email protected]
0113 262 5599

Ditch the fur.


November 22, 2008 -- "Stop the Shoot"

anonymous report:

"Up on the Keighley road, running up near to Ilkley moor, a can of spray paint was emptied onto the road.

The slogan read:

'Stop The Shoot'


November 20, 2008 -- ALF Expose, Raid and Trash Rabbit Farm

anonymous communique (click here to view photos from the action):


"Animal Liberation Front Investigations Unit Expose Rabbit Meat Farm
05 . 11 . 2008

On the eve of Barry Horne's death, a group of volunteers accessed a rabbit 'meat' farm in Berkshire, U.K. This farm used to harbour hundreds of rabbits in the back of converted box lorries, but have recently upgraded their bunny butchering enterprise to four permanent and highly intensive units. Semi-built and set to be filled with hundreds of rabbits, we entered the site and bypassed top security measures.. the key was left in the door!

One unit was so full of rubble and electricity cables we almost didn't expect to find any animals in such conditions. Further inspection found rows of cages, many with rabbits inside. All living on wire, many rabbits were blind, had ears missing and were rotting alive inside this windowless hell.

Even within a legal system that legitimises animal abuse, this sicko has still managed to torture animals beyond any legal requirements. The unit was in total disrepair, flooded with a mix of water and excrement, with open elecrticity wires and strewn with litter. None of the units had ventilation or air conditioning systems, despite being newly built. This farm was an excellent example of what 'animal welfare' means for animals: fuck all.

Needless to say we decided to make some legal corrections. After taking several rabbits to safety, who are now recovering in loving homes, we turned our attention to stopping this 'man' filling any more cages with defenceless animals. We cut every empty cage into pieces. Fuse boxes and machinery were glued and filled with expanding foam. Messages were left on the outer walls and doors before we vanished back into the darkness with our newly acquired friends.

This action was carried out in the memory of Barry, who continues to be an inspiration to us all despite his death at the hands of the british government.

- ALF Investigations Unit"

November 19, 2008 --  Barclays Bank Spraypainted

anonymous report:

"A Barclays bank in Brighton city centre got a new paint job last night. Unfortunately for them it was the ALF and not their usual contractors. We hope they like this new wall decoration which now reads DROP LSR SHARES, SCUM, DROP HLS and ALF repeatedly across walls & windows.

We are just getting started Barclays, drop your HLS and NYSE shares 'cos we've got a lot more in store for you and it wont just be paint next time. HLS are worth nothing and were making sure they're going to be worth BELOW ZERO in ANY way we can. We'll go anywhere and do anything, no distance or effort is a problem when we have the screams of murdered animals ringing in our ears. Sell your shares if you don't want to be targetted from every angle we can find. Its quite simple.

You've been warned. Anywhere anytime, we're coming for you.

November 15, 2008 -- Pheasants and Partridges Liberated, Hatching Pens Destroyed

anonymous report:

"My husband and I have liberated (a mixture of) approximately 60 Pheasants & Partridges from hatching pens in United Kingdom. Pens destroyed and fences cut. We will continue our work helping innocent wildlife!"

November 7, 2008 -- Barclays Bank Glued Shut

anonymous report:

"To increase the pressure against Huntingdon Life Sciences and the New
York Stock Exchange, ALF volunteers glued shut a Barclays Bank in the
west. Dump HLS and the NYSE to stop the sabotage.

For Barry Horne"

November 6, 2008 -- Pheasant Pen Cut Up, Grouse Butts Toppled

anonymous communique:

"A recent visit to the White Crag Plantation, found just next to Ilkley Moor, led to fencing of a pheasant pen being cut and brought down. This fencing has been recycled following a similar incident, we guess that if you have several pieces of fencing all with large holes, and you use them to cover each other, it makes one solid piece of fence. However, after our last visit this is no more. Two water butts were smashed up and pheasant feeders tipped over and their springs removed. Two bags of pheasant feed were also emptied.

After this some nearby grouse butts were toppled.

It is clear that the concern of Councillor Anne Hawksworth over grouse population stretches only so far as to her position in the shooting fraternity. She supports the small bunch of shooting extremists led by Edward Bromet to pleasure themselves over the killing of the artificially managed grouse, while persecuting other animals that rightfully belong to the moor; and we declare this attitude as disgraceful.

We call for Ilkley Moor to be a haven for wildlife and not a killing zone, demarcated by a few fanatics who wish to boast about their 'pursuits'

The following link exactly demonstrates the ridiculous nature of Hawksworths moor management schemes. The population of grouse across Rombalds moor have been decimated, and any serious walker would testify to that fact,

Stop the Ilkley Shoot.


An article from 2004: 

November 3, 2008 -- ALF Hit Staples

anonymous report:

"in the early hours of monday 3rd nov the alf sprayed a message on staples newarket rd cambridge. the alf as a non-violent movement is angered by the companys dealings with the extremist animal testing company hls. what is done to the animals in hls is far worse than anything the alf will ever do. ALF"

November 1, 2008 -- HLS Collaborator Followed Home

anonymous communique:

"In the news last week: it seems even the most legitimate demonstration is worthy of an early morning home visit from CIBA Vision's private protection squad, Hampshire AR cops. If they don't like people dropping banners then lets see how the fuckers like it when the alternative activists decide to demonstrate.

We followed CIBA worker Dorothy's shitty little car home to Eastleigh, and it looks even worse now it's been treated with paint -stripper and had it's tyres slashed.

Dedicated to all those who have been raided and locked up recently. We are unstoppable - catch us if you can.


Dorothy Nicholson
72 Beaulieu Road

October 20, 2008 -- Locks Glued at HLS Supplier

anonymous report: "Lock glued for HLS supplier DHL in the West of England... ALF"

October 20, 2008 -- Smashing Time at Fur Shop

anonymous report:

"A trip to Otley in West Yorkshire brought the windows crashing in on the 'fashion' shop no.6.
Better known as Mad Hatters, this appalling shop has been trading in the fur of tortured animals.

This action is dedicated to the recently imprisoned animal rights protesters.


October 19, 2008 -- Chef Gets a Warning

received anonymously:

"Andrew Pern, a person known widely as a supporter of extreme animal cruelty, has just received a warning from the Animal Liberation Front. The Star Inn van had a dose of paint stripper whilst all the tires were slashed. The lovely new windows of his new building were spraypainted with 'Ban Foie Gras' as was the Inn next door, we also took the time to have a good poke around the customer car park, and his little deli over the road, just in case we need to go back.

It's time to put your skills elsewhere, using the fatty bloated livers of tortured ducks and geese will not be tolerated.

North Yorkshire ALF"

October 17, 2008 -- Drive Through Chicken - ALF Style

reported anonymously:

"Chickens in the most remote of places do not despair, as one little lucky chicken in one of the most disgraceful free range units around was rescued by passing activists.
As they where checking out the units for future actions, one friendly bird made its way over to the feet of the activists. She was then scooped up, put under a jumper and carried to the waiting car and to freedom in her new home, everyone knows someone that has chickens as pets or could find a home for one or a few, next time your passing one of these concentration camps give a few of our feathered friends a helping hand and take them with you."

October 16, 2008 -- Lobster Liberation Front - Coast to Coast

anonymous report:

"Ahoy me mateys!
us scurvy dogs have been out on the high seas again, this time on the East coast.
There where many lobster and crab pots left in pieces of 8. the loss of many more dubloons will surely befall those who gather riches from such debauchery.
fishing nets found of the port bow where slashed as our swords glinted in the moonlight.
see you on the high seas!

October 16, 2008 -- Barclays Agains

anonymous report:

"Two Barclays in Hamshire have had their white walls covered in bright red slogans, their door locks and a cashpoint comprehensively glued."

October 15, 2008 -- Fedex Van Disabled

anonymous action report:

"A FedEx van in the South will not be making it's usual deliveries this morning as activists slashed all of it's tyres. A lock was glued and we couldn't leave without tagging the paintwork!

While you ship to HLS you make yourself vulnerable wherever we find your vans."

October 15, 2008 -- First of Many Barclays Targeted in the East

anonymous report:

"With cashpoints being so easy to do us here on the East coast popped in to town to glue up some cashpoints, with a tube of poundlands finest super glue squirted into each separate cash point and the remainder over the key pad. Three were done across two towns and be sure we will be out to do more.
With your current financial situation its like taking candy from a baby, do yourself a favour and get HLS kicked off the NYSE or we will help the financial crunch to kick you off the high street.

October 14, 2008 -- Countryside Alliance Supporter's Vehicles Attacked

reported by activists in the UK:

�Vehicles in the Cotswold�s were attacked recently with several cars scratched to hell and one car paint strippered on all panels. If you will display your shitty stickers in your expensive car windows then expect action from the ALF.

For those left untouched you should know our new tactics are to spray expanding foam into your exhaust pipes, the stuff is so cheap but cost you so much. Wonderful. Watch your backs!


October 14, 2008 -- DHL Van Super-glued

anonymous report:

"In solidarity with attacks in Mexico against HLS another visit was made for profiteers of torture DHL. One of their marked vans received super-glued locks in the west... ALF uk"

October 13, 2008 -- 24 Hens Freed From Illegal Battery Farm

anonymous communique (click here for additional photos):

"We may only be a small group and a new cell but we are more determined than ever to fight animal abuse in the best way we can. In recent times we have seen lots of people persecuted by NETCU and the British Government for peaceful protest so we decided to bypass the troublesome options and go for the more direct ones instead.
thank-you NETCU for the inspiration!

In the start of October we went to a large battery farm in West Yorkshire. We got into the sheds through an unlocked door leading to the shit compartment underneath the cages. There we found many hens living in hell. We did some research and this is actually illegal for the hens to be left to drown or starve in this shit filled hell. So we did what was right and took all of the hens from all of this part of the sheds. Some of them had been there so long they had hardened shit stuck to their feet and one hen was totally encrusted because she was found dying in a puddle of water and shit.

These hens were bathed in warm water, had their feet chisled of crap and wrapped in fluffy warm towels before being put back outside with fresh food, water, grass and sunlight. All of the hens are now recovering from a life of slow torture for the sake of cheap eggs.

