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December 24, 2008 -- Return Visit to Fur Store


"Last month, the fur shop Susanne was visited. Its locks were made unusable and the word 'murderers' as well as the initials FLA were painted on their metal shutters and on a stone wall that bisects the store. The graffiti on the stone wall was expensive to remove; on the shutters it remains today.

An envelope was left with a note to the owners in which it was made clear that this attack as well as all past attacks were due to their relationship with the fur business and animal exploitation. They were also warned that if they do not stop this activity other properties such as their car would be attacked. The note included the car registration to make it clear that we know very well where to hit on future occasions.

A few weekends before, a branch of Barclays Bank had been stoned for its ties with HLS."

"El mes pasado se volvi� a visitar la peleter�a Susanne. Se inutilizaron sus cerraduras y se pint� la palabra 'asesinos' y las siglas F.L.A tanto en sus cierres met�licos como en una pared de piedra que divide en dos la tienda . Las pintadas en la pared de piedra les resultaron costosas de borrar, la del cierre met�lico permanece a d�a de hoy.

Se les dej� un sobre con una nota dirigida a los propietarios en la que se les dejaba claro que tanto este ataque como todos los anteriores se deb�an a su relaci�n con el negocio de las pieles y la explotaci�n animal. Se les advert�a adem�s que de no cesar en esta actividad otras propiedades como su coche ser�an atacadas. En la nota se inclu�a la matr�cula de su coche para dejar claro que sabemos bien donde golpear en futuras ocasiones.

Pocos fines de semana antes, una sucursal de Barclays Bank hab�a sido apedreada con cascotes de obra por su relaci�n con HLS."


December 15, 2008 -- Open Rescue of 10 Hens

Igualdad Animal press release; click here to view a gallery of photographs from the rescue, click here for video:

"Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal rescues ten hens

In order to claim respect for animals on International Animal Rights Day, Animal Equality presents its third open rescue, in which our organization released ten hens from an intensive farm where they were enslaved to produce eggs.

Seven Animal Equality activists (Ivan, Javier, Sharon, Eu, Conchi, Jose and David) - assisted by other colleagues on the outside - entered an intensive farm in Toledo (Spain) to rescue ten hens who were being exploited and documented the truth behind these places.

We entered the farm through an open door, and not using force at any moment. In many occasions, discovering the reality behind the hermetic walls of the animal exploitation industries is as simple as opening a door and looking inside. Tens of thousands of hens were inside and unfortunately we could only rescue ten, those for which we already had a home waiting. During the rescue we split into several groups and while some were opening cages and freeing the prisoners from their cells, others documented the action and another group recorded in video the lives of hens exploited for their eggs. A wheelbarrow with corpses in one of the corners of the farm reminded us that some did not even reach the slaughterhouse, which is where they all are sent when their egg production drops.

Once the ten hens were in boxes, we were ready to leave. We brought them in our van to a temporary shelter and the next morning they were taken to a veterinarian we trusted and he recommended a treatment for their recovery. The hens were suffering from vitamin deficiencies, had internal parasites, osteoporosis probably from the loss of calcium suffered due to laying eggs as well as from the absence of sunlight. They probably also had their liver damaged due to the hyperproteinic food they were forced to eat in order to obtain the greatest number of eggs from them.

Eight of the ten had hardly any feathers covering their body as can be seen in the photographs.

The lack of vitamins, the presence of parasites and friction with the bars of the cage caused the falling of the feathers. Stress lead to pecking one another and sores, leading the sores to worsen with each pecking. Cannibalism is common in systems of hen exploitation, therefore, the exploiters cut their peaks to reduce economic losses.

They are now in a good place where they are cared for and their needs are met, away from any kind of exploitation and where they can begin to enjoy their lives by taking long walks in the sun, digging into the ground or making their own nests from grass without the fear that somebody will harm them once they stop laying eggs.

The rescue was carried out on a farm with battery cages, with cages upgraded to be mandatory from 2012 throughout the European Union. But on farms where the battery model is not used, hens continue to be deprived of liberty, used as resources for human benefit and eventually brought to slaughter. In Spain, more than 47 million hens are victims of these exploitation systems that seek to meet our demand for eggs. Another 47 million male chicks -their brothers- are also victims of our egg consumption, although they are often forgotten and don't even appear in official statistics. In all farms male chicks are killed either by being crushed alive or gassed, simply because they don't lay eggs and aren't profitable for exploiting.

With this rescue, not only do we act to help the ten hens we rescued from their cages, we also want to claim the end to the use of all animals. This open rescue is an act of civil disobedience that also pretends to generate social debate. Today, animals are considered property of humans and, under that view, this action could be viewed as a theft or robbery by the owner of the center of exploitation and the speciesist laws that exist. But the laws are not always synonymous of justice. A little more than a century ago it was legal to enslave other humans, for example. It is unfair to see other animals as our properties, as if they were objects that existed for our benefit. Each and every one of them is an individual with her or his own interests which must be respected.

Regardless of any differences between us and other animals, we are all capable of feeling and we want to enjoy our lives without being enslaved.

