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Spain Announces Landmark Animal Rights Ruling.  Pets will be recognised as "beings" and not "objects". - Dec 2017

Animal Liberation Now in the Barcelona Metro - April 2016

Spain: Activist Jumps Into Bullring To Comfort Dying Bull - Oct 2015

Spanish Town Votes to Give Rights to Pets - August 2015

Stop Tournament of Toro de la Vega - May 2015

45000 demonstrate against Toro de la Vega - Sept 2014

New undercover investigation reveals cruelty inside rabbit farms linked to the UK - June 2014

Video Protest Pamplona 2014

Bullfighting Protest vs. Spain 2014 - May 2014

Ban on anything resembling bullfighting by Barcelona City Hall - Mar 5, 2014

May 2013, Nobel literature laureate J.M. Coetzee has called on Spain to abandon plans to protect the practice of bullfighting, something he called "an archaic form of entertainment."

In an open letter to Spain's legislature released on Thursday, Coetzee called bullfights "a throwback to a time when people took no heed of the feelings of animals." which he said had no place in 21st century Spain.
full story:

Catalonia seeks ban on animal circuses - Oct 2013

animal-rights-activists-protest-bull-run/ - Sept 2013

Activists hijack brutal bull-spearing festival - Sept 2013

Elen Rivas Vs. Bullfighting in Spain - Sept 2013

ARAs Against Tordesillas Tournament- Dec 2012

Black Day In Spain - Sept 2012

Imagenes de la muerte de Volante en Tordesillas, toro de la vega 2012 - Sept 2012

Bullfighting Protest - Sept 2012

Help needed for 2 shelters in the south of Spain - Sept 2012 - Spain says NO to Captive Dolphins

Manager of El Escobar pig farm arrested - March 2012

The Matador: A Cowardly Bully - March 2012

Spain: Sadistic Torture/Murder on Pig "Farm" -- Please Sign to Shut Them Down - March 2012

Public protest: 400 activists and 400 dead animals - Dec 2011

Experimentation center project in LUGO (GZ, Spain) - Dec 2011

AR Protesters Take Over Madrid Protesting Fur Industry - Dec 2011

Killing Migrating Birds with Glue Traps - November 2011

Heroic Action: Woman Tear Gases Crowd to Stop Bull Torture/Death - 9/2011

Man Still Killing Dogs - 9/2011

An undercover investigation into Spanish Zoos by Animal Equality - 9/2011

Report on the "Spanish 12" animal activists - July 2011

Report from the arrested "Spanish 12" animal rights activists - June 2011

Twelve animal rights activists arrested in Spain

9 chickens rescued in toledo (spain) - May 2011

Pintadas en un COTO DE CAZA realizadas en el norte de Espana - 4/2011

Action in Asturias (Spain) against butcheries​ - April 2011

La guadana entre las flores - March 2011

Video: 36 Beagles Rescued from lab in Spain - Jan 2011

Spanish Broadcaster Bans Bullfighting - Jan 2011

Madrid Activists Get Publicity - Dec 2010

Perrera Torremolinos 2.230 mascotas - Nov 2010

Anjos dos Bichos - Oct 2010
     Um Pedido Especial - Nov 2010

Dog Pound in Badojoz, Spain - Oct 2010

New setback for bullfights in Spain - Oct 2010

Fa�a a diferen�a na vida dos animais - Sept 2010

Malaga - 13th International Vegan Festival - Sept 2010

Catalonia bans bullfighting in landmark Spain vote - July 2010

Anjos dos Bichos, July 2010

Feiras de Ado��o em Alphaville, lindos animais - 6/10

Action - Barcelona - 6/10

Why Bullfighting Is Making Spain See Red - 6/10

Spain Anti-Bullfighters Spear Cultural Protection law - 3/10

ADI Action Against Circuses in Spain - 3/10

SkinLess, Madrid 2009 (AnimaNaturalis) English

Very impressive images and music. I've also posted on my Facebook and got very good comments. I think it would also be important to organize such an event in Paris, one of the capitals of fashion.

Animal Defenders International : Media centre
APES Abolish Primate Experiments & Slavery

Angel Padilla - video

Hola, aqu� va el enlace en youtube de "Romeo de la muerte", una canci�n antitaurina hecha por abolicionistas espa�oles, la m�sica es de Ra�l Romero (Barcelona), la voz de Aurora Campos (Madrid) y la letra de �ngel Padilla (Valencia).
Rogamos difusi�n. Un beso!

Spain and France Mink Releases - October 2009

Undercover Expose of the Primate lab trade to be launched in Spain - July '09

 Gran Canaria chimp Africa rescued at last - June 2009 - link to video, The Spanish channel, La Primera, broadcasted a graphic documentary showing the cruel treatment of animals in Spain (warning, some of the images may be very disturbing). The program apparently shows the two sides of the issues exposed under the title: abuse or tradition? For those who cannot understand Spanish, it really condemns these atrocities.