We'll be back.
Fuck NETCU & all forms of animal abuse.
Yorkshire ALF"

October 12, 2008 -- Barclays and Butcher Sabotaged

anonymous report:

"a barclays branch in a small midlands town had its atm and door glued.
conveniently placed just over the road is a butcher's shop which was
glued and their van was also glued and had its tyres let down.
what barclays should learn from this is that it doesn't matter how
seemingly insignificant the town, all of their branches remain a target
while they invest in torture at hls.

-- the animal liberation front"

October 11, 2008 -- Barclays Cash Point Glued

anonymous report:

"Barclays cash point glued in the South.

October 9, 2008 -- Kitten Rescued from Disgusting Pet Shop

anonymous report:

"On wednesday 8th october memebers of the animal liberation front visited a pet shop to inspect the conditions of the animals held captive inside. The conditions were so disgusting that we felt the need to act straight away so we liberated a tiny ginger kitten. The owners were so away with the fairies that we just opened the cage and took the kitten and walked straight out of the front door. This kitten will now live out its life in a natural and clean enviroment and to the rest of the innocent beings don't worry we wont forget you and we will be seeing you very soon.
Animal liberation front"

October 7, 2008 -- Six Chickens Freed, Eggs Trashed

received anonymously:

"On the afternoon of 4th october, 6 chickens were liberated from a Egg Farm in Yorkshire, UK. The conditions inside the barn were extremely disgusting we wish we could have been able to take more, only time did not allow this, when we entered the Barn stacks of eggs were smashed and toppled over. then we entered the chicken's section of the barn it was so dusty we could hardly see, alot of chickens were in bad condition with feathers pecked out and cuts all over their the backs and floor was covered in faeces.

It was quite easy to find this Barn as it's stench could be smelt from across the road.

Animal Liberation Front"

October 6, 2008 -- Shoot Sabotaged

received anonymously:

"The ALF went up on Burley Moor near Ilkley and trashed rows of grouse butts, rendering them unusable and glued up the locks on a hut belonging to the shoot.

This moor was chosen because it is owned by Edward Bromet and the Bingley Moor Partnership who want to begin shooting on Ilkley moor again. For every penny you plan to make from this blood soaked contract we will double it in damages.

Stop the shooting now
Animal Liberation Front"

October 5, 2008 -- Birds Rescued from Slaughterhouse

anonymous communique:

"The ALF walked straight in to the Yorkshire Poultry Products slaughterhouse in bradford and liberated five birds in a crate.

We are watching YPP and their rock bottom finances and we are determined to close you down. When you were taken to the shabby courts because of the cruelty you carry out your director asked not to be fined because it would finish the company off - now you've got the ALF to do that for you!


October 5, 2008 -- Circus Signs Destroyed

anonymous report:

"Signs for Circus Mondeo were taken down and destroyed because they continue to use animals.

What goes up must come down!

October 5, 2008 -- Signs For Game Fair Ripped Down

reported anonymously:

"Signs for the Midlands Game Fair were ripped down and destroyed. At this event hunt scum and bloodsports enthusiasts get together and talk about how to murder animals for their fun. Next year we will stop it once and for all.

Animal Liberation Front"

October 3, 2008 -- Grouse Defended on Ilkley Moor

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of the 22nd of September, members of the A.L.F
trashed 4 grouse butts on a private moor just off Ilkley. We will keep returning until grouse shooting on this moor is put to an end!
Always for the Animals


October 2, 2008 -- Shipment to HLS Intercepted

anonymous report:

"A shipment sent to HLS via FEDEX was opened destroyed then resealed and sent at HLS's expense. No matter how large or small the amount may be. we will continue to damage HLS financially until they stop the torture of animals inside their labratories.

October 1, 2008 -- HLS Customer Exec's Shiny Car Damaged

reported anonymously:

"David H Youds is a Business Unit Manager for HLS customer Baxter. On Monday 29th we struck against his property, pouring paint stripper all over his shiny car, filling the exhaust with expanding foam, gluing the locks and spray painting 'ALF' on the bonnet.

We hope Fi doesn't find it too hard to take Theo to his junior school this morning. Maybe we will come back on November 9th. You should have stayed in Stockholm Dave.


Always for the animals

DAVID H YOUDS, [address deleted]."

I wonder if you could possibly help? ALF supporters paid a visit to my property a few days ago (See above) and indeed carried out what they said they carried out. Unfortunately, I�m not the person in the missive. My name is Derek, not David � checking the electoral roll would have shown that. I work for an Internet service provider in the hotel industry � not HLS and a check at Companies House would have confirmed that. Neither do I have any children so the school run wouldn�t have been a problem.

In fact I totally agree with the actions the ALF take and if you where able to gain access to the membership records of organizations as diverse as �Defenders of Wildlife,� �HSI� and �WDCS� you�d see that I�m a committed supporter of animal welfare.

A fact to remember: the real target of this action has suffered nothing.

If you could set the record straight that would be appreciated, regards


September 30, 2008 - Return of the Lobster Liberation Front

anonymous communique:

"lobster liberation front returns to the south coast

Ahoy there mateys, its been a while since we had some fun down on the sandy beaches, arrrr t'was fun, we found them using our treasure map, and x marked the spot of the animal abuse. Lobster pots were smashed to smithereens and we hope the owners timbers will be well and truly shivered after the many dubloons worth of damage caused. We also hope that the scurvy sea dog is not a smoker as when he walks the plank back to his boat as there is petrol and other chemical spewing from the watery depths of his engine after our swords went to work smell rather like cannon fodder.

See you on the high sea's


September 26, 2008 -- Christmas Comes Early for 51 Turkeys

anonymous communique (click here for additional photos):

"Santa's little helpers have been deployed early this year, and they're already noting down the mean people onto their naughty list.....

One person set to receive a lump of coal is a turkey farmer in north Somerset. This man harbours thousands of turkeys for the purposes of murdering them and selling their dead bodies for people to tear apart across the christmas dinner table.

Had he looked out of his window last night, he would have seen several little elves carrying big presents through the mist. Inside each one, a gorgeous Bronze turkey escaping the concentration camp and being taken to safety.

Somehow, even though we murder gentle and intelligent creatures for the sake of consumption, we still call ourselves a 'civilised' society. At what point is slicing an individual's head off and feasting upon his or hers decaying flesh 'civilised'??

One day humankind will look upon animals as the intelligent and worthy individuals that they are. Until that day, we will be raiding your farms and animal abuse establishments until all are free...

ALF uk"

September 26, 2008 -- ALF Attack Vivisector Breeder

anonymous communique:

"September 2008- Set within the Kent countryside is a dirty little secret the vivisection industry didn't want us to know: Blades Biologicals a commercial breeder of frogs and other amphibians, destined to die in HLS and other labs countrywide.

Security lights were disabled to allow us to work undisturbed in the dark. An emtpy polytunnel (used for breeding frogs) was cut to shreds. Anything with wheels was popped. Locks were glued on the main facility and damage was done to the peripheral. As a finishing touch we prized open a window, inserted a gushing hosepipe, fixed it on with expanding foam and flooded the place.

This is just the beginning in the war against vivisection- your barbaric ways are OVER.


September 25, 2008 -- Fly Fishery Targeted

received anonymously:

"On monday 22nd members of the angling retribution squad visited bank house fly fisherie in caton lancaster uk. We ripped down competion pictures and generally made a mess of their little club house of death. Before leaving we trashed 3 windows including a big glass door. We want to make it clear this is just the start of our campaign and unless bank house fly fisherie stops the slaughter of innocent life for their perverted pleasure we will return and things will be taken to the next level. The choice is yours
Angling Retribution Squad

Bank House Fly Fishery
Low Mill Caton,
Nr Lancaster
Tel: 01524 770412"

September 25, 2008 -- 3 Barclays Cashpoints Glued

anonymous report:

"In the last month our cell glued three Barclays cashpoints on the East coast of England. Drop the NYSE Barclays!


September 24, 2008 -- Old Tricks for a New Dog

reported anonymously:

"deep in Surrey is a town where a certain mystical managing director of Goldman Sachs lives. If you had gone down to 20, Quarter Mile Road, Godalming the other night you would have witnessed quite a show. We donned our special robes and hid a few things up our sleeves as we approached a very expensive looking car. We magicked away the paintwork, and with a swift prod of the wand, entered the inner circle of the tyres!

now for our next trick, Paul, we'll need some little helpers. three should do it..."

September 24, 2008 -- Sticky Situation Continues for Barclays

anonymous report:

"A few cashpoints in the capital have recieved the glue treatment. With so many of them to choose from, where next?! London ALF"

September 24, 2008 -- Home Visit  for Novartis Vivisector

anonymous communique:

"Steve Charlton, vivisector for Novartis.
7 St Christophers Close
RH12 2EH

give him a ring on 01403 242230.

Steve thinks its ok to abuse animals. think again you sick pervert. did you really think this was all over? we found you and came for you in the night, and this time was just a fucking warning. next time you won't be so lucky and only get your garage painted. at least all your neighbours know just how you and your sad wife holly get your blood money.

not happy with your new garage doors steve? didnt like the late night visitors outside your house watching you? contact NETCU and ask them about how they are forcing people into illegal direct action.

see you soon steve........
Animal Liberation Front"

September 23, 2008 -- Barclays Bank Painted and Glued

reported anonymously:

"A Barclays in the south was targetted, with red paint being spilled over it's white walls and door, and it's cashpoint and lock glued. See where this is going Barclays?"

September 23, 2008 -- Down on the Farm With the ALF

anonymous report:

"As a chicken farmer in hereford was resting his tomato red face down onto his pillow, activists got to work.
Allowing themselves into one of the large battery units on site, they began to take birds out of cages and bag them up ready for the drive to their new homes free from the horrors of the farm.
In only a few hours 250 chickens where on their way to saftey and the activists on their way home, another job well done.

who needs sleep when you have compassion?