We want to remind everyone that we can contribute to the end of animal exploitation by adopting a lifestyle that respects them. Not participating in their exploitation by going vegan is also saving animals in a direct way.

For the abolition of slavery animal.

Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal
Educate, Investigate & Liberate"

December 5, 2008 --

reported on Acci�n Vegana (photos from

"On the night between Wednesday and Thursday we put incendiary devices in the Cascante (Navarra) bullring. They worked and they were effective.

Bullfighting is a symbol of animal exploitation in which bulls are tortured and killed because there are people who find it fun. But we are against all forms of animal exploitation, and we believe in veganism as a response to such exploitation and as a way of life.

We want to dedicate the action to the bulls and horses who have been tortured, humiliated and murdered in this arena that we have burned.

F.L.A. (Frente de Liberaci�n Animal)"

"Ataque incendiario contra la plaza de toros de cascante [Navarra]

La noche del miercoles al jueves pasados colocamos un artefacto incendiario en la plaza de toros de Cascante (Navarra). Funcionaron y fueron efectivos.

La tauromaquia es un s�mbolo de la explotaci�n animal en el que se torturan y asesinan toros porque hay gente que lo encuentra divertido. Pero estamos en contra de toda forma de explotaci�n a los animales, y creemos en el veganismo como respuesta a tal explotaci�n y como forma de vida.

Queremos dedicar la acci�n a los toros y caballos que han sido torturados, humillados y asesinados en esta plaza que hemos quemado.

F.L.A. (Frente de Liberaci�n Animal)"


November 23, 2008 -- Chickens Rescued from Truck at Slaughterhouse

reported by Acci�n Vegana (click here for additional photos):

"On the way to gather material related to animal liberation, we came across a slaughterhouse, within whose walls were 3 trailers full of chickens waiting their turn to be killed on a cold night in October.

Without thinking twice, we jumped the wall of the slaughterhouse, rescued 2 of the hundreds of chickens that waited there and with them once again we jumped the wall to bring them to the place where they now live free. Without freezing for hours waiting in the truck, without being mutilated and then killed ... They live a life of freedom that they never should have been refused.

We decorated the with a symbol of the Frente de Liberaci�n Animal and these words: 'Hens Freed'.

Our friends are already part of our lives, we hope to get to know your friends soon.

You also can free animals. Stop talking and act! (A.L.F)"

"De camino a recoger material relacionado con la liberaci�n animal, nos topamos con un matadero, dentro de cuyo aparcamiento descansaban 3 trailers repletos de gallinas, esperando su turno para ser asesinadas en una fr�a noche de Octubre.

Sin pensarlo dos veces, saltamos la tapia del matadero, rescatamos a 2 de los cientos de gallinas que all� esperaban y una vez con ellas volvimos a saltar la tapia para llevarlas al lugar donde ahora viven libres. Sin congelarse por las horas de espera en el cami�n, sin ser mutiladas y posteriormente asesinadas... Viven una vida de libertad que jam�s se les deber�a haber negado.

Decoramos la tapia con un s�mbolo del Frente de Liberaci�n Animal y est�s palabras: Gallinas Liberadas.

Nuestras amigas ya forman parte de nuestras vidas, esperamos en breves conocer a tus amigxs.

Tu tambi�n puedes liberar animales. D�jate de palabrer�as y act�a! (A.L.F)"

November 7 , 2008 -- Boar Liberated, For Barry

anonymous communique (translation):

"On Nov. 5, 2001 Barry Horne gave his life for animal liberation. Seven years later we, a group of activists, continue his fight through direct action.

In the early hours of November 5, 2008 with bolt cutters we broke the padlock of the estate of a society of hunters in the village of Vizcaya. They had a boar caged inside waiting to be killed. We opened the gate and released him.

Each year in Euskadi, hunters kill tens of thousands of animals. We have saved one. It may sound insignificant, but he has found freedom.

Anyone can carry out sabotage and liberations. Do not look for a leader to propose it to you, just do it!


"El 5 de Noviembre de 2001 Barry Horne dio su vida por la liberaci�n animal. Siete a�os m�s tarde un grupo de activistas continuamos su lucha a trav�s de la acci�n directa.

A primeras horas del 5 de noviembre del 2008 rompimos con unas cizallas el candado de la finca de una sociedad de cazadores en un pueblo de Vizcaya. Dentro ten�an encerrado a un jabal� esperando a ser asesinado. Abrimos la puestra y lo liberamos.

Cada a�o en Euskadi, los cazadores matan decenas de miles de animales. Nosotros hemos salvado a uno. Puede sonar insignificante, pero �l ha logrado la libertad.

Cualquiea puede llevar a cabo sabotajes y liberaciones. No busques un lider que te lo proponga, �hazlo!


November 5, 2008 -- Anti-Bullfight Graffiti

received anonymously:

"I have been vegan for a couple of years and I am starting to read about the philosophy and strategy of the A.L.F. The story of Barry Horne moved me, and the other day I decided to go to the town center (in C�rdoba) to do some graffiti ('Bullfighter murderer', 'Neither racism nor speciesism', 'Torture is not art or culture', etc). I think that I will return soon to repeat it at a butcher shop, farm or other center of exploitation."

