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Animal Rights Militia in Spain claim two actions against HLS

Two actions claimed by the Animal Rights Militia in Spain have been reported to Arkangel. Both are said to be part of the international campaign against ailing research company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The actions come on the heels of a second letter writing campaign by activists in the United States to try and get Pink Sheets® LLC to completely remove from its website any information related to HLS, who continues to struggle to keep its head above the water in its precarious financial environment.

On the night of 14th July, animal rights activists visited the offices of UniPharma in Barcelona. UniPharma,s.a., is a leading manufacturer and marketer of dermatological products, pesticides, and and various pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Spain. They are also a client of HLS and use their animal testing services to test products before they go to market.

Activists spray painted the initials of the Animal Rights Militia and the crossed-out letters HLS. In their communiqué, sent out to a Spanish animal rights site, the activists stated, "We now know were to find you."

The next day, activists also visited the Barcelona home of Sami Legweil Alargado, Director in charge of Production and Quality Control at UniPharma. Activists distributed leaflets to neighbours explaining how UniPharma is responsible for the terrible suffering and deaths of millions of animals at HLS and that "they have an animal abuser living in their midst." They also left a letter addressed to Legweil Alargado and signed by the Animal Rights Militia at his doorstep, warning him that there would be further consequences if his company does not cease to deal with HLS.

The communiqué stated, "[He] was visited by us the 15th of July because he is director of an important area in Unipharma, who ask HLS to kill hundreds of animals every day...We warned him that if his company doesn't cut its ties with HLS, he will pay the consequences. In our next visit we will not leave a letter in the door of his home...!"

Activists also sent emails to Legweil Alargado's colleagues and stated that they would most likely be paying visits to their homes as well.

Despite attempts by the U.S. and U.K. governments to dissolve the SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) campaigns against HLS in these two countries, the international battle against the testing giant continues as activists from other grassroots animal rights groups target secondary and tertiary business partners. A recent report published on the British SHAC website shows that the abuse first exposed in a 1997 undercover investigation continues. Footage taken inside HLS for a documentary by Channel 4 illustrates that nothing has changed inside the labs.

In a statement on their website, SHAC U.K. state, "Since 1997 we have constantly heard from Huntingdon's customers, suppliers and the Government that the beagle beating scenes shot inside HLS by Channel 4 were isolated incidents. Brian Cass the MD of HLS has said many times in the media that things have changed at HLS and what was filmed in 1997 no longer happens. We can now for the first time prove this to be a lie. We can prove that nothing has changed inside Huntingdon Life Sciences."

"This is now the sixth yes the sixth time Huntingdon have been exposed from 1989 now right up to date to 2006. How many more times do we have to prove that Huntingdon Life Sciences are cruel to animals, break the law and regularly falsify test data before the British Government acts?"

Click here to view the recent footage and download the full report about what happens inside HLS.


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