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AR Actions, July 2008

Dans le monde entier l a barbarie avance à pas de géants ..

Kundera a raison quand il écrit: 

<...La vraie bonté de l'homme ne peut se manifester en toute pureté et en toute liberté qu'à l'égard de ceux qui ne représentent aucune force.Le véritable test moral de l'humanité(le plus radical qui se situe à un niveau si profond qu'il échappe à notre regard),ce sont ses relations avec ceux qui sont à sa merci:les animaux.Et c'est ici que s'est produite la faillite fondamentale de l'homme,si fondamentale que toutes les autres en découlent....>

Ainsi nous savons où nous en sommes de cette faillite.


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Sujet : Cleaning Operation in Kars 

To :

Mr. Ertugrul Gunay, Minister of Culture and Tourism

Dear Minister,

I want to draw your attention to the horrible torturing and killing of homeless dogs in Kars.

The municipality of Kars made a "cleaning operation" of the homeless dogs for the third Multinational Caucasian Cultures Festival which will have folk dance groups from 11 countries. 

The night before men of the municipality sought for homeless dogs at the back streets and shot them poisonous injections. Shot dogs agonized in front of streets for hours.

After their death, they were put in dust-carts. While the workers were throwing the dogs inside to the dust-cart with shovels, it has been seen that some dogs weren't dead yet and were agonizing. Still living dogs were pressed in the dust-carts.

During this vicious slaughter, the public of Kars and little children were watching the massacre just like watching a football game.

Mayor of Kars ,Naif Alibeyoğlu ,confessed the event and members of his team cited what happened literally with the following words: “ We are using poisonous injections for killing. We are going to kill all the homeless dogs in the city. They can't take the alive dogs to the vehicles. There is no question of that. Citizens complain and we go to the place and make the destruction. “(Principle of Zabıta -a municipal police force who has to control if the various laws and ordinances are observed, especially those dealing with prices, fair marketing, building construction, and sanitation - Ahmet İli) 

Inflicting undeserved, needless and horrendous cruelty upon voiceless, defenseless and sentient living creatures such as dogs and other animals is base, cowardly, unethical, immoral and irreligious. Turkey cannot be a part of the European Union or of the twentieth century !!!

You must enact and enforce animal protection laws as a responsible, caring modern government. We are surely not living in the dark ages again, are we?

Dogs are loving, faithful, loyal, sensitive and intelligent creatures who have been companion animals, guides, life-savers and even therapists to human beings. It is vile, base and savage to beat and torture a poor dog to death.

Can you not see how barbarous this is? Are your eyes and ears closed to all decency, compassion and ethics? Please do the right thing and do not allow this 'cleaning operation'.

Your criterion with regard to moral conduct must never change: that is, THE STRONG MUST PROTECT THE WEAK. Or, have you forgotten what it is to be HUMAN?

Yours truly,




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