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Turkey 2015 Crimes

After the elections in June, 2015 the president Tayyip Erdogan saw that AKP (conservative party of Turkey) couldn't form a government alone because HDP (the party supported by Kurds, minorities, emancipators) passed the election threshold. After that, the president starts to attack Kurds. So many people were killed. And a few months later they hold an early elections. After this election the president became more and more aggressive. The inhuman curfews imposed by government in many southeastern cities of Turkey. And until now a lot of Kurds (babies, pregnant women, old people, kids) were killed by command of the president Erdogan. But not only humans, animals are suffering too. Consciously soldiers are shooting animals in these cities! Near of that the soldiers prevent people to feed their animals. And so many animals died because of hunger. Regards, Sinem Yildirim

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