September 23, 2008 -- Animal Transporter and Farm Vehicles Wrecked

anonymous report:

"The south isn't a good place for animal abuse is it? Especially if you leave things like a large cattle trailer outside. Now it's lost its tyres and gained a new paint job.

Several farm vehicles associated with animal abuse were also dealt with in the appropriate manner. Driving that new tractor may be a bit difficult after we slashed the tyres and cut some of the cables.

Have a nice day, courtsey of the ALF!"

September 23, 2008 -- Two Southern Barclays Visited

reported anonymously:


Hampshire: Barclays bank had white paint splattered over its windows and doors, both locks glued, and 'MURDERERS' spelt out all across the front.

Sussex: Barclays ATM is now out of service following the liberal application of expanding foam, glue and paint.

Barclays need to drop their shares in the New York Stock Exchange and get HLS off the market. Or expect to lose all your other ATMs, banks and related business interests...

Speciesism ends now!

September 20, 2008 -- After-Hours Visit to Pet Shop

reported anonymously:

"A pet shop in the UK Midlands selling skunks, rabbits and chinchillas received a midnight lesson in animal freedom....till all are free!
PS: Sorry for writing FUCKIN SHUT BY ORDERS OF ALF in red paint - we should learn to spell ;)

September 13, 2008 -- "Free Sean"

reported anonymously:

"Slogans spraypainted on walls leading to town.

Free Sean Kirtley

War on speciesism!

September 12, 2008 -- 1000+ Partridges Liberated From Game Breeder

anonymous communique (click here to view additional photos):

"During a night in September, a group of liberationists set out to locate and destroy a large scale game breeder in East Sussex.

Water dispensers were sliced and combined with feed hoppers to soil the grain, barbed wire fences were cut, and a nearby fox trap was chopped to pieces. However tonight wasn't about causing economic loss. It was about liberating innocent lives..... AND causing economic loss!

Workers living on the site in a portacabin and caravan with dogs barking through the night didn't deter us. We located an intensive breeder shed, crammed solid with hundreds of young Partridges. Outside was a run where the birds could leave the dusty shed to walk through inches of their own excrement and see the outside world through metres of wire mesh and netting. Not any more! A few hours with us there and the runs were in pieces, having removed the roof netting and ripping side panels down. Thousands of birds were herded from the units and were last seen flying off into the skies, back into the wild where they should be.

These 'people' are fairly thick types so in case it wasn't clear who had been we left a few messages around the place. 'LOST SOMETHING?' adorns the side of his now empty breeding unit, along with 'FUCK SHOOTING'.

ANIMAL LIBERATION NOW - what are you waiting for?

Countryside Resistance"

September 11, 2008 -- Free Dan Amos

Graffiti in support of prisoner Dan Amos.

September 10, 2008 -- ALF Return to Oxford

anonymous report:

"During the early hours of the 4th September 2008 we paid a visit to Shayler Concrete Pumping Ltd at Moulsford Oxon. This company has been dealing with the animal abusers Oxford University.

We entered the compound and 9 vehicles had their locks super-glued, attacked with paint stripper and given a new look with "DROP OXFORD UNI" and "ALF"

Shayler need to make a statement that they have severed links with Oxford University, ASAP

,,,,,, Or we WILL be back !!!

For the Animals


September 6, 2008 -- Pheasant Pen Sabotaged

anonymous communique:

"A trip to the White Crag Plantation on Rombalds moor, led to the discovery of a fully functional pheasant pen. The three small water distributors were sawn up, along with the connecting pipes. The main connector was placed out of commission and the large water butts were sliced into.

The pheasant feeders had their springs removed and the feed was spread around. The fencing had holes cut into it, and was then brought down around the perimeter. Pheasant feeders in the vicinity had their lids removed, and much of the feed was emptied out. Two large containers with feed inside had the bags opened and the feed was scattered. Two set fen traps were also found, released, and then disposed of.

This action is dedicated to the withdrawal of shooting rights on Ilkley moor, do the right thing and give the moor back to the people and to the wildlife that lives there.

Grouse Liberation Front"

September 6, 2008 -- Locks Glued at Greyhound Track

anonymous report:

"Portsmouth Greyhound track had it's locks glued
For the animals

September 5, 2008 -- ALF Tour Exbury Gardens, Leave message for Barclays Chairman

anonymous communique:

"Over the bank holiday weekend the ALF were busy on the Exbury Estate in the New Forest. This is the family home of Marcus Agius' inlaws, and the gardens are a local tourist attraction.

Marcus Agius is Chairman of Barclays. Barclays have been given a simple choice; get HLS [LSR] off of the NYSE, or drop your NYSE shares. A lack of action can be seen as nothing less than a continued betrayal of the animals inside HLS.

We hope our visit to your inlaws will help make the decision easier, especially when you have to explain to them why their miniature railway has been sabotaged, their bridges and walkways have been painted, their flowers 'relocated', and why their 'Wiggly Tree' has lost its wiggle.

Painting across the site made it clear why we had been, and rest assured, if you don't do what we ask, we will return.

See you at Kew Marcus!


September 3, 2008 -- Photos Released from Hen Liberation

anonymous communique (click here for additional photos):

"During a dark and quiet night, something was rustling deep in the British countryside..

Nestled amongst the tall shadows of animal exploitation, several figures were busy breaking into an intensive battery farm unit. Hens were awaiting in their prisons, cramped four or five to a cage, mutilated and featherless. 104 were saved in a few small hours and taken to new, loving homes.

This action was carried out in solidarity with Dan Amos, a peaceful protestor who is now in jail. Rather ironically, while Dan sits inside his prison cell contemplating his imprisonment for legally protesting, we continue onwards to see another day, 104 'stolen' chickens in our arms...

Their fate is in your hands; death or Liberation?
Free Dan Amos!



August 26, 2008 -- Another Barclays ATM Out-of-Service

reported on Indymedia UK:

"Shortly after workers fixed an ATM in the westcountry (we wonder why it was broken in the first place.....) militants visited the capitalist machine and applied liberal amounts of super glue to the card slot.

The New York Stock Exchange must drop HLS or actions will continue. If you don't like it Barclays sell your NYSE shares or continue profiting from misery and expect more direct action. We will not wait for labs to close with banners, shouts and propaganda; we will close them ourselves.

Dedicated to Dan Amos and
Militant Antispeciesists"

August 25, 2008 -- 104 Hens Liberated From Intensive Farm

anonymous communique:

"During a dark and quiet night, something was rustling deep in the British countryside..

Nestled amongst the tall shadows of animal exploitation, several figures were busy breaking into an intensive battery farm unit. Hens were awaiting in their prisons, cramped four or five to a cage, mutilated and featherless. 104 were saved in a few small hours and taken to new, loving homes.

This action was carried out in solidarity with Dan Amos, a peaceful protestor who is now in jail. Rather ironically, while Dan sits inside his prison cell contemplating his imprisonment for legally protesting, we continue onwards to see another day, 104 'stolen' chickens in our arms...

Their fate is in your hands; death or Liberation?
Free Dan Amos!


August 24, 2008 -- Glaxo Vending Machine Glued

anonymous report:

"Oops! An ALF volunteer dropped a dosage of super glue in a Lucozade vending machine, owned by HLS top customer Glaxo. A due thanks to West Midlands ALF, it was a lot easier than we thought.

South West ALF"

August 23, 2008 -- More Barclays ATMs Sabotaged

received anonymously:

"Several Barclays cash points in Guildford and West Byfleet have been sabotaged.
Drop the NYSE Barclays

August 23, 2008 -- Barclays ATM Glued Up

anonymous report:

"Inspired by recent actions against Barclays, an ATM in Hampshire has been glued up.


August 19, 2008 -- Glaxo, Mars Vending Machines Disabled

reported on Indymedia UK:

"Sometime ago the Animal Liberation Front disabled vending machine coin slots owned by GlaxoSmithKline and the Mars Corporation because they mutilate animals for pointless, fraudulent research killing non-human and human animals.

The former are top customers of notorious animal abusers NYSE:LSR. They recently gained an injunction against SHAC campaigners criminalising all protests against their UK offices, making it obvious that the UK is now a police state.

These actions are dedicated to the illegal Carnival Against Vivisection next month for Sean 'Free' Kirtley. We invite you all to bring some friends and come join us!

West Midlands ALF"

August 14 ,2008 -- Pheasant Shoot Sabotaged

anonymous report:
"Deep in rural Surrey we came across pheasant shooting equipment so decided to take some action.
Equipment was trashed, pens had holes cut in and hundreds of pounds worth of grain was left all over the floor to get wrecked.
In solidarity with the Ilkley Moor attacks.

August 12, 2008 -- Trouble for Barclays

anonymous communiqu':

"Over the last few days, NETCU-ALF Division have been out tactically coordinating some extremist activity.

5 Barclay's cash points in Surrey / Hampshire have been rendered useless with a liberal application of super glue.

We would like to make it clear that this action was NOT taken as a result of the handful of LSR (Huntingdon) shares held by Barclays. Keep them, sell them we don't really care. What we are concerned about is your massive investment in the NYSE Euronext. You have the power to pressure the NYSE into dumping HLS once and for all.

The fact that Huntingdon's largest shareholder owns just a quarter of a million shares is laughable. Now that they have been forced into this position of pathetic investments, we are no longer interested in who holds LSR shares. What we want is for Huntingdon to have NO shares. Therefore our demand is simple. Get HLS off of the NYSE Euronext. There will be no compromise. Dumping your LSR shares will not end this, only rectifying the cowards mistake made in December 2006 by the NYSE will end this.

Until such a time as LSR shares are traded by the NYSE, all shareholders, specialists, clearing agents, interests, as well as their subsidiaries, investments are deemed eligible targets.

Yes Goldman Sach's, that means your 25% stake in Pret a Manger makes them a target. Barclay's machines and banks will continue to be sabotaged. AXA branches are also on the list. Until the NYSE makes the right decision, the screws will continue to be tightened, until one of you screams louder than HLS did in December '06. If you have an Achilles heel, we will find it.

We were going to dedicate this action to our esteemed leader, Steve Pearl, but in light of recent circumstances, this one goes out to the recently interned peaceful protestor Daniel Amos. You should have joined the ALF lad!

