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Susi, der gejagte Wolf in Schweden ist noch immer nicht in Sicherheit! Im Gegenteil ... die Jagd wird auf andere W�lfe ausgedehnt! Susi, the hunted wolve in Sweden is not secure yet. Opposite - the hunt is extended to all wolves in the area! Aber wir haben viele, viele Tierfreunde und Unterst�tzer, die Englisch sprechen. But we have a lot friends of animals and supporter who speak English! We are counting on you! Here you can sign the petition in English! And you can ask more of your friends to do the same. Just forward this e-mail! Also Greenland`s sled dogs would also need our voice! Here is the link for the petition and since a few days is our facebook account alive... THANK YOU! Liebe Gr�sse, Marion L�cker
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