December 29, 2007 -- Hunt Scum Cars Vandalized

report from the pro-hunting magazine "Horse & Hound":

"Two hunt-supporting homes in Wales have had property sprayed with hunt saboteur groups' initials ALF (Animal Liberation Front) and HRS (Hunt Retribution Squad) in a suspected animal rights attack.

Police have confirmed that Charlotte Vangersteegen-Drake and husband Peter of Llowes had two cars vandalised overnight on 5-6 December — Mrs Vangersteegen-Drake is a joint-master and hunt secretary of the Golden Valley hunt.

And Jeff and Wendy Poulton's pick-up, at their property in Painscastle, received similar treatment on the same night. They are Golden Valley subscribers."

December 28, 2007 -- Billboard Subvertised

reported by activists in the UK:

"Billboards were seen after some ALF treatment they sent out a more appropriate message to the public telling all who REALLY helps animals."

   photos: Carling Billboard Modification

Update (December 23): A representative from Direct Fruit Supplies has stated, "we won't be selling foie gras or products containing it anymore."

December 22, 2007 -- Foie Gras Supplier Hit

received anonymously:

"A flying visit to Direct Fruit Supplies (DFS) in Leeds led to gate locks and shutters being superglued shut. Spray painted messages were left for all to see.

DFS is a supplier of foie gras to the catering industry, and thanks to their website we have a list of their customers (some who sell this cruel product) and they will be contacted and given details of actions conducted by the Animal Liberation Front that have occurred in defence of ducks and geese that suffer this appalling fate, that is just in case the violent images of ducks being brutalised is not enough for them to think deeply about the companies they support.

Direct Fruit Supplies
Unit 1, Taverners Walk, Sheepscar Grove
Leeds, LS7 1AH
Telephone: 0113 267 0089 | Fax: 0113 230 0605
E Mail: [email protected] "

December 15, 2007 -- New Prisoner: Mel Broughton

Mel Broughton has been remanded in connection with alleged offenses relating to the campaign against the construction of an animal research facility at Oxford University.

Write to him at:

Mel Broughton #TN9138
HMP Woodhill
Tattenhoe Street
Milton Keynes, Bucks MK4 4DA

December 13, 2007 -- Hunt Vehicles Vandalized

The BBC has reported that thousands of pounds of damage was caused to vehicles belonging to the Golden Valley hunt in Herefordshire. Tires were slashed and vehicles sprayed with battery acid and red paint.

December 10, 2007 -- A.R.M. Claims Contamination of Glaxo Products

anonymous communique:

"In a series of coordinated actions on the 10th December by the ARM 49 bottles of Lucozade Energy have been contaminated with sodium hydroxide and replaced onto shop shelves in the North of England, London, and Northern Ireland. The affected flavours are Original, Orange, Apple, and Lemon of the sizes 500ml and 1l.

Jean-Pierre Garnier the choice is yours, either you cut your companies ties with Huntingdon Life Sciences or these actions will continue. We've been watching GlaxoSmithKline closely and we know what you're up to, Novartis paid the price when we hit its products a couple of months ago the question is how higher a price are you willing to pay? As you can rest assured we will be back.

This action is dedicated to the 500 animal who die at the hands HLS
workers every day.

~Animal Rights Militia~"

December 8, 2007 -- Another Hit on Oxford Uni Suppliers

received anonymously:

"Not too long ago we visited two Oxford Uni suppliers.
1) Tony Eldridge Scaffolding, [address deleted]
2) The Oxford Tiling Co. based at [address deleted]

Whilst at Tonys all we could do was a little painting due to shitty circumstances but when we visited The Oxford Tiling Co. we found their van in the lovely quiet street. Tyres were popped and back doors painted, windows also painted

We will stop businesses dealing with the Uni, the only question is how much money they decided to lose themselves first!

Oxford Uni-You can't possibly win this. You may have nearly finished building work but how long do you think you can afford to keep the lab open? We will never stop so get used to being the new HLS and have a shite xmas (don't wori we will see to that)

Let it begin - ALF"

November 31, 2007 -- ALF Hit Oxford Uni Supplier

received anonymously:

"Over the weekend (23-24th Nov) We visted Nationwide Access in
Coventry. Nationwide supply Oxford Uni with truck mounted moveable platforms used on building sites to access high up the outside of the building. We cut through the crappy razor wire and popped lots of truck tires. We sprayed 'drop oxford uni' and 'ALF'. Any company doing business with Oxford Uni will have to expect this treatment.
Nationwide- Drop Oxford or we will be back.

ALF - Not one step back"

November 30, 2007 -- Billboard Painted, Again

anonymous report:

"One of the billboards we had covered in anti-fishing slogans was
repainted by the owners and an advert for AXA was put over the top.
AXA owned shares in HLS so we did it all over again! ALF."

Note: AXA has sold its shares in HLS.

November 29, 2007 -- Fun With Paint Stripper, Tire Slashing at Circus Host

anonymous communique (images from BBC):

"Over the last few years the Westmoreland Country Agricultural
Showground (Lane Farm, Crooklands, Milnthorpe, Cumbria; Tel 01539
567804; Fax 01539 567011; Web in
England has played host to a variety of animal circues and other
shows celebrating animal abuse. Last Thursday we decided to pay
them a visit and give them some long overdue payback.

Their logo-emblazoned Landrover was treated to a can of
paint-stripper and all it's tires slashed. Next to it we discovered
a series of mobile billboards which we had great fun daubing in
various slogans against animal circuses and meat eating, and more
tire-slashing. Other buildings nearby got a similar treatment and
various of their windows were put through.

While the spokeswoman of the show seemed confused as to why they had been struck, let us make it very clear that, as in the news
footage, any venue hosting animal circuses is a legitimate target
of the Animal Liberation Front. While the Government is of the
opinion that animals in circuses are fine, we are not, and we are
prepared to take action on their behalf. What happened to
Westmorland Agricultural Show is just a taster of what will be
coming against anyone else prepared to host an animal circus.

Animal Liberation Front"

November 29, 2007 -- Foie Gras Restaurant Gets Attention

received anonymously:

"L'enclume support the foie gras trade by supplying this appalling product to their customers.
A simple message was spray painted and the windows had glass etching cream liberally applied.

There is no longer a need to explain any action against a supporter of this trade. It is a trade that is clearly unequivocally barbaric.

Expect to be a target.


November 29, 2007 -- L'Oreal Adverts Painted

received anonymously:

"L'Oreal adverts were subvertized to point out their ownership of
cruel animal testing laboratories.

'L'Oreal Stop Cruel Animal Tests'
'For The Animals Killed By L'Oreal'

and similar slogans were painted over them.

Advertising companies like Viacom are just as responsible for the
suffering of animals as those killing them in labs. We will not
stop until all are free.
Animal Liberation Front"

November 28, 2007 -- Slogans Painted Against Fishing

anonymous report:

"A popular fishing spot in North Yorkshire was visited by the ALF.
Now when they are tryin to catch creatures from the water they can
read in nice big letters 'Fishermen Stink' and 'Fishing is Cruelty'.

November 28, 2007 -- War Kills Animals Too

anonymous report:

"Slogans against the War in Iraq were painted so people can learn
that war kills people and animals alike. Places like Porton Down
kill many thousands of animals to test pointless weapons. We have
not forgotten the scenes of burning pigs and many other sick works
done by vivisectors at that hellhole. We have all the arms we need.