Its time to stop throwing abuse, and start throwing rocks. Get on the streets and hammer Barclays, Pret a Manger, AXA and anyone else involved in the NYSE. EVERYONE IS A TARGET.

NETCU-ALF Division"

August 11, 2008 -- Attack on Foie Gras Restaurant

reported anonymously:

"The Devonshire Arms in Bolton Abbey is notorious for its persistent use of foie gras and other 'delicacies' that require animals to suffer acutely. This time the posh Devonshire landrover had its four tyres slashed and was treated to some paint stripper.

This action is dedicated to the Camp for Climate Action in Kingsnorth.

North Yorkshire ALF"

August 10, 2008 -- Barclays Cashpoint Glued

anonymous report:



August 10, 2008 -- HLS Supplier's Van Glued Shut

reported anonymously:

"A FedEx van was spotted making a delivery in Surrey. As a top HLS courier, they are a target of the ALF, and therefore all locks were superglued shut. Deal with hLS, deal with us.

For the animals

August 5, 2008 -- HLS Shareholder Sabotaged

anonymous report:

"Since it was discovered that a subsidary of Barcley's Bank has invested in HLS an ALF cell in the UK has made it's thoughts known using marker pens on Barcleys cash machines. So far we have covered 5 in this way. We intend to escalate the attacks to glueing up the card slot and using hammers and spray paint. These machines cost hundreds to repair and we can attack dozens in a single night. Barcleys will soon find out what many other banks have found out, if you deal in animal abuse you will lose money."

August 4, 2008 -- Pheasants Freed

received anonymously:

"In Woodland situated to the north east of Denton moor, a large number of shooting sites were found, and inevitably two pheasant pens. In each of the pens a hole was cut in the fencing and feed placed around the gap. All the water dispensers were removed from the pens and left with holes, all the feeders were also removed. Over 125 kilos of feed in total was placed around the pens and into the surrounding woodland. Water from the large containers was poured into the feed stores, with over 350 kilos of pheasant feed affected. The locks to the pens were also filled with glue.

Drop support for shooting on Ilkley moor.


August 1, 2008 -- New Prisoner: Dan Amos

Daniel Amos #VN7818
HMP Exeter
30 New North Road
Exeter EX4 4EX

Dan was remanded on July 30, 2008 after pleading guilty to "conspiracy to blackmail," related to the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. He has not yet been sentenced.
Support website:

July 29, 2008 -- Further Sabotage of Grouse Shoot

received anonymously:

"Up on Ilkley moor grouse butts have been taken apart in a further action. We are well aware of how Bradford City Council have conspired to trade in cruelty to shift responsibility for managing the moor onto a shooting and conservation (!) group.

We guess the costs for this venture are increasing. The prestige of presiding over Rombalds moor is diminishing. We ask Bradford City Council and the Bingley Moor Partnership to back out of plans to profit from blasting Ilkley grouse apart, and in turn commit to leaving Ilkley moor as a place where grouse and other animals can live without the threat of shotguns, larsen traps or fen traps and any of the other hideous methods used by gamekeepers.

This action is dedicated to Anne Hawksworth, Bradford councillor and cheerleader for the shoot.

Animal Liberation Front"

July 25, 2008 -- Wild Boar Liberated

anonymous report:
"Fences have been cut at the 'wild' boar park in the Forest of Bowland near Preston. One wild boar was seen leaving the area before activists followed suit.


July 24, 2008 -- Moor Sabotage

received anonymously:
"Up on Denton Moor near Ilkley, we decided to get in on the recent action. A pheasant pen was found in woodland near the March Ghyll reservoir. The fences were brought down, a pulley system used to transport birds and other items up and down a steep slope was left broken. Feeders had their lids removed, and were subsequently lost. A large cage trap was cut in half and the inside was cut apart, bits of the trap were then removed from the area.

We found a good use for some superglue nearby, but don't want to spoil the surprise.


July 20, 2008 -- Grouse, Pheasant Pens Destroyed

anonymous report:
"Up around High Moor, Ilkley, activists located two small grouse pens which were put out of use. The contents of the pens were destroyed. A fen trap was found nearby and also destroyed. Along the moor a line of stone grouse butts were toppled, and wooden butts smashed. Into the High Moor woodland, and a large pheasant pen was found, the walls were brought down and two traps tampered with, water pipes were cut and other items left broken. Feeders were also attended to.
This action is dedicated to the Austrian prisoners.
Animal Liberation Front"

July 18, 2008 -- Traps and Enclosures Sabotaged

received anonymously:
"Up in the White Crag plantation off Ilkley moor. A large grouse pen was identified and trashed, the water pipes and distributors were left split and smashed. The wire fencing from the entire enclosure was brought down. The electric fencing was cut and the system destroyed. Two set fen traps were discovered and placed permanently out of commission.
Two smaller pens were found nearby and the netting roof and wire surrounds were left in tatters. Feeders in the area were also tampered with.
Grouse Liberation Front"

July 13, 2008 -- 50 Turkeys Liberated for Sarah Whitehead

anonymous communiqu':

"Animal liberation volunteers are claiming responsibility for the direct intervention in the animal farming industry, as an act of solidarity with Sarah Whitehead who is currently behind bars for doing the right thing. While Sarah remains locked in her cell for freeing animals from pain and misery, volunteers successfully liberated 50 Turkeys from an Eastern factory farm.

This action means these sentient beings were spared from constant suffering, their lives destined to be cut short with the blade of slaughterhouse machinery. No longer will their existence be to fill the mouths of a salivating and greedy nation. They now exist as valued individuals, remaining happy and free.

Love and liberation for Sarah and all other captive individuals!
Animal Liberation Front"

July 7, 2008 -- Broiler Farm Sabotaged

anonymous report:

"brand new air vents wrecked
mobile electricity generator written off, cables cut, plugs glued
sawdust and bedding slashed

July 4, 2008 -- Up on the Moors

received anonymously:

"Bradford Council has recently agreed a contract to allow the unacceptable shooting of grouse on the public land of Ilkley moor, West Yorkshire. This agreement has been made with Edward Bromet of the Bingley moor partnership that currently manages shoots on the Bingley and Burley moors.

Activists investigated coverts in the Bingley moor area, and in the first woodland found a number of snares in a region of rough fencing with gaps for channeling animals. Within this compound an artificial earth was uncovered next to the grouse pen, there were no foxes evident in the area, and the grouse pen was empty, however, this sturdy structure did not take long to be completely demolished.

In the next covert a larsen trap was discovered and destroyed, further along a trap that looked to be used for rats or small mammals was discovered and also dismantled.

In the next covert more snares were found and destroyed,

This action is dedicated to Judge Ross.

End the Ilkley moor shoot.

Animal Liberation Front"

July 3, 2008 -- 65 Chickens Liberated

anonymous report:

"A total of 65 hens have been recovered and rehomed from the waste pits of a notorious battery farm in the south. Concerned individuals had to crawl through piles of waste to get to the dying animals who were drowning & starving in their own excrement.

Animal exploitation will not be tolerated. We'll be back.

July 2, 2008 -- New Prisoner: Sarah Whitehead

Sarah Whitehead #VM7684
HMP Bronzefield
Woodthorpe Road
Middlesex TW15 3JZ

On June 30, 2008, Sarah was sentenced to two years imprisonment for rescuing an abused puppy from a house. The dog was given a new loving home and remains safe.

Sarah was sentenced to 15 months for rescuing the dog and a previous 9 month suspended sentence for rescuing over 100 animals for a horrific pet trade breeder was revoked.

June 27, 2008 -- ALF Chickin' Nickin'

anonymous communiqu' (click here for additional photos):

"With one more comrade behind bars, we decided to turn to a more direct form of action. Sean Kirtley got over 4 years for editing a website. So why bother doing anything legal?

Taking the message from the government loud and clear, we took up the tools of liberation during the night and made our way to an egg battery farm south of York. We 'broke in' by opening the door to the lower section of the farm and climbing up to the cages. Over-night we freed 250 hens and took them all to new homes across the country.

This action is dedicated to Sean whose spirit will still be outside those bars helping animals in the face of government stitch-ups and a corrupt legal system.

The change is in our hands, the battle has just begun...
The Animal Liberation Front"

June 25, 2008 -- Piglet Freed

anonymous report:

"The ALF are claiming responsibility for a piglet liberated from a farm in the UK. She was found living in a bare concrete enclosure with many other piglets; her life in the hands of murderous animal abusers. Action was taken and she has been taken to a safe place where she can be cared for and be free.

Dedicated to imprisoned Austrian activists!
Until all are free!
ALF x"

June 15, 2008 -- Felix Says "Free Sean Kirtley"

reported anonymously:

"Activists in the North West decided to 'pimp' a hunt scums ride.

The car was easy to find as it had both the pro-hunt 'Felix Says' sticker and a BASC (Shooting) sticker in the rear window. The BASC sticker sealed the car's fate, the Judge in the Sean Kirtley case was into shooting and a member of BASC. The car had paint stripper applied, spray paint over the windows, windscreen wipers wrecked and one wing mirror smashed. Looked really pretty once we'd finsihed.

If the owner wants compensation then they should write to Judge Ross and NETCU. It's the criminalisation of legal protest that has caused this.


June 14, 2008 -- Locks Glued, Slogans Painted to Protest Badger Cull

According to media reports, four National Farmers Union offices in Wales were daubed with graffiti, and locks were glued, in protest of a proposed slaughter of badgers. Slogans painted included 'no badger cull,' 'ALF' and 'cull farmers not badgers.' (photo from Farmers Weekly & Western Telegraph)

June 13, 2008 -- Bridge Painted for Sean

reported by

"Solidarity is a weapon!

In the early hours of the morning 'Free Sean Kirtley' was painted off a bridge in the southwest. This was our first action to highlight the unjust imprisonment of peaceful campaigners under SOCPA. It will not be the last.

Section 145 Resistance"

June 12, 2008 -- McDonalds Redecorated

anonymous report:

"McDonalds in South Yorkshire had their toilets redecorated with 'Free Sean Kirtley' posters and 'McDonalds=McMurder' (Sheffield & Barnsley restaurants)

Till all are free..

