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Liberation for Barry Horne

Media in Spain have reported another fur farm raid in Galicia. More than 1500 mink were released from cages at a farm in the town of Xinzo de Limia (province of Ourense) during the night of 4-5 November.

Picture from media report:

communique received by Biteback from activists in Spain:

"During the night of the 5th of November we wanted to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Barry's death by opening every cage of a mink farm located in Damil, Xinzo da Lima (Ourense).

More than 2000 minks could enjoy for first time freedom, after being kept all their lives in a cage.

This action has been carried out a few days before they were massacred to take their fur. There's no other way to give the minks freedom, so we encourage animal liberation activists to act in conscience.

In memory of Barry Horne
Frente de Liberación Animal"


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