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Dozens of ARAs Demonstrate in Taipei City

[Taipei Times]

Dozens of animal rights activists demonstrated in front of the New
Taipei City (新北市) Government yesterday, protesting against a borough
chief who prohibited feeding stray cats in the neighborhood.

Holding banners that read: "Feeding does not equal polluting,"
"Neutering pets is reasonable and feeding stray animals is not
illegal," the protesters said that feeding stray animals was not
against the law.

Huang Tai-shan (黃泰山), convenor of an animal welfare group named the
Republic of Cats, Dogs and People, said a borough chief in New Taipei
City (新北市) last month posted a notice saying that feeding stray cats
is a public nuisance and that residents in the borough should not help
a woman surnamed Wang (王) feed cats in the neighborhood, or they would
become an accomplice.

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