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Animal Rescue Shelter, LCO, Needs Funds

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[Taipei Times]

The nation's only round-the-clock animal rescue service may come to a halt next month owing to a shortage of funds, dealing another blow to the country's underfinanced efforts to care for stray animals.

"The growing number of rescue cases referred by the central government and the Taipei City Government and a fall-off in public donations in recent months have made it difficult to continue the service," said Tiger Tung, chief executive of the Taipei-based Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Taiwan (LCO).

Since its founding four years ago, LCO D the nation's biggest animal rescue organization D has not only rescued 6,000 cats and dogs, but also helped save a Formosan Sambar Deer, a Formosan Blue Magpie, a scaly anteater, an eagle, a dove and three rabbits, Tung said in a recent interview.

Taiwan has several nongovernmental animal protection groups and some of them provide regional rescue services, but the LCO is the only one that offers 24-hour rescues around the country.


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