PS: Some SUVs at a garage on Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, needed their paintwork redoing after a little redecoration in Jeff Luers!"

June 9, 2008 -- Chicken Liberation Dedicated to Prisoner Sean Kirtley

anonymous report:

"Activists liberated 27 chickens from a factory farm in the UK on the 5th of June. These chickens were less than a fortnight away from being taken to the abbatoir. Although all of the chickens were in a terrible state after the weeks of terrible conditions in their overcrowded hell-hole they took to their first few days of freedom well scratching around in the dirt and feeling the warm June air.

This action was carried out by 6 individuals in response to the unjust imprisonment of UK activist Sean Kirtley by a kangaroo court. This was their first liberation, it won't be their last."

Sean Kirtley #WC 6977
HMP Blakenhurst
Hewell Lane
Redditch B97 6QS

On May 30, 2008, Sean Kirtley was sentenced to four and a half years in prison after being found guilty of "conspiracy to interfere with the contractual relationships of an animal research organisation."

Sean was not accused of vandalism or threatening behavior; instead, the prosecution accused him of organizing peaceful protests against Sequani, an animal testing lab in Ledbury, England. Support websites: , .

Please send him your messages of solidarity and support!

June 5, 2008 -- "Free Sean Kirtley"

received anonymously:

'Free Sean Kirtley' was painted in 6 foot high letters off a bridge in Yorkshire.

This action was done to highlight the injustice in the UK 'justice' system and the imprisonment of peaceful campaigners.


May 25, 2008 -- Foie Gras Supplier Vans Painted

anonymous report:

"A foie gras supplier in the south of england had its vans damaged.
Slogans were spray painted and air let out of tires."

May 22, 2008 -- Circus Poster Taken Down

reported by activists in the UK:

"We are appalled that an animal circus has come to our village near York.

We have taken down their posters that they've taped up across our village.

They've also had their two camels, zebra, ponies and horses out on show. Plus the water buffalo in the field, some others were hidden behind the vans.

Church Fenton Against Animal Circuses"

May 17, 2008 - New Prisoner: Sean Kirtley

Sean Kirtley #WC6977
HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road
Birmingham B18 4AS

On May 14, 2008, Sean Kirtley was found guilty of conspiracy to "interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation" and remanded into custody pending sentencing.

Sean was not accused of vandalism or threatening behavior; instead, the prosecution accused him of organizing peaceful protests against Sequani, an animal testing lab in Ledbury, England. Click here for more information about Sean and the campaign against Sequani.

Please send him your messages of solidarity and support!

May 16, 2008 - 64 Chickens Liberated from Farm

received anonymously:

"on sunday 11th may 64 chickens were liberated from a battery farm in the south of england all now have safe new homes"

May 16, 2008 - Warning For Hotel Serving Foie Gras

reported anonymously:

"Last week a group of activists paid a visit to Wood Hall Hotel in
Linton, near York because they continue to supply their sick
customers with foie gras. Unable to resist we left them a calling
card on the long driveway to their country retreat, informing them
that we are watching them and will be back as long as they continue
to sell foie gras. As it was in foot high red paint all along the
road guests and staff alike could not miss the warning.

Wood Hall, this was just a reminder that we know you are selling
foie gras, and to demand you stop. Next time we will not be so

Wood Hall
Trip Lane
West Yorkshire
Tel: Central Reservations 0845 4580901
Hotel +44 (0) 1937 587271
Fax: +44 (0)1937 584 353

For more hotels in this chain ('Hand Picked Hotels') visit 

The Animal Liberation Front"


May 15, 2008 - Circus Vehicles Vandalized

According to the Hackney Gazette, last weekend tires were slashed and slogans spray-painted on vehicles belonging to the Bobby Roberts Super Circus. The circus is the only one in the UK that travels with an elephant.

May 15, 2008 - Meat Banner Destroyed at Supermarket

anonymous report:

"A big expensive meat-promoting banner of a supermarket in the Southeast of England has been destroyed. Supermarkets get off way too lightly for their role in factory farming and vivisection."

May 15, 2008 - Restaurant Doors D-Locked

reported by activists in the UK:

"In the early hours of the 2nd May, in anger at Bistro Number 5's continued sale of foie gras, Animal Liberation Front volunteers d-locked their front entrance, costing them hours of lost revenue for the following day.
It's high time they re-evaluated whether profiting from animal abuse really is good business!"

May 14, 2008 - Foie Gras Supplier Hit

received anonymously:

"Clifton Meats is a supplier of any number of animals that have been through the slaughterhouse and the intensive farming industry.

On a recent night in Leeds the gate was left unlocked, we walked in and slashed the tyres on the van that was parked up, and spraypainted anti foie gras and 'meat is murder' slogans on the sides.

Two locks on the premises were also superguled.

The next time we visit Leeds we'll be cruising the streets of the city and surrounding areas looking for more of your Clifton vans.

Dump foie gras!

Animal Liberation Front

Head Office
Clifton Meats (Blackpool)
Cornford Road, Marton,
Blackpool, FY4 4QQ
Tel: 01253 697070

Clifton Meats (Leeds)
Unit 2 Beeston Royds,
Industrial Estate,
Gelderd Road,
Leeds, LS12 6EY
Tel: 0113 263 4700"

May 13, 2008 - Piglets Saved From Slaughter

anonymous report:

"It has been reported that two piglets were taken from a factory farm during May 2008. Until all are free, we will not rest.

May 10, 2008 - Foie Gras Action

anonymous communique:

"Winteringham Fields produces 6,000 dishes of foie gras a year for their salivating customers. This sick obsession with the abuse of ducks and geese is fuelled by people like McGurran who insist that giving people the freedom to abuse is the right way to go about business.

Well, as of today, your diners will be realising the liability that serving up such a heinous dish can prove.
I suspect the owner of the nice car in the drive won't be going anywhere for a while, until they get four new tires, and when they do get rolling they'll be able to show off the new paint job.

'Foie gras hell hole' was also daubed over the restaurant windows.

When your customers are deciding to visit perhaps they'll consider that just one day, it could well be their vehicles getting the treatment. But, as we all know, that is NOTHING compared to the sheer hell that restaurants like Winteringham fields choose to inflict on ducks and geese.

Until the geese and ducks are free from the gavage sheds, we will take action,

Foie Gras Retribution Squad"

May 9, 2008 - Q Hotels Gets a Visit

received anonymously:

"After the Queens Hotel in Leeds hosted the greyhound killer awards, it was time to take the message direct to Head Office. Windows and walls were spray painted and locks glued.


Q Hotels (Head office)
Wellington House,
Cliffe Park,
Bruntcliffe Road,
Morley, Leeds,
LS27 0RY
Tel: 0113 289 8989
Fax: 0113 289 8955
[email protected]"

May 9, 2008 - 5 Meat Vans and Butcher's Car Lose their Tyres

reported anonymously:


Despite workers being on site, flood lights and 24hour security one wall away, it still seems Blakes Meat Specialists just can't keep outta the action. ALF Karma police tracked them down at their main depot in Sussex and slashed tyres on 5 of their vans and a workers vehicle.

This is the new age; there is no longer a place in society for murderers who reap reward from pain and death. The loss of animal's lives will now result in the loss of profits and we are here to make sure this happens.

With love and hugs to all those who act to save animals, you know who you are.

And to those who abuse animals, wait and see what's coming next. Your abusing ways are over.


May 7, 2008 -- Battery Farm Raid - 153 Hens Carried to Freedom

anonymous report:

"With the fire of vengeance in our souls, and the love angels in our hearts we cast the first stone against an intensive Somerset battery farm, and carried 153 hens to freedom.

Liberation's crusade's begun.
Animal Liberation Front"

click thumbnails to enlarge

May 4, 2008 -- Graffiti, Glue, and Broken Glass at Fishmonger, McDonalds

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of the 4th of May, the ALF paid a second visit to Norwich market. This time a fishmongers stall was targeted & got a similar treatment as the butchers before. All the locks were glued & graffitti reading 'STOP KILLING ANIMALS' & the ALF logo were left on the shutters. We also decided to cover one of the fancy signs in red spraypaint.

After this we still felt there was work to be done so we paid a quick visit to a Mcdonalds 'resturant' nearby. We filled the front door lock with glue & left graffitti reading 'McMurder' & the traditional 'Meat is murder'. After this we felt pretty pleased but we thought they deserved a warmer welcome so we turned our attention to their windows. Unfortunatly the bastards housed their resturant in an old building, with lots of little windows, but it didn't put us off. We smashed 3 of the largest windows & left the owner to enjoy his morning surprise."

May 1, 2008 -- Urban Development Sabotaged

reported by activists in the UK:

"The Earth and its inhabitants are being raped of their natural resources by the Corporate-State Complex. This is why for the Day of Climate Action we sabotaged this smooth operation in the early hours of April XX.

Members of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front joined forces to carry out an action against unnecessary urban development in the south-west. Ecoteurs broke into the construction site that is building yet another bridge for the transport of motorized vehicles. A 4x4 was found, paintstripped, all sides completely scarred, tyres damaged, whilst a truck and JCB had logos removed and sides stripped. The flawed concept of 'building our way out of congestion' will no longer be tolerated at the expense of the rivers wildlife and '8 million of tax payers money spent on this project.

No Compromise in Defence of Mother Earth"

April 29, 2008 -- Sheep Rustlin' ALF Style

anonymous report:

"Springtime is here, and images of lambs frolicking in the sunshine leap to mind. Unfortunately, for most lambs the reality is much harsher ' confined to metal pens, with the slaughter man's noose permanently weighing around their necks. Well not if the ALF have anything to do with it..

Ten lambs have been liberated from this death sentence and given loving new homes. They are now free to live out their natural lives away from abuse and repression.

ALF ' respect life.."

April 28, 2008 -- 530 Hens Find Freedom

anonymous communiqu':

"During the night, activists broke into an intensive breeding unit in Hampshire. Inside this windowless prison they found hundreds of young birds living in squalor with no access to fresh air or sunlight.