Animal Liberation Front"

November 26, 2007 -- 2 Pigs Liberated from Agricultural College

anonymous report:

"On a dark night in November activists paid a visit to an agricultural college in the south. This college is a place where they teach future farmers how to exploit animals in the most efficient and profitable way. We were horrified as we passed numerous animals incarcerated in dingy sheds living in their own waste. Sadly we weren’t there for them (this time) and made our way to the pig unit. This wasn’t hard to find since the pig’s screams could be heard from miles away. Here this so-called educational college is teaching so-called ‘people’ (we use the term loosely here) how to run a fully functional pig farm, including the use of the notorious farrowing crates where mothers are caged in a space so small they can’t move or turn. Well here’s a lesson to you sicko animal abusing farmers, maybe you should lock your sheds or even keep an eye on your animals for once, because it wasn’t hard to get into your intensive breeding unit and successfully take with us 2 baby pigs. These were already weaned from their mothers so will now be happy and healthy living somewhere suitable to their needs, not in a concrete pen waiting to die at the hands of you callous monsters.

Needless to say we’ll be back. We’ve got our eyes on you.

November 25, 2007 -- Wild Boar Farmer: "Maybe They're Winning"

Media has reported thousands of pounds of damage was caused to several businesses in Cumbria, northwest England, early on November 23.

Slogans against foie gras were painted on the L'Enclume restaurant in Cartmel. Grafitti was painted on walls, windows shattered and car tires slashed at the headquarters of the Westmorland Show (livestock show, and host to a circus), in Crooklands.

At the Sillfield wild boar farm, in Gatebeck, vehicles were vandalized, slogans painted on buildings and windows smashed. In a previous attack, thousands of pounds of fencing was damaged. Owner Peter Gott told the BBC: "We had 21 wild boar farmers seven years ago and now we're down to about 4 in the country - so maybe they're winning."

November 24, 2007 -- Turkeys Freed from Meat Farm

anonymous report:

"It may not be Christmas just yet, but it was for 80 turkeys in the East!
Now is the time to be getting these birds out of hell before it is too late and they are murdered for nothing more than a cruel and selfish festival.

Now these animals can live and grow without humans inflicting their selfish greed onto them.

November 22, 2007 -- 310 Hens Liberated, Battery Unit Wrecked, Vehicles Put Out of Action

anonymous communique:

"22nd September 2007

In support of World Day for Incarcerated Animals (22nd September), activists paid a Southeastern battery egg farm a friendly visit. While animals remain behind bars across the globe, several volunteers made a decision to remove them from their prisons once and for all.

Throughout the night they removed hundreds of birds from their cramped, filthy cages. Under the stars the volunteers worked to ship the poor hens to freedom, across the surrounding fields never to be seen again by sick perverts who think making a quick buck is more valuable than life.

Once the hens were successfully removed from the site, activists got to work on what remained. Hundreds of cage doors were ripped from cages, bent, cut and thrown into the pit below, allowing the remaining birds to at least escape the confinement of their cramped cages. Every egg in sight was smashed, conveyor belts were ripped off and bags of grit were poured out onto the floor. Parts of cages were cut and bent out of use. Machinery was damaged and the small office compartment was “redecorated” with a fire extinguisher and spray paint. Switches and monitoring equipment were sprayed so they cannot be used. Although something tells us the farmer may guess we’ve been, the messages “SCUM”, “ANIMAL LIBERATION”, and “CRUEL SICKO” were left just in case he didn’t get it through is thick animal abusing skull.

Not only has he lost an entire unit worth of eggs along with 310 of “his” chickens, the unit will be in severe disrepair and out of use for some time. If he thought he’d be able to trade the next day using the eggs from his other battery units – he’d better think again! Both delivery vans had their tyres slashed, locks glued and received a nice new paint job. His little tractor looked a bit left out too, so we cut the valves off his expensive tyres and vanished into the night with the sound of all his tyres (and his profits) deflating behind us.

Until EVERY cage is empty.
--- ALF"

November 21, 2007 -- Hundreds of Birds Freed from "Game" Breeder

anonymous report:

"During September a ‘game’ breeder housing hundreds of birds bred for the sicko field ‘sports’ industry was visited. Hundreds of birds were released back into the wild where they belong, not artificially reared for gun toting perverts."

November 20, 2007 -- Deer Farm Wrecked

reported anonymously:

"A Wiltshire Venison farm has been visited by a group of concerned volunteers. During the night, heavy duty deer wire was sliced and removed from the fencing poles. Secondary barbed wire fencing was also cut to allow the deer an easy escape route. As a result perimeter fencing on two enclosures no longer existed, giving hundreds of deer a chance to escape into the darkness.

Animal Liberation Front"

November 20, 2007 -- 8 Turkeys Saved from Dinner Plate

anonymous communique:

"We were sick of sitting around while animals were being raised and butchered for human greed. So we took action. Having organised a small group and locating people who wanted to adopt turkeys, we entered a farm in the east of the UK and directly saved the lives of 8 young birds. We would have loved to take more, but these were all we could take for the time being. These were some of the most stunning and intelligent animals we have seen, just like all farmed animals are. Yet they are overlooked so that people don’t feel so bad consuming their exploited decaying bodies. Things shouldn’t have to be this way but by doing nothing, we are giving farmers permission to carry right on snapping the necks of beautiful animals, pumping out waste into our rivers, and callously taking the lives of the innocent.

Animal Liberation Front"

November 19, 2007 -- 210 Hens Removed from battery farm

received anonymously (to view video from the action, visit:

"31st October 2007

In true Halloween spirit, we decided to visit a notoriously bad battery farm in the Somerset area and give the scumbag farmer a few treats… ALF style!

Getting into the place wasn’t hard. We climbed up through the shit pit below and hoisted our equipment into place. Within 2.5 hours we had removed 210 battery hens from their cages, bagged them up, shipped them from the unit and loaded them into their getaway vehicle and on to new lives.

This farm can only be described as HELL… infested with flies, almost 5ft of waste, hens going mad in their cages, ammonia saturated air, live mice stuck to glue traps dying in agony.

This cruel system has to end, and it won’t be going until WE put a stop to it.

You know what to do, go save some lives!"

November 18, 2007 --
Greyhound Stadium Gets ALF Makeover

reported anonymously:
"All track servicing equipment and vehicles destroyed
Hare disabled and destroyed
Holding boxes used to release awaiting greyhounds sabotaged
Holding pen for dogs wrecked
Spray painted messages left for the owners to clear up.
Thinking about buying Portsmouth Greyhound Track? You’ll be buying one heck of a maintenance bill. Enjoy…… we’ll be back time and time and time again until you close down FOR GOOD.

November 14, 2007 -- KFC Smashed Up

received anonymously:

"A KFC has been targetted in Gloucestershire. This disgusting company deserves all it gets. On this occasion the building was spraypainted all over, locks glued and about 20 windows were smashed. Well done KFC for having a building nice and hidden from public view. It was so nice that we might pay you another visit very soon.

Make money from animal torture and misery and expect the ALF to call."

November 13, 2007 - Angling Shop Painted

anonymous report:

"An Angling shop in the west of england was painted 'NO BLOODSPORTS' and 'ALF'. Until the suffering stops. ALF."

