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Plight of Animals in Turkey - Help Needed

April 23, 2016

To Animal Liberation Front;

First, I need your help all I can say. In Turkey we need your help very urgent! I want to make my voice louder here but people not listening to you. I am a student, 25 year old girl, trying to take care of stray animals. I live in Istanbul and I live alone. Every night I go out to feed my cats on the street. We have a lots of stray animals here. Some people appreciate how wonderful are they but the rest and the majority hates that they exist. Every night I go out like a terrorist, I'm hated where I live. They tried to shut me down a lots of times, had so many fights.

I went to the Animal Rights Commission, all the organisations even tried the political way to not let them hurt animals around. I wrote it to municipality, to the ministry.. All they want here to hurt animals, exterminate them. I've heard that they are poisoning, torturing, and catching them to throw away somewhere else. This is not legal. I tried every way but ended up only one against them. Even tried international ways, saw the news that 500,000 cats needed in Rome Italy, wrote them to take it from Turkey.

Please help, do something. I feel so desperate, don't know what are my cats doing right now? Where are they? I really want to hurt them as well. Hurt people with precious cars because of them my cats are gone. They told me that cats scratching their cars and sleeping on it. It is just incredible... This is just happening in an only one street in Turkey, imagine what happens in the rest of it, what happens in the shelters? .. Violation, rape, torture. Just because stray animals depends the food and the water we gave to them. Imagine the horses carrying people.. They die under the heat of sun, running, working non stop because of how we treat them here. We force them to do so. Imagine all the animals massively getting their throat cut down just because of our religious holiday. They shake out of fear and the smell of blood flowing next to them. We need activists here. We are being treated like terrorists, like crazy people just because we take of them and pay attention.

Support our Animals Rights change, we want to make it change. Be our international voice. Support people like me in Turkey, I need seriously some support. I believe there are people like me maybe in a worse condition then I am, need your support. I don't know anyone in Turkey in your organisation. Please all I get as an answer from other organisations here; sorry we can't do anything about it.. Please contact me, you are the only way I haven't tried.

Aysegul Un

+90 532 423 6233

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