Barely a day passes without someone approaching us with news of dogs poisoned by municipalities, or dropped in remote locations by Arif Eker and his barbaric team or some other horrible case of animal cruelty.

This video is just an example of the images we are bombarded with daily. This illegal dogfight took place in Kayramanmaras in Anatolia. The spectators bet on whose dog will die first. The loosing dog was not given veterinary care and was left to die after the fight was over.

Illegal animal fights are usual in Turkey and the gendarmerie, responsible to tackle this kind of illegal activities, prefers, in most cases, to turn a blind eye and ignore the situation.

As long as the Turkish government refuses to take action and apply exemplary sanctions this kind of situations will continue, images like this will get out and the world will continue getting the wrong impression about Turkey.

When will the government and the municipalities realize it is in their own interest to deal with these appalling cases of animal cruelty?

We don't want these shameful sights to be a mirror of modern and civilized Turkey. Please protest this cruelty by mailing to:

Prime Minister: [email protected]
Ministery of Internal Affairs: [email protected]
Local Government of Kayramanmaras: [email protected]
Jandarma Genel Komutanligi: Tel: 0312 215 14 17 Fax: 0312 212 84 63

For further information and licensing of this broadcast please contact: [email protected]



Linda Taal

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