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Stop Tournament of Toro de la Vega

May 15, 2015

We have created a petition to finally bring down the Tournament of Toro de la Vega and bullfights, a "tradition" refused by most of Spaniards. We ask for help to the European parliamentarians and all citizens to stop this terrible animal abuse. This is a barbaric "tradition" from the medieval ages consist in hundreds of people chasing a bull with lances and knives and it has no room in the XXI Century. I add a video, but I warn you that it is very violent.

This is the link to send to the European Parliament and it can be signed by any, especially European Union's, citizen. If you are not a European Union citizen, your collaboration in spreading awareness against this cruelty is also important.

The campaign is against bullfighting, and any other cruel "tradition" involving bulls and other animals: European_ParliamentEleonoraEVI_Member_ eleonoraevieuroparleuropaeu_STOP_CRUELTY _TORNEO_DE_LA_VEGA_TORDESILLAS_SPAIN/edit/

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