November 9, 2007 -- Arson Attacks Target Oxford Univ.

anonymous communique:
"On the night of 4th November ALF activists carried out arson attacks on two seperate vehicles belonging to researchers connected to the notorious Dept of Experimental Psychology at Oxford univ. These cars were attacked at home addresses in Lathbury Rd and Five Mile Drive in north Oxford.
Six weeks previous to this attack an arson attack was carried out on a sports car in Gosfield Essex owned by a director of Acorn Intergrated systems who the ALF has identified as being contracted to work on the Oxford animal lab.
There will be more

For Barry and Felix

November 8, 2007 -- More Paint Stripper for HLS Suppliers

received anonymously:

"Martin and Eric are next door neighbours and best buddies. That's because they both share a filthy secret. They are both directors of companies who deal with HLS. Eric Morgan, at 18 Sherborne Way, Thrapston, Kettering, Northants, NN14 4XG is a Director of Impex, who really are a sick company. Your crimes shall not go unpunished Eric.

And at [deleted] we find Martin [deleted], Director of HLS supplier Earth Check.

What a fun little party we had. Shame we only had 2 tubs of stripper with all those cars! Ah well we know for next time. It was great to watch your tyres deflated just as HLS have.

Until all are free

note: Earth Check has announced that it has terminated its contract with HLS

November 8, 2007 -- Trick or Treating At Home of HLS Supplier Exec

anonymous report:
"Robert Memmott is a Director of HLS Custom's Clearance company Servisair. He lives at:
29 Stonyhurst Crescent, Culceth, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 4DN.
We thought we would treat him to an early bit of trick or treating. We decided to go for a treat - after all, this was our first visit. Paint stripper over his nice garage doors, we took his shoes for a special cleaning service (sorry Bob, we couldn't get them back out of the canal). Oh, and we left your pram this time (albeit in a bush), after all it was a treat. Next time you get your trick - looking forward to it Bob? We are.
Give Bob a call on 01925 765 852. Rumour has it he likes heavy breathing. What a perv you are Bobby.
ALF Tupper"

November 7, 2007 -- Paint Stripper for Cars of Novartis Director

reported anonymously:
"Novartis Director Anthony George Arthur Dutton at 3a High Street, Whittlesford, Cambs, CB2 4LT had his two cars covered in paint stripper, and tyres burst.
Drop HLS.

November 2, 2007 -- Wild Boar Returned to Countryside

Media in the UK are reporting that a perimeter fence was cut through and more than 100 wild boar released from Bramblewood Farm early on November 1. The farm, located in Rydon Lane, Holsworthy, Devon was the site of a similar incident in November 2006.

November 2, 2007 -- Statue of "The Met" Founder Painted

message received anonymously:

"ACAB ["All Coppers Are Bastards"] was sprayed on a statue of Prime Minister Peel - creator of the Metropolitan Police, the first of its kind. This was done in solidarity with Greg Avery, Natasha Avery and Heather Nicholson and all those raided by those bastards at the Met. No Justice. JUST US!
Solidarity from the ALF"

October 31, 2007 -- Betting Shops, Butchers Glued Up

reported anonymously:

"Betting shops and butchers were glued up and had ALF graffittied on them. You should know the score by now. Animal Liberation Front"

October 30, 2007 -- "Smash HLS", Other Slogans Painted

anonymous report:

"New Labour have lied and eroded our civil liberties. We will not stand for Gordon Brown's fascism any longer.

'Fuck you NETCU'
'Free Greg Avery'

were sprayed on bridges and billboards letting every one who passes these busy points know about vivisection.

Animal Liberation Front"

11 Freed Chicks - Oct 22, 2007

October 16, 2007 -- Billboard Redecoration

anonymous report:

"Billboards were redecorated to expose animal abusers:

1. 'Novartis Kill Puppies @ HLS' on Novartis adverts.

2. 'Boycott Harrods. Fur is Dead' on London travel adverts.

3. 'Mars - Stop Cruel Animal Tests' on Mars adverts.

4. 'Fishing Kills. Go Vegan' on fish food adverts.


October 15, 2007 -- Pest Control Van Graffitied

anonymous report:

"A pest control van had 'animal killers' graffittied across the front.
ALF are everywhere.

Animal Liberation Front"

October 15, 2007 -- H.L.S. Puppy Killers

anonymous report:

"'Close H.L.S. Puppy Killers' was sprayed on major dog walking routes. If the police want to stop lawful activists telling the public about animal killers we will take it to them directly. No Justice. JUST US

October 15, 2007 -- Action Reports

recent actions reported by activists in the UK:

10 October 2007
Hunt car had a totally new paint job, the panels were scratched and windscreen totaled! - Regards... Real Felix the fox


10 October 2007
Windows were hit with metal bar in the South west... looks like the new reinforced windows you got still dont do the job... Until all are free! - ALF


09 October 2007
Oh no, its time to order a new sign at Cancer research UK... unless you like being "searchUK" we wont stop until you stop using public money to torture animals! - Lots of love... ALF!


09 October 2007
Maybe some members of the public will learn how you use child labour for your cocoa products... and the countless thousands of animals you have maimed and killed to test your products! (Anonymous)


08 October 2007
Looks like advertising on phone boxes in the South West is going to be a waste of money... not many people will see your adverts unless they check the bins! - Heres our secret recipe... Direct action! - UNTIL ALL ARE FREE!!"

October 8, 2007 -- Will Novartis Products Ever Be Safe?

received anonymously:

"It seems that Novartis were all too quick to remove the tampered with Savlon from store shelves, however, we are the Animal Rights Militia and were prepared for such an eventuality, this original action was only a precursor to a more sophisticated attack.

Over the last three months members of our cell have been inserted into various positions throughout the operations of numerous high street stores and supermarkets such as Superdrug and Tesco. These agents have once again tampered with bottles and tubes of Savlon. This time the tubes of Savlon were infected with sodium hydroxide that had been mixed with a large amount of Savlon in advance.

However, we have not stopped there, we have also tampered with numerous other Novartis products including, but in no way limited solely to, Lypsyl and Lamisil. Firstly the Lypsyl outer packaging was carefully removed and then the tamper-evident packaging on the tube itself was very easily removed, finally the Lypsyl was removed from the tube and then dunked into the contaminated savlon and replaced. The packaging was then glued back in place.

As members of the cell have now infiltrated numerous parts of the supply chain of these stores they were able to not only place the tampered with products on the shelves but also inside the boxes of products in the warehouse and depots ensuring a constant supply of tampered with product since the 1st of October when we began our operation.

It should be borne in mind that tubes of Savlon have no anti-tampering seal. Pictures are included to demonstrate how easy Novartis' products such as Lypsyl can be tampered with.

How much is it worth to you to keep dealing with Huntingdon Life Sciences, Novartis? This campaign will continue unabated until you stop paying them to murder animals.

The choice is yours Vasella.

Animal Rights Militia"

September 28, 2007 -- Fight Against Foie Gras

reported anonymously:

"In a series of five raids, foie gras sellers in the North of Yorkshire were blitzed...

In the early hours of a recent morning, ALF activists visited the specialist importers and distributors of the sick 'delicacy' foie gras. The two cars in the driveway were paintstrippered, and then new spray paint was applied and all the tyres slashed.

