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A Challenge to the Spanish Pelt Industry

Madrid, 19 October 2006

Jose Valle activist from Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality (a Spanish and Latinamerican animal rights organisation) challenges any pelt business in Galicia (Spain) to lock him up in a cage for a month (a sixth of the time minks are kept in them). The conditions must be similar to the ones these non-human animals live in and die in at pelt "farms".


* The cage in which the activist will remain confined will have a size equivalent in human proportions to the ones minks are enslaved in, that way he will live in similar conditions (lack of mobility, metal floors etc.) that these animals daily find in there confinement.

* The cage will be placed beside the cages where the minks are kept.

* Once the caged is finally placed, it will be no way touched or changed place in ways that could harm the activist.

* The activist will receive a completely vegan diet (no animal products, or animal derived products) during his confinement. It will be given to him by other activists of Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality and will include the calories necessary to maintain his health.

* The amount of water he will receive will be the exact amount necessary to maintain his health.

* A responsible of the organisation will have free access to the building in order to bring food and water to the activist.

* The media will have free access to the building in order to inform on any events that take place there.

* Any doctors required will have free access to the building, in order to foresee the activists health and order the end of the confinement if necessary for health reasons.

* A notary will have free access to the building to make sure the requirements here described are fulfilled.

* The people responsible of the pelt business and Jose Valle will respect the conditions of this challenge conditions.

* This challenge will be signed by the two parts in presence of a notary.

Jose Valle
Executive director of Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality

Tel. (+00 34) 915 268 612
(website currently available only in Spanish, English version coming soon)

NOTE: This challenge isn't meant to bring attention to the conditions minks are confined in, but to make us think about the moral status of non-human animals who, due to speciesism, are regarded as mere resources or property. As an abolitionist and egalitarian organization we don't support reforms in animal slavery, we don't work for a different way of exploiting those minks. So, please, keep this note with the challenge if you spread it.

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