The hens were destined for a lifetime of suffering in miserable egg farms where they would have been exploited until no longer profitable and slaughtered. However, in just over 2 hours volunteers had loaded 530 of the birds and took them to safety. As the morning light rose, for the first time in their lives they saw daybreak, sunshine and felt the earth beneath their feet.

Dedicated to all those who acted to free animals from their cages but ended up incarcerated themselves'


April 27, 2008 -- Friday Night Fun For Novartis Vivisectors

reported anonymously:

"In solidarity with the World Day demonstration outside of Novartis' torture labs the following day, and to remind them that not all activists carry placards and bullhorns, two Novartis vivisectors were visited at home in Horsham on Friday night.

Steve Charlton of 7 Saint Christopher Close had glue put in his front door lock, and 'Animal Abuser at No. 7' was painted on a row of garages next to his house. We can't be sure they were his, but we'll leave it to him to explain that one to his neighbours.

At 5 Ryecroft Drive, Gerald Dubois had left a car out under an open window. Hardly a deterrent. Silent as the night that hid us, we stripped the paint, slashed all the tires and left our calling card in our own paint.

You never see us, and you can't stop us.

Animal Liberation Front"

April 26, 2008 -- Hunt Scum Receives ALF Treatment

reported anonymously:

"Yet another hunt scum has received the ALF treatment in Humberside, this time the target was a dark blue Volvo estate displaying one of those ridiculous countryside alliance stickers.

The car was a piece of trash before we even got started, missing
lights and the front reg plate, covered in dents etc. It's a wonder
it's even safe to drive.

Thought we'd add to the damage already incurred by adding a few extra dents and scratches, also let the tires down and superglued the
valves shut.

Have a nice day, courtesy of the ALF"

April 24, 2008 -- ALF Kicks Off World Week At Homes of Novartis Employees

anonymous communiqu':

"To give World Week For Lab animals a good start, the ALF were out spreading the good news.

Unfortunately, Novartis director Kevin White at [address deleted] forgot to leave us much to work with, so after the standard package - sloganeering of windows, doors and walls; gluing of locks - we had to improvise. Fortunately we green-fingered types noticed that his daffodil border looks a lot nicer when redistributed around his whole garden. We hope Kev likes our flower arranging.

Novartis employee Christopher Golunski of [address deleted] was far more sporting, displaying his car under a very handy floodlight. An 'ALF classic' was duly administered.

Until next time...

April 24, 2008 -- Countryside Resistance

received anonymously:

"There are some that would have dominion over England's pastureland, claiming to be its guardian but enslaving some animals for food, and hunting others for leisure. They must be resisted!

shooting signs have been ripped from their posts

2 pheasant were pens were destroyed :- water hoppers cut, electricity lines chopped, fencing torn and poles ripped from the ground and broken, main water supply and tubing sabotaged, locks glued on entrance gates, feeders removed and dismantled

tyres were slashed on a land rover that visibly displayed support for the shooting lobby

Don't let these scum get away with murder in the name of countryside 'conservation'.

The Countryside Resistance"

April 23, 2008 -- ARM Target Sheep Killer

anonymous communiqu':

"That disgusting piece of scum Tristian Roberts might get a little
surprise when he opens his post, paint and bricks through the windows are going to be the least of his worries.

Triss's address is:

[address deleted]

He seems to think that it's ok to torture and kill innocent animals,
and that mutilating a pregnant sheep with pitchforks and fence posts
before dumping the body in a wheelie bin is just a bit of Saturday
night fun. You may get off lightly in the courts because of your age,
but we'll make sure justice is done.

We don't just target vivisection all forms of animal abuse are
equally wrong.

Animal Rights Militia"

April 23, 2008 -- Butchers Glued Shut

anonymous report:

"Oops we accidentally squirted super glue into the locks at a butchers store in Hull, how clumsy of us.

Have fun opening the locks on your shutters, might need a drill
rather than a key though.

In solidarity with the actions against butchers at Norwich market
earlier in the month.

Yorkshire ALF"

April 19, 2008 -- ALF Outreach

reported by activists in the UK (see photos below):

"So we recognised a little problem (if you can really call it that) within the animal rights movement as activists continue to argue and disagree over what forms of activism are most or more effective.

This is called the Direct Action vs. Outreach debate, which is known throughout the broader revolution by compassionate individuals looking for real change. A solution to this is ALF Outreach, taking direct action primarily to educate others about the atrocities and crimes towards the non-human animals on this earth.

Since understanding that an undeclared war against innocent individuals is currently taking place, we knew we had to take action. Our cell demonstrated our commitment in the last few months by stenciling 'animal liberation' over 40 times on walls, bollards, pillars, electricity pylons, water meters & carparks. Identical tagging years ago inspired our activity.

This is dedicated to 90% of the public who continue to consume graveyard food and to the badger who caught us off guard recently, the only individual who has.

Here is a tip for those who have spent a lot of effort to remove our work. It takes far less time for us to tag than it does for you to clean up after us. The bottom line is we will be back to replace our work time and time again and that this is a much larger battle that you are not prepared for. Just remember that you own the paths and streets just as much as we do, we claim the right to decorate because nobody else has. Whether its animals in battery farms or those starving in poverty, veganism is the solution for the forthcoming revolution. Until all are free!

Want to join in? Get your stencils from , they are only '1.50 and can be shipped worldwide. A message for the police: you can raid their offices, but we'll just double our actions to support them.

Tagging the state and reclaiming the streets,
ALF Outreach-South West"

April 16 , 2008 -- Oxford Uni Supplier Visited

anonymous report:

"Last night we paid a visit to Steve Rusk Plumbers in Abingdon who have been working for Oxford University who are involved in the suffering of innocent animals. His shutters were sprayed with 'Drop Oxford Uni.'

Anyone dealing with Oxford Uni needs to get out now because we will keep coming back again and again and again.

We won't stop

This is for Felix"

April 8 , 2008 -- Hunt Scum Make It Easy

anonymous report:

"'Keep on Hunting - Countryside Alliance' People who display these
stickers in the back windows of their cars just make our job easier.
This particular hunt scums 4x4 was parked in central Grimsby so we
treated it with the respect they deserve, scratched the left side
doors and carved scum into the paintwork on the bonnet.

No justice, just us.


April 7, 2008 -- B&K Universal Supplier Targeted

received anonymously:

"When Kingston Communications isn't busy running corporate and business monopolies it seems to enjoy providing services for Bantin & Kingman Universal. A scummy breeder that supplies animals including dogs, mice, rats, and primates to hell holes like Huntingdon Life Sciences and Covance.
If you profit from contracts that involve blood money we are forced to take the profit motive out of the equation. This time it was just paint and permanent markers on your lovely cream coloured phone boxes KC, next time we'll smash and torch them.
This is a warning to anyone who deals with B&K, HLS or Covance! Cut your contracts or we'll cut them for you.

April 4, 2008 -- Butchers Market Stalls Glued

received anonymously:

"Late on the night of April the 2nd, nine of the freshly refurbished
market stalls were targeted on the famous Norwich market in
England. The nine market units belonging to at least three different
Butcher 'Businesses' had all their locks glued & messages reading
'Meat Is Murder' & 'Until the Suffering Ends' were spraypainted on
the walls & shutters of two stalls & both were signed by the ALF

Unfortunately these were the only gifts we could leave these
butchers. They should consider themselves lucky. This is only the

The attacked market stalls were numbers 72, 73, 82, 83, 113, 122,
123, 102 & 103.

If anyone wanted to pay the abusive bastards at Norwich Market a
visit with glue & paint a helpful map & business guide can be found
at this address, Since Norwich
market has a total of 19 animal abusing stalls including butchers,
fishmongers, leather, wool & fishing tackle salesmen I'm sure
anyone interested would have a wide range to choose from."

March 31, 2008 -- Easter Bunny vs. Novartis

anonymous report:

"Easter has just passed and the Easter Bunny has paid visits to all the good people, handing out vegan goodies. However, CIBA Vision [Novartis] has been very, very bad, using animals to test their contact lenses. Rabbits are typically used for these sorts of experiments due to their inability to blink away the chemicals poured into their eyes. Well, well, well CIBA Vision, looks like you got found out. The Easter Bunny got mad for her brethren and decided one more visit was in order'

Workers at CIBA Vision would have arrived at work to find front and back doors glued firmly shut and their com-pad out of use. Slogans such as 'SCUM' and 'ALF' were daubed across walls, windows and doors. Hopefully, while the workers had to wait to break into their own facility, they would have had time to contemplate the demands of the Easter Bunny'"

March 19, 2008 -- Abattoir Attacked

reported anonymously:

"Under the starry night sky one night in March, several activists were waiting outside Charles Diplock Abattoir in Ringmer, Lewes, East Sussex. While this sick individual makes money from slaughtering animals, and traveling around the country slaughtering horses, we were gearing up to give his business some remodelling.

Inside the compound we found a family of murdered calves and sheep dumped on the concrete floor, having been hung up by the back legs using string and slaughtered.

We also found vehicles used to bring animals to their deaths, and a truck full of decomposing cows, left to rot. Well Charles, doesn't look like business was booming but we thought we'd help you along a little. All tyres were popped, expanding foam was inserted into the exhausts, trucks were paintstripped and other vehicles plus office windows were spray painted.

Until all are free!

March 12, 2008 -- Tires Slashed on Butchers Van

anonymous report:

"Blakes Meat Specialists of Brighton, Sussex may have some trouble delivering their rotting corpses of murdered animals in the morning. Some people seem to have slashed each tyre several times.

You murder animals and you rape our planet, you were lucky this time we just slashed your tyres, next time we won't let you off so lightly.



February 29, 2008 -- Raiders Return to Boar Farm

anonymous communiqu':

"On a recent sunny day, an ALF cell visited Jays farm, near Haslemere. As activists approached the enclosures, it could be seen that a mother had recently given birth to piglets. These piglets were staying close to their mother as activists worked on fencing just a few metres away. With the fencing down, the mother stood defensively in front of her piglets, and waited to see what would happen next... activists then threw small pieces of juicy English apples to the mother boar who carefully went about eating them, activists moved off to the next pen, leaving a trail out into the woodland.

