Black day in Spain/ Please forward

Let me add something to Iris her mail below:

And how the demonstrators are treated during their protest: valladolid/1833371163001-guardia-civil-desaloja-antitaurinos-recorrido-toro-vega.html

Pictures of this cruel murder by PACMA: de_volante_en_tordesillas_toro_de_la_vega_2012 

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From: Iris  Gallegos

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 3:47 PM

Subject: Black day in Spain/ Please forward

Dear Friends,

It is with intense bitterness that I must inform you that today the bull
Volante, the "Toro de la Vega", was horribly tortured and killed by a savage
blood thirsty rabble in Tordesillas, Spain. That in spite of a petition of
70.000 signatures, a written warning by the PACMA (political party against
bullfighting) last month concerning the illegality of the event, many
letters of protest and the peaceful action of a group of activists today
that were attacked, wounded and chased by criminals on foot and
horseback.The bull should have been let go because in his terror and pain he
did manage to reach the outside of the "allowed" area of play but they
killed him anyway. This has been happening for hundreds of years and but for
a four year respite in the late sixties nothing has changed, the same
sadistic savagery carries on from generation to generation in that infamous

What's worse, there are many other events just as cruel happening in many
parts of Spain every year. As an example and mild compared to the injuries
inflicted on cattle before their killing, please look below at the hapless
cow that gave birth in the middle of her torture on Sunday, look at the
wounds on her shoulder. Can I count on your support to help stop these
unspeakable "traditions" in Spain? If so please let me know, I and some
activist friends are starting to work against next year's horrors today and
would like to have your suggestions and comments. We need to go to the EU
with this and any good contacts you may have there would be greatly
appreciated. I believe we should all concentrate on the Toro de la Vega,
because once we stop that, the other hundreds of similar events should be
easier to stop.

There are plenty of photos and videos of today's dreadful event, the Spanish
Channel 3 even broadcasted it live, I can send you all upon request once
they have been compiled.

Best Wishes,

Iris Gallegos

Tel. 0033 555476873

La tortura no es cultura

A terrorized cow gave birth to a calf during a "bull fiesta".

Inline image 1Inline image 2Innocent and brave Volante, should be alive
according to the "rules" but psychopaths follow no rules.

BLACK DAY IN SPAIN//COURAGE IN ACTION (see commentary below)
La tortura no es cultura!

Spain must not be allowed to "masquerade" as a civilized country, taking a seat at the table of modern nations, so long as sadistic, hideous atrocities such as these are permitted and condoned by government officials and the Church. We must not sit by in silence and wait for the next bull or any other animal to be subjected to the brutal, medieval torture that still dominates this socially backward country, thanks to its long history of cruelty and abuse of people, animals, of any creature that walks, flies, or crawls...which is now either ignored or designated as "culture". Spain has not evolved like other modern nations. Remember that it was Spain that instituted the barbaric and brutal Inquisition, burning people at the stake for religious heresy; it was Spain that invaded and conquered the New World, destroying the Inca and Aztec civilizations in the name of power, greed and religion. And where is Spain today? A culturally backward, economically struggling nation, not even a shadow of the powerful country that once dominated the seas and New World, but still "symbolically" practicing so many of these ancient rituals. The mentality of those who allow their country to be dominated by monstrous cruelty to animals is part of an out-of-touch, archaic, dying breed that will one day soon, be buried in the dustbin of history. We must help it along! DO NOT VISIT OR SPEND YOUR TOURIST DOLLARS/EUROS IN SPAIN! DO NOT PATRONIZE THEIR TRAVELING SHOWS OR PURCHASE THEIR EXPORTED PRODUCTS. Buy olive oil, wines/sherry, soaps, perfumes, textiles/clothing, cars, wines, etc from other countries that are more deserving! BOYCOTT SPAIN AND SPANISH PRODUCTS AND GOODS! BLACK DAY IN SPAIN--Please Forward Widely

From: Mary Alice <>
Date: Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 2:06 PM
Subject: [AnimalsInNeed] Black day in Spain/ Please forward

A piece of my heart died today with Volante, I am surprised I am still here, walking and breathing the air. As bad as bullfighting is, this to me is 1000 times worse L Will we ever see the end of this torturing ?

Updates can be found here I am sure, in time.

Iris please keep me updated, send me the links once they are up and working – we start over now, to try and reach more people, to save next years victim from this horrific cruelty

RIP now Volante L I am so sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Alice

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