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Bullfight Protest - September 2006

Demonstration in Tordesillas 2006 (Spain) to save the bull that will be mutilated this september and to finish with the oldest bullfighting tradition of Spain.

In spite of all campaigns and protests from allover Spain and other countries, year after year, the second tuesday of september and in the honour of the Virgin de la Peña, a bull will be lanced till death in Tordesillas (a town in Valladolid).

The person who kills the bull is the prizewinner and is given a gold prize and an iron lance by the major of Tordesillas.

Far from being prohibited, this animal torture was legitimated by the "Junta de Castilla y León" (the local government) in 1.999. There's even a lancing school in the town of Tordesillas where children can practice a look at adult people practicing the lancing tradition.

There are many animal rights asociations that fight against this tradition in Spain, but only little things have been achieved.

Therefore, PACMA (the polithical party that fights for animal rights in Spain) has convocated, for second time, a demonstration in Tordesillas, where people from several provinces in our country will meet to shout together against this atrocity.

Again, you will be able to come to Tordesillas by coach, because, like in 2005, we will bring things as easy as possible to all of those who want to make history, coming to Tordesillas.

It's not only a demonstration, far from this, it will be shown again in ALL TV STATIONS AND RADIOS of Spain.

2006 will be known as the year of change in Spanish traditions. So many things have changed this year, and maybe, we'll see the end of bullfighting in Catalonia, a province of Spain.

Activists from Valladolid, need us again: Join us in the demonstration against Toro de Vega, you only have to fill this form and we will contact you to know how can you come and wich prices are best for traveling.

If you are from outside spain, don't worry, we have coaches from several places, you only have to tell us and we'll all we can for you to come.

Many Thanks


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