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Slaughterhouse Study

The Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) yesterday claimed that more than 70 percent of public slaughterhouses still adopt inhumane methods to kill pigs, and called for local consumers to boycott pork products sourced from such slaughterhouses.

The EAST made the remarks when releasing findings of its survey study of slaughterhouses around the island conducted over the past three years.

The EAST joined forces with dozens of animal rights protection organizations to investigate 72 slaughter lines of public slaughterhouses in 21 counties and cities around the island between June 2005 and March this year. They found that some 76 percent or 55 slaughter lines still use traditional cruel methods to kill pigs. This equates to some 6.5 millions pigs being brutally slaughtered in Taiwan each year.

full story: archives/taiwan/2007420/107574.htm

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