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Campaign Against Extreme Cruelty In JA�N, ANDALUS�A


Every year in Beas de Segura and Arroyo del Ojanco the citizens celebrate the religious festivity of St. Mark by sadistically torturing bulls and calves to death in an unbelievable orgy of blood and violence.

Please be strong for the animals and look at the photos at:

This year 80 animals will be the helpless victims of a "celebration" that has been declared " Andalusian Fiesta of National Tourist Interest" and the appalling tortures will start on April 23rd and go on for several days.

To add insult to injury, according to The Mayor of Beas de Segura, Lope Morales, the animal defenders are "picking" on this celebration, and the local government has stated that "the animals do not suffer" and that the photos were "manipulated" In other words, what you see in Beas is not real! We are all hallucinating!

1) Please write to the Mayor Lope Morales at:

[email protected]  and if possible also fax him to 0034 953458009

2) Please write to the Andalusian Tourist Board at:

[email protected] and if possible also fax them to 0034 951299316

3) Please write to the local papers: [email protected] [email protected]

4) Please write to the Spanish embassy in your country, you can find their details at

There are countless Spanish "celebrations" , many supposedly religious; some actually organized by the church, where animals are sadistically tortured to death, thousands upon thousands of animals dying long drawn deaths that the reader of these lines could not possibly fathom because of their evil inventiveness. Spain depends on international tourism for jobs and income, if the readers and all their friends and families chose other destinations for their holidays we could help civilize a country that is still trying to rival the cruelty of ancient Rome !

Many Spanish people are fighting these terrible acts, the majority of Spaniards are disgusted by them, but they need our help, please forward widely!

Sample letter:

Aquí en el extranjero estamos horrorizados con las "celebraciones" de Beas de Segura. No podemos entender como su gente puede tener una conducta tan sádica y salvaje para con unos inocentes animales, año tras año, y a eso se le considera "de interés turístico" Nosotros sabemos lo que ocurre en Beas, y ni yo, ni mis familares o amistades visitarán Andalucía mientras persistan estas abominantes costumbres primitivas y sádicas.


(Here your name and name of your country )

Translation: Outside Spain we are horrified with the "celebrations" at Beas de Segura. We cannot understand how your people can behave so sadistically and with such savagery towards innocent animals year on year and this is considered of "Tourist Interest" We know what is happening at Beas and neither I nor my family and friends will visit Andalucía while these dreadful deeds keep being carried out.


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