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Who Is My Killer?


This is not a new shame. We've been bystanders for too long. Day in day out, we continue hearing news of the "culling" (killing) on our streets of stray animals as helpless people cry out in vain on their behalves. Innocent stray animals charged with the offense of having been borne are still being regularly and savagely slaughtered by "some people."

We are ashamed--

To stop sharing the shame and call the officials to their duties, one year ago, on April 12, 2006, in Ankara, the Capital of Turkey, we came together to ask a single question: "Who is My Killer?" 1500 animal rights activists rallied that day TO STOP THE SAVAGERY and came before Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, our Great Leader. We also paid a visit to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with hopes of stopping the butchery.

Still Nothing has Changed--

We walked for the regulation on the Animal Protection Act (Act No:5199) to be issued and the regulation was enacted one month thereafter.

Still Nothing has Changed--

Since nothing has changed and the slaughter of innocent beings continue, we will continue to march and protest UNTIL WE RUN OUT OF VOICE.

To apologise to our EARTH as she approaches the demise we bring to her, to be the voice of the innocent stray animals who can't speak for themselves and to call the officials once again to their duties;

On April 14, 2007

Join us in our "Who Killed Me?" Protest Rally.

Date : April 14 2007 Saturday

Hour : 13:30

Place : Ankara Tandogan Square (Turkey)

HAYTAP (Active Force Union for Animal Rights in Turkey)


Important Note:

We would like to kindly ask of all NGOs who wish to participate or support the protest rally to send a high resolution logo to [email protected]

We would also like to kindly ask of all friends who would like to join the protest rally to leave their contact details with the contact people of their region from the list below:


Ms.Sehnaz Turan

[email protected]


Mr.Ahmet Kemal Senpolat

[email protected]


BGD (The Society of Shelter Volunteers and the Right to Life for Animals)

[email protected] (+90) 216 449 90 52-53


Mr.Safak Yesilyurt

[email protected]

Ms.Tugba Veldet

[email protected]

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