Greyhounds Running Free - June 2009 

Hundreds of Anti-Bullfighting Campaigners - May 2009

Activist Aida

La FieSSta NAZIonal - Angel Padilla

Angel Padilla May 2009 - La FieSSta NAZIonal

Animal Rights Powerpoint Presentation (in Spanish)

HLS Protest in .flv format (in Spanish)

Click here - Powerpoint showing angers of plastic bags; Spanish

Anti-Bullfighting Protest - May 2009

Barcelona Protest against Seal Hunt - April 2009

New Iberia Video - March 2009

Circus Protest - January 2009

?El heterosexismo es diferente? - September 2008

Activists Protest Against Slaughter of Dolphins - September 2008

Nuevo espacio creado por el frente de liberacion animal para activistas de habla hispana

ALF Activity General

Spain, Spanish News

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La guada'a entre las flores

obenstehend findet Ihr den Link zu meinem Artikel über den "toro de la vega" der bis jetzt nur online zu finden ist, aber in der nächsten Woche in den Briefkästen der gesamten Schweiz zu finden sein wird.

Die AGSTG war so freundlich, mir ein ganze Seite in ihrer Zeitschrift "Albatros" zur Verfügung zu stellen.

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ARAs Protest Slaughter of Pigs - July 2008

Bullfight Protest - July 2008

Apes get legal rights, to surprise of bullfight critics - June 2008

ARAs Disrupt Bullfight

Uncontrolled Hunting in Picos De Europa - June 2008

Fotos Desfile del 25 de Mayo

Petition Against Bull Torture - May 2008

Six Activists Jump Into The Bullring - May 2008

Bullfight Protest, April 5, 2008

March 2008: Lo se que te estoy siempre mandando enlaces..pero esto es por un video que he hecho yo contra las corridas de toros.

Tambien tengo una peticion. El enlace es:

Solo tardare uno minuto para firmar pero voy a necesitar muchas firmas para que el ayuntamiento me toma en serio. Asi porfavor re-enviarlo a todos tus contatos, corregiendo mi castellano antes...claro!!!

Angel Padilla - March 2008

Petition - Feb 08

The Bullfights in Spain are not for the Spanish - Feb 08

Barcelona Fur Protest - Jan 08

Mink Liberation in Bando - November 07

Protest to President about Covance Breeding Facility - November 2007

News of a shocking discovery - on our own doorstep

Spaniards call for bullfights to stop - Barbarie en Algemesí 2007

Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal Rescues 6 Piglets - September 2007

Spain pulls live bullfights off state TV - August 2007

International Anti-bullfighting Summit - May 2007

Barcelona Fur Shop Painted - April 2007

Campaign Against Extreme Cruelty In JA'N, ANDALUS'A - April 2007

Spanish islands extend "human rights" to apes - March 2007

Madrid Protest - March 2007

Silent Spring at Asturias Extermination Centre - March 2007

Lawsuit Against Four Igualdad ARAs - February 2007

Bain In Spain by Dr. Steven Best

New Law on Animal Welfare - January 2007

Slaughterhouse Fire - January 2007

Future of Bullfighting In Doubt - December 2006

Liberation for Barry Horne - another one for Barry

Liberation at Galicia Fur Farm - For Barry Horne, Nov. 5

Ape's Rights - October 2006. Spain's governing Socialist Party is promoting an initiative to recognize great apes as different from other animals.

Release of 17,000 mink - October 2006, update of Thousands of mink freed from Galicia farms

A Challenge to the Spanish Pelt Industry - October 2006

Largest anti-bullfighting demonstration - October 2006

And...Spain's Next Blood Bath - Sept 2006

Bullfight Protest - Sept 2006

Anti-Bullfight - September 2006

Tordesillas Demo '06 - August 2006

Bullfight Protest - September 2006

Animal Rights Militia -- July 2006

Ape's Rights -- June 2006. Spanish MPs push for apes' rights. Campaigners want apes to have a right to freedom from captivity.

Greyhounds Rescued -- January 2006. 5 greyhounds and one hunting hound from the dog pound in Villamartin.

Fur Prot '06 -- January 2006. Animal rights activists stage nude protest.

Spain Beagles -- January 2006. ALF in Spain liberates 28 beagles in memory of Bill Rodgers.

Spain Bull Prot -- Sept 2005. Bullfight Demonstration in Spain.
        short video 1.3mb .wmv

8-1-05 Madrid -- Aug. 2005. Five dogs released in Buitrago de Lozoya, Madrid.

Mink Lib Spain -- July, 2005. 30,000 - 35,000 mink liberated.
    3 newspaper articles about the mink liberation: SOCIEDAD  El Correo Gallego

Running of the Nudes. Pamplona 2005.

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