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Protecting Strays in Oludeniz

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A British expatriate residing in Ölüdeniz has begun a program to protect stray animals in the area.
Tazmin Claire, the chairwoman of the Ölüdeniz Animal Rights Protection Society, has set an example for locals while collecting donations to protect stray animals. Claire felt she wanted to build an animal shelter in Ölüdeniz after seeing a stray dog on the street three years ago while there on vacation. The next day, strolling through the city, she saw another stray and made a decision then and there that she would take care of abandoned animals in the town. Settling in Hisarönü after selling her home in England, Claire started collecting donations for animals in Hisarönü after acquiring the necessary permits from the Fethiye Governor's Office to establish the Ölüdeniz Animal Rights Protection Society.

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