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Actions Reported to Biteback - 2016
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007 - 2015

Endangered European Eels - October 2016
Dog kept in poor conditions in Sentido Lykia resort spa - May 2016
Plight of Animals in Turkey - Help Needed - April 2016
Turkey 2015 Crimes - Dec 2015 from Sinem Yildirim
Turkey Ends Cosmetic Testing - July 2015
Direct action from Istanbul to protest slaughter of turkeys - Dec 2014
ALF action in Istanbul - October 2014

30th April 2014, Istanbul, 18 duckling + 18 chick liberated from pedlar
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28th July 2014, Istanbul, 2 rabbits freed from petshop
ALF units in Istanbul said this is an action to "nonviolenize" the world;
and being vegan is only the first step.
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30th July 2014, Istanbul, 3 milk trucks sabotaged
3 milk trucks that belong to a major dairy brand are sabotaged. Their
front tires are blown, door locks and load locks are glued. Front glasses
are broken. Neighbours realized, so the action could not be finished; but
glasses of one fast-food chain are stoned while escaping :)
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Feeding Stray Dogs in Istanbul - June 2014

Pet ownership will require a certificate in Turkey - May 2014

Istanbul Protest - April 2014

Protest in Istanbul - Dec 2013

Animal Activists in Kadikoy - July 2013

Istanbul-Tuzla Slaughterhouse Protest - June 2013

Thousands protest Turkey bill on stray animals - October 2012

Istanbul Activists set to hit the streets again for animals - October 2012

Istanbul ARAs Protest Animal Welfare Changes - October 2012

Turkey Making Fundamental Changes to Animal Protection Law - May 2012

nieuwsbriefapr12eng.pdf - newletter, April 2012

Political party for animal rights formed in Turkey - March 2012

Furious Activists Broke Into Leather & Fur Fair - January 2012

Turkish Mayor to give dogs in the horror shelter to animal activists - 1/2012

Activists furious as dog freezes in shelter - January 2012

Eastern Turkey - Wolves - Dec 2011

November 27, 2011

In the 2/2011 issue (page 38) of Tierhilfe S�den e.V. I read about the brutal senseless murder of a dog named Balou in Antalya, Turkey. He was about to be adopted. The murderer Mehmet �nal ordered the dog to sit. Balou sat down. He shot into the dog's throat out of pure hatred against dogs in general.
As with many other, this murder will most likely also go unpunished unless someone shows heart and pays the killer a visit.

His address:

Mehmet �nal
Egemenlik Cad. 89
Antalya, Turkey

In the aforementioned issue are two photos of Balou, before and after his death.

Please click the link below to reach Anti Fur Society of Turkey's website in English. Special thanks to Melisa Karabeyoglu for translating documents from Turkish to English.

Turkey Prepares to Pass Stringent Animal Cruelty Laws - Feb 2011

Asagidaki linki yabanci organizasyonlardaki arkadaslarimiza duyurursaniz seviniriz. Dokumanlarin cevirisini ustlenen Melisa Karabeyoglu'na ozel tesekkurlerimizle. ..

http://www.kurkehay en.htm

Turkish Translations of Animal Rights articles and FAQs

Vegetarian discussion on Turkish Live TV - April 2011

Turkish AR Magazine - March 201

Turkish ARAs meet the Prime Minister for stringent animal cruelty laws - 2/11

Turkey Circus Protest - Jan 2011

Animal group files complaint against Istanbul Mayor Topbas - Jan 2011

Turkish vegetarians call for animal rights during Kurban Bayram holiday - November 2010

�EL-MER iş�ileri fabrikayı işgal ettiler - August 2010

�EL-MER iş�ilerinin işgal eylemi ���nc� g�n�nde - August 2010

Problem in Turkey - Laws Inadequate - June 2010

Turkey - Solidarity action for 13 Austrian ARA POWs - June 2010

Turkey - Protest - November 2009

The ALF movement is new in Turkey. Here are some brave people. 55 puppies were mercilessly killed at a shelter and many people protested , even got the police support. November 2009.

