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August 13, 2006 7:00PM, SOS TCV School Bylakuppe: Over 700 students of SOS TCV School Bylakuppe, gathered in the community hall to attend a program organized by Tibetan Volunteers for Animals (TVA). With the main objective to promote vegetarianism, the members of TVA screened "Law of Nature", a documentary made by TVA on animal sufferings.


After observing some children enjoying local soft drinks (Bicola) being sold in the school canteen, the members of TVA brought forth the recent controversy involving the two giant Soft Drink Companies - PEPSI & COCA COLA and requested them not to drink these soft drinks which is not only bad for our health but also pose a great threat to the environment.

Tibetan Veg Club

There was none in the room who seemed untouched by the cruelty shown in the video. As a result, with the aid of few staff members of the school and the School Captains, a Veg-Club was formed and a total of 135 students signed up for its membership. Among them two members were appointed as Chief Representatives and two Staff members as Advisors who would guide and direct them. The eligibility for joining the veg-club were based on two conditions:

1) he/she should be vegetarian &

2) he/she should be willing to contribute to the well being of all the sentient beings.

The club will be doing many activities aimed at educating people about vegetarianism and environment protection. The activities will include essay and poetry competitions, debates, photo exhibitions, treating wounded animals in and around the school premises, etc.

TVA brought 240 copies of their official magazine, Semchen with them and they were sold at Rs 5/- per copy. A total of Rs.1360 was raised. This money was donated to the School Veg Club which will be used for their activities.

A unanimous decision was made to completely ban meat in the school premises. The school captains will put up an application to the school authorities to ban meat.

The whole event took close to 3 hours but the students didn't seem to be tired at all.  

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