The boar were well camouflaged, but a couple could be seen and a small area of fencing opened. At the third pen a group of shy but curious boar, numbering about fifteen, watched from a distance while activists worked. Apples were then layed about. The fourth enclosure was opened up, but no boar were evident.

Small areas of fencing were removed in discreet areas to maximise the time before the action was discovered, hopefully when the boars had left for the wild.

English people should coexist with these shy pigs, yet the government, and countryside sports 'enthusiasts' seem set on continuing their persecution.

This is unacceptable.

Boar Liberation Front"

February 28, 2008 -- Oxford Remains a Target

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of 26/02/08 three Oxford targets were visited.

R.T. Harris & Son electrics based at Shotover Kilns Trading Estate, in Headington, Oxford had two vans painted, paintstripped and tyres slashed.

The head of a security co. who works for the University had his sports car paintstripped, painted and tyres slashed. The irony was not lost on us! and...

Beard construction in Swindon were seen to have paint both added and removed from 2 vans and all their tyres seemed quite flat as well as a truck tyre and the tyres of their wheel barrows!

Let this be a warning to those planning to build labs, (such as the one that the government and big companies want to build in London),
We wont stop...we have big plans for this year...


February 27, 2008 -- Liberation in Manchester

received anonymously:

"Three hamsters and four mice have been liberated from a pet shop in Manchester.

The water was discoloured, the food inadequate, and the space non existent. Keeping animals in such appalling conditions is unacceptable! Clean up your act or we'll be back!


February 26, 2008 -- Sequani Death Lab Collaborators Glued

reported by activists in the UK:

"Sequani suppliers Biffa were waiting outside to have locks replaced recently after activists glued the entrance to their depot in the West this week.

You help Sequani with their business of torturing animals and we will be the glue that keeps your business stuck in a rut and left outside in the cold.

Get used to it - we will be back soon!


February 25, 2008 -- Actions Against Cruel Traps

anonymous report:

"14 electronic traps and 3 glue mats designed to kill mice and other rodents have been sabotaged and removed from several shops in Yorkshire, leaflets detailing humane alternatives were left behind in their place.

2 rat traps utilising poisoned bait were also destroyed and the bait disposed of safely.

These kinds of traps are barbaric, and will be destroyed where they are found.

Yorkshire ALF"

February 23, 2008 -- McDonalds Attacked

reported by activists in the UK:

"McDonalds in the South West had all locks glued shut after a visit from the ALF last night, keep abusing animals, people and the planet and we will be the glue that keeps you all on your toes and waiting out in the cold.

For our fallen activists and the animals,


February 20, 2008 -- Slogans Painted at University

anonymous report:

"'Cardiff uni kills animals'
Sprayed on university campus fencing.

Next time we won't be so nice."

February 19, 2008 -- Biocair (HLS Supplier) Redecorated

anonymous communique:

"Under the cover of darkness, Cambridge Exterior Designers Inc. paid a visit to Biocair, an industrial supplies company with customers like the notorious Huntington Life Sciences.

Upon arrival at the building, activists decided it looked plain and boring. They agreed that a little re-decoration was in order to bring the place up-to-date and out of the dark ages where animal experimentation belongs.

After key-pads were glued and slogans sprayed on to the walls, glass-etching fluid was thrown at the windows and paint-stripper brushed on to the door-frames. Activists then moved on to the vans parked outside the building. Locks were glued, paint-stripper thrown over the bonnets and the word 'SCUM' brushed into the already-blistering paint-work. Glass-etching fluid was again used, this time on the wing-mirrors and windscreens.

In the darkened car-park, the activists' movements were aided by the security lights that Biocair had kindly installed, allowing them to see the locks and tools more easily. Evidence of a previous attack by a different cell was visible, the words 'Puppy Killers' noticeable on the garage doors.

This appalling company obviously hasn't learned its lesson yet. If you would like to become a teacher for a night, feel free to pop down to:

The Business Centre
Church End

and leave your application in writing/paint/etching fluid there. Alternatively, please ring:

01223 245223

Cambridge Exterior Designers, Inc.
Working in partnership with the ALF"

February 19, 2008 -- ALF Attack Foie Gras Restaurant

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of Sunday morning, ALF activists arrived at Midsummer House. This disgusting restaurant, situated on Chesterton Road, Cambridge, continues to support the cruel foie gras industry by selling pate de foie gras.

By profitting from the torture of ducks and geese for an unnecessary and unhealthy 'delicacy', Midsummer House became a target for the ALF.

Slogans like 'Stop Selling Foie Gras' and 'Ban Foie Gras' were among those spray-painted on to the walls and windows of the building. Activists glued the locks and applied paint-stripper to door and window frames and varnished wood. Glass-etching fluid was also employed to damage the windows.

We hope this action will discourage Midsummer House from selling foie gras. Anyone who chooses several hours of scrubbing over a few minutes of altering a menu and calling a supplier really does need their head checking.

Until all are free, Keep on fighting.
Cambridge ALF

Midsummer House
66 Chesterton Road
01223 369299"

February 18, 2008 -- 16 Vehicles Sabotaged at Hunt Kennels

anonymous report:

"On the night of Sat. the 16th of Feb. we took action against the Beaufort and Vale of the White Horse Hunt kennels as well as the offices of the Master of Foxhounds Association. In all 16 vehicles including horse boxes, cars and 4x4's had their tyres slashed, paintstripped and painted. We also painted their walls with ALF.
This action is dedicated to Mike Hill the young hunt sab killed by hunt scum. This action is also timed to coincide with the anniversary of the hunt ban 3 years ago. The ban's not being enforced and most hunts still kill animals. Maybe when they stop breaking the law we will.

No Justice Just Us


February 18, 2008 -- KFC Glued Shut

anonymous report:

"A KFC restaurant had its shutters and gate glued shut during the night and a bike lock was placed around the gate-posts for extra good measure.

According to reports, the restaurant had to be opened over 90 minutes late, due to 'Technical Problems'.

We encourage everyone to be the cause of similar 'technical problems' to any and every KFC, Burger King, McDonalds... out there.


February 12, 2008 -- Missing Posters Cost Circus 800-pounds a Month

anonymous report:

"Martain Lacey of the great British Circus said, 'We lose '800 a month by people ripping them down. We have to add on the cost to the ticket price' (Newark Advertiser).

The game is simple

1. Remove any illegal advertising for animal circuses

2. Take a picture

3. Destroy the cruel propoganda

ill start it off

9 posters
8 of which are from the great british circus
1 from circus mondao"

February 12, 2008 -- Abusers Locks Glued

received anonymously:

"Locks glued on animal abusers in the west of England. A shooting shop, a animal-torturing charity shop and a butchers targetted.

Profit from misery and expect direct action.


February 11, 2008 -- Window Subvertised at Foie Gras Restaurant

anonymous report:

French Living restaurant, Nottinghamshire. "French living's most loyal customers (who eat there every single day) are also disgusted with the restraunts choice of putting foie gras on the menu."

February 8, 2008 -- Pfizer Billboards Altered

received anonymously:

"ALF activists in West Yorkshire subverted a number of billboards advertising Pfizer products.

Pfizer kill animals inside HLS everyday so 'Pfizer / Wilkingson Swords Kill Puppiers @ HLS' was sprayed across the advertisements.

'Mmm, Cow Puss - Go Vegan' was also added to milk advertisements on the same night.

For Jill Phipps and the animals,

February 6, 2008 -- Piglets Liberated from Factory Farm

anonymous communique:

Sussex, UK.

In the darkness we struck against an animal abuser in the South. Five piglets were removed from an intensive breeding farm and taken to a safe place, where they are now free in new homes.

Animal liberation & no compromise in defence of ALL life!
Dedicated to our Mexican comrades!

-- A.L.F"

February 1, 2008 - Countryside Alliance Signs Destroyed, Hunt Cars Scratched

reported by activists in the UK:


Countryside Alliance signs were smashed and the side of a landrover was scratched, another hunt car had both sides and bonnet scraped hope the respray didnt cost too much!


February 1, 2008 - "Stop Leeds Uni Animal Tests"

anonymous report:

"The resistance put up by Oxford University only makes our actions spread.

'Leeds Uni Butcher Beagles' and 'Stop Leeds Uni Animal Tests' was spraypainted around areas student buildings.

We will stop your torture

January 31, 2008 - McDonald's gets ALF treatment

reported by activists in the UK:


'MEAT IS MURDER' was spray painted on the front and back windows of a McDonalds in the west, just to make sure they had trouble opening on time the next day all of the locks were glued.


January 31, 2008 - Circus Vehicles Painted

anonymous report:

"The ALF paid a visit to Circus Mondeo.

Their hand painted vehicles were all repainted with messages about their sick shows.

You make little money in shows and we will cost you more in damages.

Viva le ALF"


January 31, 2008 - Pro-Hunt Stickers on Car Disappear Under Paint

reported by activists in the UK:


Passing members of the ALF decided to make the pro hunt stickers on one car in the west impossible to see when the car had all its windows covered completely in spray paint (have fun trying to drive it to the garage!).

Messages such as 'ALF' and 'HUNT SCUM' were left on the side so all the other hunters in the area knew why it had been done.

If you support the hunt you are scum, but we do appreciate it when you display stickers letting us know this fact, this way we can make sure you get what is coming to you!

For the animals!

Your friendly local ALFers!"


January 29, 2008 -- Anti-HLS Slogans Painted on Pharmacy

anonymous communique:

"ALF activists paid a visit to an Alliance Unichem store in East Yorkshire, 'VIVISECTION KILLS', 'NOVARTIS/GSK PRODUCTS TESTED AT HLS', and 'HLS CLOSE THEM DOWN' were sprayed all over the shutters and signs. Wherever Novartis and Glaxo sell their products we will target, until both withdraw support for HLS.

On our way back we drove past a butchers so we thought we'd give it the ALF treatment as well, locks glued and 'MEAT = MURDER' was sprayed on the windows.