Stray Animals in Turkey - Sept '09

Stray Cats - August 2009

Anti-Vivisection Protest and Petition - August 2009

Holocaust in the Forest - July 2009

In bursa, Turkey in a slaughterhouse a cow is killed and its baby is alive and the killers kill the baby and they make fun of it call each other "you are so ruthless, you can't be a human"...this is a new footage

The article about ALF and animal liberation movement was published on this issue of Yeni Harman. Until now no other magazine had covered ALF as an important issue, yes animal rights and so on was covered but this is the first time ALF is mentioned and regarded as as important struggle front. We have got 3 pages in the magazine, and I hope it will be a new beginning.

AR in Turkey is Spreading - April 2009
    Questions for ALF

For Animals in Turkey :

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Antivivisection, antifur, and wildlife in Turkish are at
Animal Liberation articles are here:

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December 2008

A great week has been started for anti-fur activists in Turkey. Berna Ozturk, a famous DJ, became spokeswoman of Anti Fur Society of Turkey.

This morning, she participated a TV programme and gave our anti-fur messages. Then, in the same day, a well-known talk show host and actor Okan Bayulgen has been invited Berna to talk about our projects at NTV, a very important News Channel of Turkey.

Alternatif-İstanbul Rehberiniz!: www.alternatif- istanbul. net

Alternatif-İ[email protected] Facebook
http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=62774788 50

Kürke Hayır Platformu: http://www.kurkehay

Dealing With Stray Dogs in Istanbul - October 2008

Protecting Strays in Oludeniz - September 2008

AR Actions, July 2008

AR Rally October 4, 2008

Beykoz April 10, 2008

No words can describe..

Video: animals in Turkey - Tiere in der Tuerkei - animaux en Turquie

Demonstration on a Beach - November 2007

Petition starts for better animal rights
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
İZMİR ? Turkish Daily News A group called the "Respect for the Right to Live" has launched a campaign to seek better treatment for ownerless animals and has started collecting signatures.

The goal is to get 5,199,000 signatures to lobby for heavier penalties against animal abuse.

Protests were held against those that were fined YTL 250 for killing a young bear drinking water by a river and those fined YTL 300 for raping a dog. Stands were opened in the city's Hatay and Güzelyalı districts within the scope of the campaign.

"We aim to reach the people in the street. There are many sensitive people. Most of them are not aware of what has been happening. When they hear about such things they sign with no hesitation. The ones who want to support us can visit our Web site ," said the group's general coordinator, Özgün Öztürk.

May 2007: New web site  (Hayvan ?g?l?#287;?= Animal Liberation). This web site language is Turkish. ALF and Animal Liberation in this web site.  Blog from Istanbul Turkey. EHDKD- Homeless Animals and Environment Protection Society.


?Ghosts of the City? is a tribute to the millions of brutalized animals around the world. ?Ghosts? is an homage to the memory of the ?heartbreaking ghosts of 1920 sizada? ? ancient Oxeia, Turkey who suffered torment, and to those dogs who are discarded every day in the isolated forests of Turkey.

Slideshow:  Report and pictures from Istanbul protest on 13/2/2007 in front of Chinese Consulate.

AKP adds line about animal rights to constitution - September 2007

Dog Fights - January 2007

Istanbul Legal Battle - December 2006

Dogs In Istanbul - Report on status of dogs in Istanbul, November 2006

Cruelty In Istanbul Shelter - Sept 2006. Slideshow

Dog Demo -- May 13, 2006. Animal rights rally in Ankara attracts hundreds, with all condemning the slaughter of stray dogs.

Apr 12 Prot -- April 12, 2006 protest in Ankara. Large attendance.

Radio In China -- Feb 24, 2006. Istanbul anti-fur broadcast reaches China.

Prot 02-06 -- Feb 13, 2006 Anti-fur Protest

AR Turkey -- Dec 2005. Anti-fur campaign directed at Sertap Erener, popular vocalist in Turkey

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