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Dog kept in poor conditions in Sentido Lykia resort spa

May 8, 2016

I have just finished my stay at Lykia World /Sentido resort in Olu Deniz. I have been coming here for the last 7 years. It is only this week of staying here that I have realized that they have a outdoor cage with a small dog kennel. As we have walked past it each day we thought nothing was in there, however a few days ago to our horror we saw that there is a dog that is on a small chain which is tied to a tree. The dog has never come out of the kennel when we have seen it and if it did it would only have a really small area to walk around. We asked the security guards today if they walk the dog and they said no it stays in that area all the time. Not only is the chain so small it would have no quality of life. I have asked for a response from the hotel so wait to hear from them. There is no reason or use for this dog to be there and it is really upsetting to see it in such poor conditions. I am writing to you as I am not sure if there is anything else that can be done to get this dog out of this situation?

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