To support and promote such appalling acts of violence and terrorism against animals, will always provoke a response from people who want to see an end to this disgusting trade.

Along with the grotesquely force fed fatgoose, with the 'naturally' diseased liver, the family butchers C & G Starkey received a well overdue visit. This establishment brags about how it can supply all manner of exotic meats to liven up any dinner table. There is nothing like dishing up suffering and abuse to bring joy to a table. On the menu at C & G's is foie gras and wild boar flesh, along with whatever your heart could possibly desire in the exploitation of animals. This place received a re-decoration and the locks and shutters and doors had superglue applied. They deserved more, much more.

Onto the Fig and Fennel in Wetherby, and this delicatessen, sitting in the middle of town, might have thought it would be free from retribution over its support for the sick foie gras trade. But no, spray paint was applied and again locks were glued. The profits from your delicacy of despair are being wiped out.

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey received a visit, car tyres were slashed and the hotel signs painted. I don't think your customers will appreciate your support for foie gras. Either that, or they rejoice in the abuse of animals. I don't think they were rejoicing on the morning we paid a visit.

The Rudding Park complex home of the Clocktower restaurant also took a hit. The heavy presence of security cameras protecting this hotel situated just outside Harrogate, left only one option... the golf course. Activists hit the golf course with garden forks and proceeded to dig up the greens. And such nice greens they WERE too. Spray paint was also applied to the putting surface, and then the signs outside were given a fresh paint job.

These actions were dedicated to the end of industrialised farming, we'll be there, as you continue down the route of self destruction, every step of the way.


September 15, 2007 -- 120 Hens Find Freedom

anonymous communique:

"120 hens have been successfully removed from a “free range” farm in the East of England. Activists worked throughout the night to break into the facility where thousands of birds are housed, collecting the birds together and transporting them to new and loving homes.

While “free range” is a step in the right direction compared to battery and barn egg farming, it is far from ethical and far from humane. After a short 18 months these beautiful hens would’ve been thrown into transport lorries and strapped into the unforgiving hold of the slaughterhouse conveyor belt, where they would have their necks slit before being made into “food”. Most free range farms are owned by the same companies who also run battery and barn facilities, and think butchering animals is fine as long as it makes a profit.

Animals don’t want bigger cages, a longer chain or more artificial ‘enrichment’. They want freedom, and until then… we will not be giving up.

Animal Liberation Front"

September 14, 2007 -- Young Hens Liberated from Breeding Farm

reported anonymously:

South East UK

The 9th of September saw a new start for 50 young hens taken from a breeding facility in Southern England. This intensive farm rears the hens ready for miserable lives confined within battery cages or other farms across the UK.

During the night we acted and stopped this violent cycle before it even began. We took 50 hens from the facility and shipped them through the night to their new homes, where they can live out their lives in peace.


September 13, 207 -- Butchers Make Over

"A small butchers in Kent had a much needed make-over last night courtesy of the ALF. This shop, selling such innocent animals as veal and kangaroo, had very dull shutters and plain glass windows. We felt we could do much better than that, and shiny silver spraypaint was used to liven up the shutters and a hammer and chisel was used to sex-up the window. I hope they like it. I have a feeling this won't be the last surprise make-over on this scummy shop.


This action is dedicated to Felix, one of the innocent victims of Oxford University."

September 12, 2007 -- Windows Smashed at London Butchers

"A local butcher's shop in SW London was targetted on Sunday night. Locks glued and windows smashed. Profit from animal murder and you can expect a call from the ALF.


September 12, 2007 -- Butcher Shop Gets ALF Treatment

anonymous report:

"Butcher shop in Portsmouth called Mr Butch had the shutters protecting the shop super-glued shut, and MEAT IS MURDER painted on the window.

Trading in body parts is NOT acceptable! End this bloody trade!"

September 12, 2007 -- Hens Freed From Battery Farm

received anonymously:

"12 hens liberated from battery unit in Dorset. These hens have been taken from hell and rehomed where they can now re-grow their feathers, put on weight and look like they should."

September 12, 2007 -- Damage at Butchers Shop

report received anonymously:

"Butchers in the West had shutters and walls sprayed one warm night in August slogans "Meat is murder" and Go Vegan were sprayed.

Until all are free!"

September 12, 2007 -- 117 Chicks Liberated in Farm Raid

anonymous report:

"117 chicks were rescued from huge sheds in the Southwest early August all have found new homes across the UK!"

September 11, 2007 -- 150 Chickens Liberated in Farm Raid

anonymous communique:

"In memory of recently deceased animal rights activist Neil Lea, and to highlight the plight of animals used and abused in the farming industry, volunteers gained entry to a hen breeding facility during the early hours of Monday 23rd July.

Whilst mainstream media continually portray poor farming methods as taking place only in countries outside of the UK, the reality is very different. Routine abuse of animals, along with blatant flaunting of the basic Animal Welfare Legislation happens on a daily basis in the UK – all before it ends up on our dinner plates.

The laws created are impossible to uphold due to the intensive methods used to harvest animals for food – they are a contradiction in themselves. This was evident once again to the concerned individuals who entered the undisclosed farm in the Petersfield area, Hampshire.

These hens were spending their lives in long windowless units, each one oozing large amounts of chicken waste and whirring with the sound of mechanised air conditioning due to the dust and ammonia that saturates the air. While they are free to roam on the ground, their natural desires cannot be met by the mechanised feeding systems, soiled urea-saturated floor or unnatural level of overcrowding, all of which cause horrendous illness. Some birds were lying crippled and dying on the floor, having being crushed by the others or simply ill due to the conditions.

These particular hens were being grown to be sold to egg farms, where they face further confinement – most likely crammed into a battery cage the size of an A4 piece of paper with 3 or 4 other hens. After a year and a half of intensive egg production - whether free range, barn or battery - the hens are then transported and slaughtered for cheap pies or dog food. It is believed that the hens are no longer as profitable by this point, and a whole new batch is shipped in. The cycle continues on and on.

It is for these reasons that volunteers decided to step in and break this cycle of unnecessary violence. 150 young hens were carefully bagged up, transported by foot and then driven to safe homes, where they have woken up and seen daylight for the first time in their lives. They are also now able to sleep on straw, forage, bathe in the sun, groom each other, eat a diet natural to their needs and do all the things that they deserve to do. No living creature should ever have to experience the battery cage, live transport truck, or slaughterhouse worker slicing their throats.

There are other ways this can be stopped without directly taking animals from abusive farming establishments. The only reason this has to take place is because people still choose to eat eggs. Without demand, there is no supply – the best way to help animals stay away from this abuse is not to eat them or their products!

In loving memory of Neil Lea, a dedicated animal rights activist. Your memory will live on in our hearts and our actions.


September 1, 2007 -- Boar Farm Raid

anonymous communique:

"From Dawn 'til Dusk

A trip to Jays farm near Haslemere involved a group of activists committing a daylight raid on the Wild Boar farm.
Once at the location it was clear that some of the fencing had still not been repaired from a previous visit. Instead around one pen three lines of electric fencing had been put in place. These were soon cut to leave a passage out for the boar. Though it was not evident that there were any boar trapped in this enclosure or the one adjacent.

