received anonymously:
"This week, we have decorated the headquarters of the swiss egg and chicken production: the villa at Burgerweg 22, 3052 Zollikofen (near the capital, Bern). This villa houses the swiss Association of egg producers GalloSuisse, the magazine of the swiss poultry producers, a federal research institute for poultry, as well as AviForum, a lobby institution to foster swiss poultry production. on the white facade of the building, we wrote in big letters: 'over 50 million chickens killed for profit. No peace for animal murderers! ALF' Our action was just a small outcry against the outrageous, horrifying reality of (swiss) animal production. More than 50 million chickens die every year in swiss factories. Our detailed communiqué (in German) can be found on EAT NAZIS, NOT MEAT NO COMPROMISE IN THE LIBERATION OF HUMANS, ANIMALS AND THE EARTH Our solidarity goes to the rebels and revolutionaries in Rojava, and especially Afrin. One constitutive element of Rojava is ecology and a new relationship between humans, animals and nature - a relationship which is not based on exploitation."


anonymous report:
"In the first week of March, we milled 5 high seats in a forest near 
Winterthur, Switzerland. For the liberation of all animals! For freedom! Against all cages and knacks! 
Hello reading person. Nice that you are on and that read this. We hope you are inspired. Let's merge the struggle for the liberation of humans and animals! We destroyed a few high seats/hunting towers during a romantic full moon night in Winterthur, Switzerland. 3 wooden, 2 metal ones. 
We have some tips: 
- Pushing and then sawing is easier than just sawing and knocking the towers over (as this can sometimes lead to dangerous, unforeseen situations). The thrusting is easier if you're a group of three than just two. 
- Metal high seats/towers: kick it, bend it. Jump on them as if it was a swing (this is fun!) and bend the metal. 
- Always carry torches for emergencies. Check the batteries beforehand. 
- What can be interesting for feeding sites in the forest (which are somewhat difficult to destroy): distribute (human) hair. The animals smell this and do not dare to approach them anymore. The hair can e.g. be collected in a hairdressing salon. Just ask if you can have the 'hair rubs' of a workday. (for example for school or art or or or ...). 
- Good clothes against thorns. 
- Bring away the material afterwards, do not store anything at home. 
So, dearest reading person, we wish you and your team best of luck and lots of FUN! Greetings to all prisoners! To all rebellious people and animals behind bars, in prisons, deportation camps, 'mental hospitals', experimental laboratories, stables, farms, fattening facilities, bird cages, pet shops, aquariums, kennels, laying batteries, breeding stations, zoos, ... We send you our fire, our love and solidarity! You are our inspiration."

February 6, 2018 - 14 RABBITS LIBERATED 

According to an anonymous report on,  14 rabbits were freed from a farm in Zug during the night of January 29. Click here for video from the action.


"In der nacht auf Montag den 29.1.2018 haben wir in Zug 14 hasige Individuen aus ihrer Gefangenschaft befreit. Auf engstem Raum eingepfercht und völlig voneinander Isoliert fristeten diese Lebewesen ein qualvolles Dasein mit nur einem Zweck: Gemästet und ermordet zu werden für den kurzen Gaumengenuss.

Zur Ware degradiert gab man ihnen nichteinmal richtige Namen, sie wurden einfach durchnummeriert. Doch dies konnten wir nicht einfach so hinnehmen. Wir sahen es als unsere Pflicht diese Lebewesen von ihrer Gefangenschaft zu befreien. Denn unsere tierischen Mitlebewesen fühlen so wie wir und haben, so wie wir, ein Recht auf Leben. Dieses Leben werden sie zukünftig an einem schönen Ort verbringen, wo sie ihren natürlichen Bedürfnissen nachgehen können.

Pro Sekunde werden alleine in der Schweiz zwei Tiere getötet. Mit dieser Aktion konnten wir heute diesen 14 Lebewesen dieses Schicksal ersparen. Diese Befreiung sehen wir aber auch als symbolischen Akt. Als Aufruf an alle Tierbefreierseelen.

Es ist möglich und notwendig weitere Lebewesen zu befreien!

Schliesst euch zusammen! Bildet Banden! Befreit die Tiere!

Für die Befreiung von Mensch und Tier!"


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