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And...SPAIN' S next blood bath

September 19, 2006

On the 25th and 27th of this month in Algemesí, Valencia, the next "traditional" spectacle of extreme sadism towards innocent animals will be celebrated in Spain: Several calves will be chased down the streets while the rabble stab them with 6 to 8 cm spears. Witnesses say it is heart wrenching to hear their pityful screams while they get tortured and try hopelessly to hide from the spears. When they are too tired and bleeding on the ground they are finished off with an 80 cm sword, stabbed up to 40 times. Thousands of people participate in this "fiesta" and and many very young children witness the torture and massacre.

Send your letter of protest to:

Mayor Emilio Gregori
(Tel. 0034 962019000)

PL. Major nº 5,
46680 ALGEMESÍ (Valencia).
Tel. 00 34
Fax : 00 34
Url : http://www.berca. net
e-mail : algemesi@gva. es

President of the Spanish Government
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
Presidente del Gobierno
Complejo de la Moncloa
Avda. de Puerta de hierro s/n
28071 Madrid

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Excma. Sra. Ministra Da Elena Espinosa Mangana
Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentacion
Paseo de Infantana Isabel 1
28014 Madrid
sministr@mapa. es
Fax: 00 34 91 467 5854

President of the Generalitat Valenciana:

Francisco Enrique Camps Ortiz

Fax: 0034963867662

And please ring or fax the Spanish Embassy in your country! Thank you.

Sample letter:

Estimados Señores, Señoras,

Me acabo de enterar que se llevará a cabo el 25 y el 27 de este mes la tortura y la matanza de toros jovenes, en Valencia, en el nombre de una fiesta religiosa. Estos actos de sadismo son cometidos cada año sin que a nadie le importe, ni al ayuntamiento ni a la policía aunque es cierto que es ilegal un animal. Y esto en el nombre de Dios???

Hoy dia, el mundo civilizado no acepta tal barbarismo y crueldad hacia los animales inocentes.

Sepa Ud´que los animales sufren tanto como los humanos y merecen nuestra compasión y respeto. No visitaré ningún lugar de España en donde se cometan este tipo de atrocidades.

Le ruego que prohiba el uso de los animales en la fiesta. Por favor intervenga con las autoridades locales para que se acabe con esta horrible tradición para siempre y para que se siga adelante con la fiesta sin animales.

No visitaremos España hasta que en las fiestas populares no se torturen animales.




Translation: I have recently learned that several calves will be tortured and killed in Valencia, in honor of a religious fiesta celebrated the 25th and 27th of this month. These sadistic acts are committed each year with no intervention from local authorites. The civilized world, in this day and age, will not accept such cruelty and barbarism toward innocent animals. Animals suffer as much as people and deserve our compassion and respect. I will not visit any place in Spain where such atrocities are committed.

I beg you to prohibit the use of animals in this fiesta. Please intervene with local authorities to put an end to this horrible tradition, once and for all.

We will not visit Spain while animals get tortured in the "fiestas".

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