Crossing the path, and going past the empty feed box (which still had ALF spray painted on it) there were a few boar seen in the two pens ahead, fencing was cut, repairs dismantled and then the electric fencing seen too. Chopped apples were placed around the area.

In nearby woodland a large trap was placed out of commission and moved elsewhere, hopefully not to be seen again.

Direct action saves the lives of animals from the grim certainty of the slaughterhouse."

August 28, 2007 -- Animal Rights Militia Claim Tampering of Novartis Products

communique received anonymously:

"Over the last 5 days over 250 tubes and bottles of Novartis's Anti-Septic product Savlon have been tampered with in the North of England in stores such as Superdrug, Boots and other well known stores. We don't want to kill living beings like Novartis but the side effects and the inevitable hospital stay will give people an idea of what Novartis pays for inside Huntingdon Life Sciences.

The message is clear and uncompromising Vasella, you must stop killing animals inside Huntingdon Life Sciences or this will only be the beginning of our campaign.

Animal Rights Militia."

July 10, 2007 -- Partridges Freed, Pheasant Pen Trashed

anonymous communique:

"Down in the depths of Lincolnshire on Barkston Heath, a late night visit brought the walls of an empty pheasant pen silently down. The padlock on the door to the pen was removed with the use of a crow bar, but by this time it was a mere technicality. The fencing was left strewn with gaping holes and then brought down around the perimeter. Water pipes were cut.

Onto the Partridge prisons, and the various 'houses' were investigated. Many of which had small Partridges under heat lamps. These 'houses' were in this instance left untouched, as there were many pens with larger birds living in the open air, cruelly kept in their meshed pens. These birds do not have room to fly, with the sky awaiting them outside, the doors were opened and seed scattered about. As the work was undertaken it was a joy to see birds leaving their captivity and flying away. (Hopefully a good distance from the shotgun crazed locals that frequent the place). Nearby buildings were investigated and two vehicles had superglue applied to locks.

Birds are born to fly, you take their freedom, we pay you a visit.


July 9, 2007 -- Foie Gras Establishment Visited

received anonymously:

"The Hare and Hounds Inn support the sick foie gras trade by supplying foie gras to their customers, they received numerous spray painted messages on their walls and windows.

Make the choice!


The Hare and Hounds Inn
The Green,
NG32 3JJ
Tel: 01400 272090
[email protected] "

June 29, 2007 -- 18 Lambs Saved from the Dinner Table

anonymous report:

"18 Lambs were taken during June from a sheep breeder in the South. These gorgeous, innocent animals are now free to enjoy their lives and will never have to know the horror of slaughter or torture at the hands of greedy farmers.

You can't stop the ALF!"

June 28, 2007 -- McDonalds Painted

anonymous report:

"McDonalds targetted in Strood. Spraypainted slogans. This is not the end!!


June 28, 2007 -- 160 Hens Liberated

reported anonymously:

"Somerset, UK. 160 hens were taken from an intensive farming unit. Volunteers worked throughout the night to remove and rehome hens from this hell-hole. Until all are free!
-- ALF"

June 27, 2007 - UK

reported anonymously:


June 26, 2007 -- 150 chickens saved from slaughter

anonymous communique:
"On a dimly lit night in June, several activists entered a hen breeding facility in the South East and successfully removed 150 beautiful hens destined for the battery egg industry. These hens have been spared years of torture and spared having their lives taken.

Why bother acting legally when you get sent to prison anyway thanks to the government and police?

Get out there and save some lives - now we have nothing to lose!
Animal Liberation Front

June 3, 2007 -- ALF Claim Fire at Cattle Farm

anonymous report:

"On Sunday 6th May the ALF visited Field Farm in Appleton, Oxfordshire. This farm is involved in transporting animals to their deaths and raising animals to be killed. We placed several incendiary devices at the site, causing about £500,000 damage to tractors, farm machinery and a hay barn. We will continue to take action against businesses like this until they stop abusing animals. This action was taken to coincide with Tony Blair's departure. The ALF were around long before you came to power, and we will be there long after you are gone and forgotten."

May 28, 2007  Locks Glued in Defiance of Arrests

anonymous note:
"The trumpeting by law enforcement -  - of a number of arrests (32 in total?) of animal rights 'extremists' really is sickening. It's a shame such efforts aren't made to put undercover cops/RSPCA etc. into establishments like HLS to prosecute such murdering scum for killing defenceless animals. Mr Tupper and his pals from South Yorkshire ALF branch marked the arrests of the 32 by supergluing selected shop the operators of scumbag premises like McDonalds, KFC and other 'restaurants' (ha ha !) don't forget we are watching them !

Till all are free !

Alf 'Elusive & Unarrested' Tupper"

May 25, 2007 -- ALF Visit Restaurant Serving Boar

anonymous communique:

"A flying visit to The Highwayman, near Kirby Lonsdale, led to the recently refitted establishment (at a cost of £1 million) receiving a further redecoration. The expensive windows were also given some extra maintenance, courtesy of the ALF.

The restaurants that cook the flesh of Boar for their depraved customers will not be overlooked. Your expensive taste comes at too high a price.

End all trade in Boar!


May 24, 2007 - Boar Farm Liberation: "May All Roam Free"

received anonymously:

"In the early hours Peter Gott's Sillfield Boar farm situated near Kendal, in North West England received a visit from the Animal Liberation Front. The fencing was cut around the woodland and gates opened. The friendly boar roamed off. The rare breed pigs were also released along with other boar situated in the barn and holding areas. The tyres on an animal transporter were also attended to.

Dedicated in memory of Jill Phipps, may all roam free,


May 12, 2007 - Wild Boar Park Sabotaged

anonymous communique:

"On the night of Friday 4th May, the Animal Liberation Front paid a
visit to the Bowland Wild Boar Park in the Forest of Bowland,
Lancashire. Over the next few hours the activist cut through
numerous high tension and electric fences to give up to 50 boars
the chance to go free. Fences to nearby woods were also cut and
food laid down to encourage the boars to leave.

The activists then went on to cut open the pens imprisoning other
wild animals, including deer and goats. The horribly small cages of
a snowy owl and an European Eagle owl were also cut open to give
these magnificent birds the chance to flee.

This is our message to owners Jackie and Bill Bailey - we hope we
ruined your bank holiday weekend and that you lost lots of money.
We hope the animals are still free. If you insist on imprisoning
wild animals and serving them up for your guests then we will keep
coming back until you get the point that wild animals belong in the
wild, and are not creatures to be abused.

Please do not bullshit us with nonsense about how much you care for your animals. We saw the size of the cages and that you sell boar
meat in your cafe. People who care for animals dont kill them for

Bill & Jackie Bailey
Bowland Wild Boar Park
Lower Greystoneley Farm
Email: [email protected] , [email protected]
Tel: 01995 61554 / 61616

The A.L.F. are everywhere!"

May 12, 2007 - Fur Shop Bricked

anonymous report:

"Two windows were put through at a fur outlet in the north.

Animals die and our bricks fly.


May 11, 2007 - Slogans Painted Against Circus

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of May 5th ALF activists visited the grounds of
Fylde Rugby Club in Lancashire and sprayed slogans on various walls in protest at their plans to host the Spirit of the Horse circus.