This is just the beginning, as long as animal torture continues we will be out taking action on behalf of the voiceless. Novartis, GSK, HLS, Butchers, and Slaughter houses are one and the same, they engage in mass murder for mass profits. We say no more, it ends here! We will make you pay for your crimes.

Until all are free,


January 25, 2008 -- Vehicles Trashed at Oxford Uni Supplier

received anonymously:

"On the 19th of January we visited R.M. Couriers (Weylands, Ladder Hill, Wheatley, OX33 1HY. Tel 01865 874524). R.M. Do alot of business with Oxford Uni. We popped the tyres, paintstripped, glued the locks and painted ALF on three vans and a car.
If you have a contract with the uni (if you've worked for them recently or not) you need to terminate it now and let the world know as soon as possible. If you don't there's a very good chance we will see u soon.

The fact that the uni have nearly finished building their lab only makes us more determined-- we will go on as long as it takes.

Love and Liberation

January 18, 2008 -- ALF Targets Sequani Torture Lab

"Above ground activists have received the following anonymous reports from December 2007 & January 2008.

1. 'DHL Deliver to Hell' & 'Close Sequani Puppy Killers' sprayed on
a bridge next to a DHL depot. We were ready to smash the place in
but there was lots of police activity around. The ALF are watching
you Sequani Quintiles and following those unmarked vans DHL are
sending in. How long before we trash them too? Animal Liberation

2. A billboard advertising TNT was covered in anti-Sequani slogans.
Perhaps TNT would like to stop dealing with the animal lab
industry and stop delivering for Arrowmight to Sequani. Nigel Arthur Edmondson works at them both, so we will hit them both. ALF

3. Boards advertising McDonalds were torn down and destroyed. This company kills thousands of animals every day and has come back into the eye of the ALF. Until every cage is empty. ALF

4. A van belonging to a butcher was wrecked in West Yorkshire.
Black paint was poured all over it because of his black heart, and
the windows were smashed. No rest for the wicked. Animal Liberation Front

5. Bayer kills animals inside HLS so we subverted their adverts
near York. They had pictures of happy animals on them to try and
sell their products so 'Bayer Butchers Beagles - Smash HLS' was
painted over them. A.L.F."

January 16, 2008 -- Nails Cemented to Driveway of HLS Colaborator

anonymous report:


3kg of galvanised nails were cemented to the driveway of Astra Zenica Director Thomas Fulton Wilsen McKillop, at [address deleted], Lowes Lane, Gawsorth, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9QR.

Drop HLS

January 16, 2008 -- "Pimp My Ride" ALF -style, at Home of HLS Supplier

anonymous communique:

"FedEx director Stephen Parrot was the latest contestant on Pimp My Ride - ALF special. Unfortunately, as we finished sorting out his banging new tyres, and fading out his paint job - with acid - Stephen didn't seem very pleased with the result. What a pity. His pitiful screams filled the air as we vanished into the night. Don't like it Stephen? You know what to do, FedEx are number one courier for HLS.

If you want to ask Stephen about his new ride, why not call him on 02476 415735. Or drop him a line at [address deleted]/ The Shrubberies / Coventry / W. Mids / CV4 7HB."

January 15, 2008 -- Communiqu' released from Rabbit Raid

anonymous communiqu' (click here for video and additional photos from the rescue):

"06.01.2008, Highgate Rabbit Farm, Highgate, Normanby-by-Spital, Lincolnshire, UK.

During the midnight hours of 6th January 2008, A.L.F volunteers gained entry to a rabbit breeder who provides animals to suffer and die in the miserable vivisection industry. Customers of this breeder include HLS and several UK Universities.

A ventilation fan was forcibly removed to evade the alarm systems on the doors. Inside rabbits were lined in barren cages breathing in the stench of shit and urea, waiting to be tortured to death in animal testing labs. But tonight, the activists had a more compassionate fate for them. A total of 129 rabbits were loaded in friendship groups into bags and taken immediately to safety. Never will they have to know or experience an experimental facility or university lab. Some of the rabbits were visibly excited when they reached their new lives, playing in the straw and eating carrots happily.

We couldn't leave without saying a proper good bye! On site we found a quad bike with trailer plus a lawnmower. All tyres were popped, locks glued, expanding foam in the exhaust, and were paintstripped. Next, we found a large white van obviously used as part of the sickening business. We redecorated it with nice new paint work, paintstripper, glued locks, popped tyres, and expanding foam up the exhaust. We also found a rather posh sports car parked outside the house which also had a little makeover just like the van.


129 Rabbits Liberated from Lab Breeder

January 15, 2008 -- ALF Visit HLS Supplier and Customer Execs

received anonymously:

"Ian Howells, BMS [Bristol Myers Squibb] director had 'PUPPY KILLER', 'ALF' and 'SCUM' written in red paint on his three white garage doors.

Ian John Howells
[address deleted]

Give Ian a ring on 0161439 9344, apparently his wife Penelope likes dirty phone calls. If not maybe Jonathan and Richard can convince Ian to make the right choice.

Phenoenex Company Secretary Mary Leech also got a visit. 'LEECH KILLS PUPPIES' and 'ALF' was painted in black on the end of her house, on clear view to all of her neighbours. This house was easy to find, as it was the only one with a huge CCTV camera. You might want to start watching that Leech. 0162582 8708 is Leech's number.

Mary Theresa Leech
[address deleted]
SK10 3EC

For the animals - always. ALF"

January 11, 2008 -- McDonalds Chained, Open

received anonymously:

"On a midweek night in London, cheap entertainment is hard to find. However, on this occasion, a bit of invention lead to a thoroughly hilarious and entertaining show. In Shaftsbury Avenue the McShit has railings that are very close to the metal door handles, and we thought it would be highly amusing if they were chained together just before the shop was about to shut, thus preventing the door being closed.

Well attaching and locking the chain was child's play... and then the fun started. Watching the McManager and McAssistant McManager trying to tug the metal chain with complete futility was brilliant, and then a McWorker was made to stand at the door advising members of the public that the restaurant was, dispite the fact the door was chained open, in fact closed. While sipping pints of vegan lager from a nearby pub, we watched and laughed while the resident McIdiots wondered how to solve this most unusual problem. How many restaurants I wonder have ever had the problem of having their restaurant doors chained OPEN!?!? It was better than any Hollywood movie, and I highly recommend this activity to everyone who has a bit of chain, a lock and a desire for a good old laugh.

We were surprised to see the McStaff appear with bolt cutters after about 20 minutes - I can't believe they actually had them in the shop! They tried to use the bolt cutters like an axe for several minutes, swinging at the chain from above their heads. Once they had got to grips with this very complicated device, they were able to eventually cut through the metal chains which enabled them to close their doors. Lessons have been learnt and the fun will be even greater next time. Watch this space... thicker chain will make things quite a lot more difficult!! hehehe
Much love to all the activists around the world fighting overground and underground for total animal liberation. Keep fighting! We will win!"

click thumbnails below to enlarge

January 10, 2008 -- Chicken Rescued Seconds Before Death

Western Animal Rights Network press release:

Brave Activists Rescue Chicken From Sun Valley Slaughter Line Seconds Before Death

7th January 2008

Yesterday two activists walked past a security checkpoint using the side of a live chicken transport lorry as cover to investigate the conditions at the second biggest poultry slaughterhouse in the UK.

One of the activists said:
"The crates were piled fifteen crates high and there was inches of faeces and blood, the smell made me gag, It was so hot in there, the chickens were covered in excrement waiting to be loaded on to a large conveyor belt and then shackled and killed."

This investigation was in response to recent coverage of conditions inside intensive chicken farming facilities. The intention was to gather information but after seeing how bad conditions were, however an opportunity arose and a chicken was spontaneously rescued by the activists.

One activists managed to open a cage and run with 4 security staff and a van chasing them on foot. One activist stopped for a couple of seconds to lead the staff towards him and away from the activist with rescued chicken in his hands. The chicken and activist got away but one male was apprehended by security staff and arrested shortly after.

'Rocky' named after a chicken from the film 'Chicken Run' was taken to a new home to live out the rest of his days in fresh air with clean water devoid of any growth inducing hormones, chemicals and anti-biotics. Rocky seemed much calmer than the activists minutes after the rescue took place, we are sure he knew full well that we were on his side unlike the workers of Sun Valley.

One male was released late last night on bail for attempted burglary and police are still searching for another individual last seen 'running from security with a live chicken under his arm'.

He said:
'We had no intention of taking a chicken, the conditions were so horrific I couldn't breath and was retching so I found it hard to run, I have since heard that the chicken was homed with a loving family. I couldn't be happier, this chicken was minutes away from having his throat slashed and body dragged through scalding water.'

Rocky's new family said:
"Rocky had some hock burns on his legs caused by the high ammonia levels in intensive farms and was a little unstable on his feet but we hope he will be up and running very soon with some companions. He is still cheeping and has blue eyes as chickens are slaughtered at only five weeks old they are still chicks. The various chemical cocktails that have been fed to him and millions of other chickens his body have caused him to grow too quickly and his legs cannot adequately support his weight yet."

The Western Animal Rights Network would ask members of the public to think about what that final release might be like for a chicken, 45 million chickens die during a five week life of suffering before they even reach a place like Sun Valley where it was documented that they were slaughtering 87 birds per minute in 1993. The chicks are shackled upside down, they experience a violent death which some say is preferable to their sustained torturous life. It is so easy to remove yourself from this process of suffering and torment but replacing animal products you eat with vegan fake "meats" and cutting out animal products all together.

'You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.
  --- Ralph Waldo Emerson "Fate", The Conduct of Life, 1860

January 9, 2008 -- 129 Rabbits Liberated from Lab Breeder

reported by activists in the UK (click here for video and additional photos from the rescue):

"On the 6th January 2008, 129 rabbits were liberated from a lab breeder in Lincolnshire.

This breeder supply HLS, as well as several UK universities.

The photo's show the cramped, unclean conditions of this hell hole - would we expect anything else?"

129 Rabbits Liberated from Lab Breeder


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