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AR Rally October 4, 2008

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The following events are to take place world wide on October 4th 2008 in order to highlight to everyday abuse of animals in Turkey,

Despite animals welfare laws being passed by Government in 2006, throughout Turkey in 2008 many street dogs have gone " missing " , mass graves have been found in some areas with evidence of dogs being poisoned, shot and even buried alive.

People around the world are joining together on this day to ask Turkey to enforce its own laws regarding animals and in particular the street dogs.

We would appreciate if your organisation would support these rallies and help us to be the voice for the animals of Turkey , - who for too long have had their cries fall on deaf ears.

I look forward to your reply

Avril Sims

List of participating countries

Istanbul, Turkey Event

Starts 16:00 local time, Kadikoy Iskele Meydani

London, United Kingdom Event

Starts:14:00 local time, Turkish Airlines Office, 25 Pall Mall

Paris, France Event

Starts 15:00 local time, Turkish Embassy

Brussels, Belgium Event

Starts 15:00 local time, EU Commission

Toronto, Canada Event

Starts 14:00 local time, Younges/Dundas intersection, SW corner

Vancouver,Canada Event

Starts 14:00 local time, Vancouver Art Gallery

Marburg, Germany Event

The Hague, Netherlands Event

Starts 15:00 local time, Turkish Embassy

Brussels Begium Event :

Mexico Event

Starts 14:00, Pendiente, Culiacan

Los Angeles, USA Event

details to be announced soon.

Rally Support from Maria Daines :

World Rally for the stray animals in Turkey Oct 4th, London

Speech from Maria Daines

To be a stray animal living in a country where you are neither protected, wanted nor tolerated, is frightening, lonely and desperate.

It seems the evolution of compassion is different in every country, in every community and in every heart and mind.

To be a stray dog living on the streets of Turkey at the present time is a short and pitiful existence.

Are these dogs waving a banner saying 'kill me, for I am nothing...?'

No, every animal chooses life.

Cruelty towards any animal is deplorable. Cruelty towards stray animals is intolerable.

Apathy, ignorance and indifference kills, it kills those who cannot speak for themselves. Animals deserve to live their lives in peace, especially those for whom there is no shelter available.

The fact that there are thousands of stray dogs roaming the streets of Turkey, does not give anyone the right to take their lives away.

The stray animal's need is greatest and the stray animal's trust is precious.

Those who hurt and kill homeless creatures are killing special sentient beings who could live amongst human beings as friends and protectors.

We cannot ignore the plight of stray dogs who are being taken from their home on the streets and killed in the most barbaric and unforgettable ways.

Today we give the stray animals of Turkey a voice and a chance to be saved.

We cannot close our eyes and pretend this is not happening. It is happening and it must be stopped.

Compassion is not a luxury, it's a necessity, and if we are the guardians of this vast and so called civilized planet we must also be prepared to care for the weakest and most unfortunate amongst us.

Today we speak up for the stray dogs of Turkey, we say NO to cruelty!!


Be proud of these clever, selfless and resourceful dogs, for they live peacefully in their own difficult and traumatic existence.

They live this way because human beings have created their world and the least we can do is to help them to stay safe whilst this situation remains.

Animals do not need our cruelty, they need our kindness.


Thank you for making a difference.

Thank you for the compassion in your soul.

Rally support from Melita Morgan - International British Actress

I support you fully here are my words of support

I dedicate time and love to the the World Rally for the Dogs in Turkey, and I support this mission with all my Heart.

I may not see in my life time a better life for animals like the Dogs in Turkey and the Millions of others just like them around the world, but I pray and never give up hope that a better day will come, and I dedicate my lifetime to working on their behalf.

With projects like this Rally my hope is always restored.

These beautiful souls in Turkey that are discarded and written off by man lay a black thick blanket on mans intelligence, that weighs down and limits mans very own future prosperity, how I long to see the blanket lifted for the brighter future for animals and man.

Let us pray that man will be able to forgive himself for the suffering he has inflicted upon the animal kingdom, and correct his ways.

Teach your children to respect animals, for with them lay the animals future.

Melita Morgan

International Actress and Voice for animals

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