Fylde Rugby Club have a history of playing host to animal circuses,
but this was a message that it will not be tolerated in the future.
Hosting Spirit of the Horse or any other animal circus is supporting animal abuse. This is out of date entertainment, and until Fylde RFC says no, then we will keep visiting your premises.
You have been warned

Animal Liberation Front

Fylde Rugby Club
Woodlands Memorial Ground
Blackpool Road
Lytham St Annes
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01253 734 733
Fax: 01253 739 137"

May 11, 2007 - Habitat Protection Action

anonymous report:

"Signs were removed for a housing development. We will not standby and let builders ruin habitats.


May 10, 2007 - UK Boar Liberation
received anonymously:

"South of Warrington, near Arley is a boar farm that housed upwards of sixty five Wild Boar. Each of the separate pens had fences removed/cut and gates opened.

The Boar were tentative around the edges, not having experienced the surrounding fields of lush grass, instead they had been condemned to live in desolate pens. That is until now. All the boar had an opportunity to escape into surrounding areas, and incentives were left.

Until all the Boar are free, when all the farms are shut,

May 9, 2007 - UK Windows Put Through at Foie Gras Restaurant
anonymous report:

"A restaurant in the North West of England recently became a target for the Animal Liberation Front. The restaurant was spraypainted and had it's locks glued, which then became irrelevant as the windows were put through...

The reasons for hitting the foie gras industry are well known, if you choose to take part in foie gras, then choose to partake in the consequences.


May 6, 2007 - Financial Company E-mail Hacked

anonymous report:

"[Dear GAM:]

Mike Worth of your company got some minor troubles. His email account is a little bit spammed because he subscribed to several newsletters. Some others from GSK, Novartis and assorted scum will possibly complain that he sent them unwanted emails. He simply had to "tell a friend" about the Internet, forgive him.

This is because of the ongoing business of your company with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

I hope that Mike will get over this. It is nothing compared to the cruelties your company is financing.

Smash HLS!"

GAM is an investment company with links to companies that do business with HLS.

April 19, 2007  Rescue for Tadpoles

message received by activists in the UK:

"Approximately 100 tadpoles rescued from fast drying pool and safely moved to larger, greener pond.

In memory of Michael Sutcliffe and Steve Irwin."


received anonymously:

"Last night a team of ALF volunteers offered their free vehicle servicing to a farm situated in a small Dorset village.

A large, and fairly new animal transporter used for taking animals to their deaths was given a complete makeover. All tyres slashed, sand poured into the gas tank, locks glued, windscreen wipers glued to windscreen, door mirrors covered in black spraypaint, windscreen covered in the word 'SCUM' and the rest of the lorry left with messages such as 'KILLERS', 'ALF WATCHING YOU', etc.

What a treat when we also found several other vehicles on site: we didn't want them to feel left out, so we got straight to work!

Another large animal transporter, which was just a trailer, had its tyres slashed and had a wonderful new paint job. We hope the farmers like it. A third small 'livestock' trailer was also dealt with in the same way: now everyone can what SICKOS you really are while you take sentient animals to be butchered.

Just in case they hadn't got the message already, we slashed the tyres on their sad little caravan, sprayed over the windows and left them the message 'CRUEL BASTARD' for the owners to wake up to.

Finally, since we're very generous with our free servicing, we gave a farm trailer used to transport hay bales a good looking over and a new set of tyres.

This action is dedicated to Don Curry, prisoner of conscience.



Wayne Bunch #VB7189
HMP Birmingham
Winson Green Road
Birmingham B18 4AS

In April 2007, Wayne Bunch was sentenced to 12 months on charges relating to the (successful!) campaign against the Newchurch guinea pig farm.

March 29, 2007   Work With HLS, Wake up to a Mess

anonymous communique:

"A night time visit was made to a HLS collaborator in Essex. Rodney Higginbotham of HLS supplier Thermo Electron had 2 cars were covered in paint stripper and the tyres popped at his home at Ashcroft, 300 Nine Ashes Road, Ingatestone, Essex CM4 0LB. Everyone should know by now that it doesn't make sense to do business with puppy killers. Those who don't learn quick enough obviously need a shunt in the right direction. If you think you can drive around in fancy cars paid with blood money, think again.

Why not give Rodney a call on his mobile 07747 047 544 and ask him when Thermo Electron are going to stop doing business with HLS. Stop or be stopped Thermo.

ALF ATTACK UNIT - fighting for an independent enquiry into vivisection and the closure of Huntingdon Life Sciences"

March 28, 2007  Slogans Painted Against Wickham Labs

anonymous communique:

"The owner of Wickham Labs, William Cartmell, seems to have got it into his thick skull that he is going to build a new bigger lab in Lower Upham, so he can delve more into his sick fantasies of murdering innocent animals. He is a pervert.
No one wants this lab. The council have blocked the planning permission for decades, the local people don't want it, and we don't want it either.
We paid a visit to Torbay Farm where Cartmell wants his new sick fantasy. His daughter lives right next to it, she is also a sick pervert and wants in on this disgusting fantasy, so we sprayed slogans all over her house as a reminder of the opposition she will face. We hold her responsible as much as her father and if she wants this to stop, then she had better put her foot down.


Animal Liberation Front Volunteers in Action"

March 26, 2007   Fur Coats Damaged

received anonymously:

"Sticky substances were used to destroy fur coats of people walking the streets.

No escape

March 25, 2007  Poor Poor Glaxo

anonymous communique:

"We visited the home of Glaxo killer Professor Chris Bevan. He lives at 3 Hillside rd, Penn, High Wycombe Bucks HP10 8JJ. We paintstripped two of his cars and then spraypainted the surrounding road and pavements with "ANIMAL KILLER LIVES HERE" "SCUM" "MURDERER". So that people knew who this murderer was we were sure to draw big arrows pointing to his house.

We then went to another killers house at: The Old Vicarage, Dinton, Aylesbury, HP18 9NH. We sprayed the walls of this village with "GLAXO ANIMAL KILLER IN YOUR VILLAGE". You know who you are, and what you need to do to stop this.


March 23, 2007  Glaxo Scientists Paid a Visit

anonymous communique:

"This is a warning to Glaxo scum; we know where you are and we're going to be paying you a visit soon. You will have to live with that in the back of your minds until you stop dealing with the sick perverts at Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Tonight's visit was to a really disgusting pathetic excuse for a person, Dr Malcolm Skingle, he has blood all over his hands. He lives at [address deleted], Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 5JX. We got busy with his car, stripped that paint right off. Then we sprayed some factual slogans like, ALF, ANIMAL KILLER and SCUM. Sums up Malcolm a treat! Before leaving we thought we'd take his tyres out - this is a lesson to you Malcolm and all your weirdo mates at Glaxo, have you told them their turn is coming?! - and it will, because you still continue to do business with HLS puppy killers. If you want this to stop Glaxo you know what you've got to do.

Next up was Glaxo 'scientist' Dr Gregory Jonas, who lives at [address deleted], Colchester, Essex CO3 3UB. This person is also one of those perverts that deal with HLS. We all know what happens to slimy filth like that... yeah, the ALF come round and sort you out. We sprayed messages all over the house to cause embarrassment. That may take some explaining to your neighbours and family - and so it should because you really do have a lot to answer to. You really should know better.

