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(TW) Pig farmer turns to animal rights

July 7, 2012

A hog farmer from New Taipei City's (新北市) Linkou District (林口) has transformed his farm into a real-life 'piggy paradise' where pigs are not raised for meat, after he was struck by the woeful eyes of a piglet which was going to be slaughtered.

'Animals are our friends, not our food,' said 34-year-old Lo Hung-hsien (駱鴻賢), the owner of the pig sanctuary, who is also a vegetarianism advocate and a part-time volunteer.

In an effort to cover the huge overhead costs of managing the non-profitable ranch, Lo holds down multiple jobs, including working as a cargo driver, setting up temporary stalls at night markets and running an online business selling dumplings.

Aside from his salaried jobs, Lo also squeezes in time for his advocacy work to promote the benefits of a vegetarian diet, volunteer at schools and give free speeches at the Tzu Chi Foundation.

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