The government can bring out hundreds of new laws to try and stop us, but they make no difference. This will NEVER END until you stop dealing with Huntingdon Life Sciences and there is an independent enquiry into vivisection."

March 19, 2007   It's No Fun Working for Novartis

anonymous communique:

"On 14th March, 2007 the homes of two vivisectors in Horsham, West Sussex were attacked. The employees, of HLS customer Novartis - who equip HLS with the money to butcher innocent lives every single day - had their homes spraypainted with slogans such as 'Animal Killers' and their cul de sacs decorated, so everyone in their neighbourhood knows what kind of people they are.

The first had their home decorated with paint, and the second had his car
left dripping with painstripper and his garage covered.

There will be no let up in the struggle for animal liberation.

This action is dedicated to the new prisoners and to every animal in HLS.


March 16, 2007  Grouse Moor Visited

anonymous report:

"A recent visit to a Grouse moor in North Yorkshire led to a trap for crows and other Corvids being left dismantled and broken, two birds were freed.

A further pheasant pen had fencing cut,

For animals, for the Earth.

North Yorkshire ALF"

March 10, 2007. received anonymously:

"Report from the South Yorkshire branch of The Animal Liberation Front:

Sheffield United Football Club's ground stands on a main road. That's why advertisers like Colgate - testers of their products on animals - love the billboards next to the stadium. They can be seen by thousands of sports fans, and thousands of passing motorists. And now all those people passing by know the truth about Colgate pharmaceuticals ... thanks to neon pink painted slogans like "KILLERS" and "A.L.F."

The slogans have been there for two weeks now...what a superb advert for those who care about animals and how educational about those vile scum who crucify and blind the defenceless creatures in the name of corporate greed.

Till all are free (especially the HLS Three)


Alf Tupper"

March 3, 2007. anonymous communique:

"Portsmouth Greyhound Stadium got an ALF style makeover this week.

The electric hare was destroyed, along with the necessary electrical setup and wires. Paint was thrown over the starting boxes, and the pen was thoroughly dismantled with the fencing torn to pieces. Needless to say the entire stadium was daubed with paint, with "You bet, They die" plastered across the bookies office, and "Killers", "Murderers" etc. painted in huge letters elsewhere. A reinforced window was smashed as we left, a warning of things to come should this vile pit stay open.

Love the dogs? Fight greyhound racing!

ALF Longdogs"

Feb 28, 2007.  received anonymously:

"On 11th december 2006 11 dogs were liberated from disgusting dog breeder Jenny Williams of bamber bridge, Preston. She was prosecuted in 2001 on 7 counts of cruelty and fined £250 but was allowed to keep the animals and so carried on with her vile trade. 6 Welsh terriers, 3 westies and 2 westie pups are now in safe, caring, loving homes."

February 26, 2007 anonymous report:

"A puppy farmer in Small Dole, Sussex has had his gates repainted with
'puppy cruelty' so that all the neighbours will question what is happening in the business. The breeding facilities are disgusting and we hope this has been a little warning of things to come.

February 25, 2007 anonymous communique:

"We made a small payment of justice for some hunting perverts. These weirdos think its ok to kill just for their own pleasure, they love it so much they think its ok to set up shops selling guns and equipment for hunting fish.

We helped the Rod shop in Kingsworthy, and Aldwick Angling with some routine maintenance after we noticed the paint work was looking rather drab. I think we did a great job, and we are sure they will agree that we have really helped draw attention to their business.

No animal should be hunted and killed for pleasure or food
- A.L.F"

Feb 24, 2007. Arson Attack Targets Oxford University

anonymous communique:

"On the night of Sunday 18th February the ALF carried out an arson attack on the portakabin offices of Templeton college at Kennington on the outskirts of Oxford. This latest action is part of an ongoing fight against the University of Oxford and its continued reign of terror over the unseen victims inside its animal labs.


Feb 24, 2007. Paint and More Paint for Wickham Labs

anonymous communique:

"Wickham labs is a hell hole for animals. They are supposed to be doing scientific research and yet they are behind the times and still testing products like Botox on animals. They should wake up and start doing real science without animals.

We paid a visit to two very important and well known people from Wickham: Carl Barker and the notorious WIlliam Cartmell who runs the torture chambers.

Paint was daubed all over their properties, their house, the paths leading to their houses. There was no escaping the paint for these two murderers. Carl Barker must have known we were coming as he kindly left both his cars out for us. Cheers Barker - it was a pleasure.

For the animals
We will never give up
animal liberation now!"

Feb 22, 2007. Boar Farm Liberation

received anonymously:

"ALF claim responsibility for the Liberation of wild boar at Jays farm near Chiddingfold. The farm has two large pens- activists soon realised one pen was completely empty, a result of previous liberations (holes cut in the fence still apparent). Activists approached the other pen, cutting fences and releasing boar back into their natural habitat. Old ALF messages from previous liberations were still there "we are free, eat yourself, the boar"!

Keep our wildlife where it's supposed to be!! ALF"

Feb 21, 2007. Kent Action Reports

received anonymously:

"In the early hours of Sunday 12 February, 5 animal abusing companies have been targetted in Kent, England. GlaxoSmithKline in Dartford have 8 separate slogans spraypainted on their perimeter fence, such as "Murdering Scum, A.L.F. and Glaxo Kills"

Then in Gravesend the door locks were glued at Vodafone, Oxford Uni funder, and Thomas Cook, who fly monkeys in from Mauritius for testing. Slogans sprayed on British Heart Foundation such as "BHF Tortures Animals" and "Scum". McDonalds then had its back door lock glued and slogans sprayed and written on it, finishing with smashing 6 McWindows.

Fuck the animal abusers! May they suffer while they're making animals suffer for money. This is not the end!

Harvey & Wanda"

Feb 21, 2007.  ALF Empty Pet Shop Breeder

anonymous report (country not identified):

"Some days ago a pet shop breeder woke to an empty premises! The ALF raid emptied him out!! Liberating 40 rabbits and 30 guinea pigs.


Feb. 18, 2007. McDonald's Gets Ratted

anonymous report:

"A further communique from the busy activists of the South Yorkshire branch of The Animal Liberation Front, who acknowledge the assistance given by their friends from Derbyshire from the Earth Liberation Front (SUV Repainters!):

Further to our report of January 31 ("ALF redecorate Meat Co. Vans") it is interesting to note S&M chicken slaughterers of Sheffield now allow their drivers to take their vans home - so all their neighbours know they have the blood of innocent birds on their hands...

This week's actions include some prominent spray painting in the vicinity of a number of butchers shops, plus damage to an SUV belonging to a butcher's shop owner.

We also hope that the bosses at McDonald's in Sheffield (Fargate branch) enjoyed being raided by the Environmental Health department. Shame the EH investigators didn't find any of the rodent deposits our activists had left...they must have been discovered and removed by McDonald's own (two-legged) management rats :(

'Til all are free.

Alf Tupper"

Feb 17, 2007.  Strikes Against HLS Suppliers

anonymous communique:

"On the night of Monday 12th February we struck against PDP Couriers and Monock Freight. Both companies ferry documents, goods and animals to Huntingdon Life Sciences. First we went to the home of Sean Wallbanks  Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 9QA. This scumbag is a driver for PDP. We ruined his precious car and spray painted his house. Next we paid a visit to Norman Geoffrey Sully, [address deleted], Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 1NW and gave him the same treatment. Remember anyone who works to keep HLS open will be tracked down and dealt with accordingly. See you at your next poker game Wallbanks! For the animals and Don Currie and all other freedom fighters for animals. You are not forgotten."

Feb 16, 2007.  Boar Farm Hit.

received anonymously:

"A visit to a boar farm in Thornton Steward, North Yorkshire led to the cutting of fences around the single pen where they were being kept, upon creating an escape route tasty food was placed around and about to help encourage the boar away from the 'enclosure' and into woodland where they could roam freely. Fencing was also cut around several areas on the perimeter of neighbouring fields, to allow for different routes away. After this was accomplished it appeared that some of the fencing around the boar farm had been repaired from previous visits, this was then left in a state of disrepair.

Animal Liberation Front"

Feb 10, 2007.  HSBC Attacked

received anonymously:

"We smashed a window at a HSBC bank. This is because they give banking to harrods department store where fur is sold. The harrods sort code is 40-04-10. Who is next? The ritz, grant thornton, natwest, fulham fc?

Fur Retribution Squad"

Feb 9, 2007. SUVs Come Under the Paint Brush

anonymous report:

"Rich people driving SUVs are being given a reminder that as they look down on the world from behind the steering wheel of their gas-guzzling monster, the A.L.F. is watching them...

Residents in some of the more affluent (urban) areas of South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire (in the UK) are waking up to find their SUV redecorated overnight, and because they're probably so dim they can't work out by who, or why, they're given a helping hand with the messages "A.L.F." and "Planet killer" daubed on them in blood red paint.

Motor traders selling such obscene vehicles have also come under the spotlight with similar damage. And shoppers at malls, major supermarkets and other icons of corporate greed have returned to their vehicles to find posters saying "A.L.F.", "Free Jeff Luers" and "No SUVs" left on them (plus the odd bit of expensive damage).

Out latest poster will soon be hot off the shows an SUV in flames with the message: "Burn an SUV today to save the planet". And very nice it looks too....

Till all are free,
Alf Tupper (South Yorkshire branch of The A.L.F.)"

Jan 31, 2007.  ALF redecorate meat Co. Vans

communique received anonymously:

"Activists from the South Yorkshire wing of The Animal Liberation Front today (Wed 31/01/07) redecorated delivery vehicles belonging to S&M Foods (chicken slaughterers) of Norfolk Bridge, Attercliffe, Sheffield with blood-red paint.

The nice white Transit vans now bear appropriate wording to reflect the gruesome trade of this company in slaughtering chickens for corporate profit. Slogans such as BLOOD and A.L.F. were left on the vehicles in the action, carried out in the early hours of this morning.

This action was dedicated to the late Barry Horne, an animal rights activist who died for his cause.

It follows attacks upon KFC in Sheffield and upon SUV's in Sheffield - gas guzzling monsters swallowing up the earth's resources.


Alf Tupper"

Jan 18, 2007. Late Night visits for Novartis, Astellas employees

received anonymously:

"Saturday the 13th January was unlucky for some. The ALF were out in the dead of night visiting the homes of those who profit from animal abuse at HLS.

Astellas PA Margaret McQuillan, Woking, Surrey GU22
0EJ had all the garages near her spray painted with "number 22 is animal killer", alf slogans and her front door had a pot of red paint thrown all over it.

Novartis director Kevin White, Yateley, Hants GU46 6JL had 2 big brick walls sprayed with "number 3 is animal killer" and an alf slogan.

Novartis employee Christopher Golunski, Fleet, Hants GU52 7SF had the tyres of the 2 cars on his drive slashed and paint stripper poured all over them.

Secretary of Novartis UK Pension Trustees Ltd Richard Farrar of Crowthorne, Berks RG45 6EF had all the tyres of his people carrier slashed and the vehicle covered with paint stripper.

Novartis you are a priority target for the Animal Liberation Front worldwide. Stop dealing with HLS or we will force you to stop by any and all means necessary. Get ready. The ALF is coming after you.


Jan 17, 2007.  University, Research institute targeted by anti-vivisection activists

anonymous communique:

"Aberystwyth University and the Institute of Grasslands and Environmental Research (IGER) carry out cruel and pointless tests on animals.

Welsh activists have therefore been busy with the follwing actions to try and persuade them they should end their involvement with animal testing altogether.

Japanese knotweed is a very destructive weed that spreads very easily. Large quantities of this was spread over different parts of the university grounds.

*Over a thousand letters saying "end your involvement in vivisection" were sent to Aberystwyth University Freepost address

*Butric acid was spread in toilets, changing rooms and library
The smell is very hard to remove and boy does it smell

*Over 50 texts were made to university staff home phone numbers just before a major open day.
When a text reaches the home phone it converts to a simulated voice message. It warned of chaos on the open day followed by other actions.

*Important people within these institutions had messages sprayed in red on their drives and gates.

Also IGER signs were sprayed with red slogans.

More important people had their personal car details used to apply for lots of car insurance quotes including their home and work phone numbers and work e-mails.

Lots more to come until they issue a statement saying they will stop testing on animals."

Jan 17, 2007.  Blood Red Paint ruins KFC billboards

anonymous report:

"KFC poster campaign

KFC are currently running a billboard advertising campaign promoting its "products" to British diners. The posters look great with red paint running down them...looks like the blood KFC should have on its corporate conscience!

Keep fighting,


Jan. 15, 2007  100 chickens find new homes.

anonymous report:

"december 31st , 100 chickens liberated from farm in south east of england all now in good homes , untill all are free alf"

Jan 13, 2007. Cars Paint-strippered at home of Novartis employee

anonymous communique:

"Two cars were left dripping with paint stripper on the night of the
23rd of October, at the home of an animal abuser near Horsham, West Sussex. Did you, an employee of HLS Customer, Novartis enjoy waking up to seeing your cars covered in stripper and sprayed with slogans?
Did you enjoy your neighbours seeing an arrow pointing to your house saying 'Murderer'? Well, get used to it - We will never let the
crimes against the animals that Novartis have paid for be forgotten.

Smash HLS


Jan 3, 2007. Greyhound Track Daubed in Paint

reported anonymously:

"Portsmouth Greyhound stadium has been treated to a new paint job. Slogans such as 'ALF' and 'You bet they die" were daubed in red paint on the outer perimeter fencing to draw attention to the local people about what is going on inside that hell hole.

Until all are free

Jan 2, 2007. Chicken Farm Closed by ALF.

reported by activists in the UK:

"John Parkers Poultry in Hampshire has finally closed after a sustained campaign of direct action. The actions taken included:

08/03/06 - 50 hens liberated
04/10/03 - 1024 hens liberated.
19/06/03 - Chicken units sabotaged, conveyor belts, cages, lights,
feeding apparatus etc... also 100 hens liberated.

These are just the reported actions, rumor has it there were several

Jan 1, 2007. McDonalds stinkbombed, toilets damaged

reported by activists in the UK:

"It has been reported that several McDonald and KFC stores have had their toilets damaged. Also a McDonalds store has been stinkbombed."

Nov 25, 2006.  Wild Boar Enjoying Freedom

reported by activists in the UK:

"Devon (UK) November 13, 54 Wild Boar released from farm at Holsworthy."


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