"Soy vegana desde hace un par de a�os y estoy empezando a leer sobre la filosof�a y estrategia del F.L.A. La historia de Barry Horne me conmovi� y el otro d�a decid� ir a la plazaros de mi pueblo (en C�rdoba) a hacer unas pintadas (Torero asesino, ni racismo ni especismo, tortura ni arte ni cultura, etc). Creo que pronto volver� a repetirlo en alguna carnicer�a, granaja o cualquier otro centro de explotaci�n."

October 21, 2008 -- 200 Pheasants Freed

from Acci�n Vegana:

"Last Saturday we went to a hunting research center in the Pyrenees. With two pliers and a few minutes we opened the fences of two large cages. Immediately we saw approximately 200 pheasants fly, starting a new life of freedom.

Animals are not hunting trophies nor merchandise of any kind. We will succeed so that all are free."

"El pasado s�bado acudimos a un centro de investigaci�n cineg�tica del Pirineo. Con dos alicates y en unos pocos minutos abrimos las vallas de dos grandes jaulas. Inmediatamente vimos volar a aproxidamente 200 faisanes, empezando una nueva vida de libertad.

Los animales no son trofeos de caza ni mercanc�a de ning�n tipo. Consigamos que todos sean libres."

October 19, 2008 -- Poultry Farm's Van Attacked With Stones

reported on

"During different nights in this month of October a central office of the PSOE [Partido Socialista Obrero Espa�ol, Spain's ruling political party] somewhere on the Asturian coast and a van from a poultry farm in the neighborhood of Embajadores (Madrid) were attacked with stones.

You destroy the earth; we the earth will destroy you and your symbols."

"Durante diferentes noches de este mes de octubre fueron apedreadas una sede del PSOE en alg�n lugar de la costa asturiana y una furgoneta de una granja av�cola en el barrio de Embajadores (Madrip). ...

Vosotrxs destroz�is la tierra, nosotrxs la tierra os destrozaremos a vosotrxs y vuestrxs s�mbolos."


September 25, 2008 -- Message Left for Bullfighter

According to media in Spain, the home and dry-cleaning business of the parents of Jos� Tom�s, the best known bull killer at the moment, have been targeted in the village of Galapagar (Madrid). The word "Asesions" ("Murderers") was spray-painted on the walls.

September 7, 2008 -- Matador's Tomb Vandalized

anonymous communique (translation):

"On the night of Thursday to Friday, September 5, in Ahigal de los Aceiteros (Salamanca), we entered the cemetery with care and respect for all except the tomb of an old serial murderer, Julio Robles.

During his lifetime Julio Robles was responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of brave bulls, who were humiliated, tortured and murdered without remorse. Despite this shameful past, he is remembered with honors with a statue at the entrance to the bullring in Salamanca.

Our intention was to dig up his corpse, but that proved impossible. Instead we took a 20kg bronze bust of the bull killer. It will be returned when the slaughter of bulls is ended. We also decorated his grave with red ink and several litres of paint of the same color, to remember the victims. Finally we wrote, 'bullfighters are murderers' on a large commemorative plaque.

We know that this small action will be met with harsh criticism. We find it paradoxical that attacking soil and a piece of marble triggers the wrath of many while the torture and murder of living beings that continues to take place in Spain is accepted as normal and respectable."

"La noche del jueves al viernes 5 de Septiembre nos acercamos a Ahigal de los Aceiteros (Salamanca) y entramos en el cementerio respetando escrupulosamente todas las tumbas excepto la de el antiguo asesino en serie Julio Robles.

Julio Robles durante su vida fue responsable de la masacre de cientos de toros bravos, a quienes humill? tortur?y asesin?sin remordimientos. A pesar de su vergonzoso pasado es recordado con honores en la puerta de la plaza de toros de nuestra ciudad, Salamanca, con una estatua.

Nuestra intenci? era la de desenterrar su cadaver, pero nos result? imposible. En su lugar nos llevamos un busto de bronce del tauricida de unos 20 kilos. El cual devolveremos sin problemas cuando termine la masacre de toros bravos. Tambi? decoramos su tumba con tinta roja y varios litros de pintura del mismo color, para recordar a sus victimas. Finalmente escribimos "toreros asesinos" en una gran placa conmemorativa.

Sabemos que esta peque? acci? va a ser duramente cr?icada. Encontramos parad?ico que ensuciar un trozo de m?mol sea atacado y despierte las iras de muchos mientras que la tortura y asesinato constante que se lleva a cabo en Espa? contra seres sintientes sea aceptado como algo normal y respetable.

-Iniciativa charra contra la desaparici? del tauricidio-"

August 28, 2008 -- 15 Fur Shops Sabotaged in Barcelona


"Sabotages (smashed windows, paint bombs, glued locks) occurred at the beginning of August in Barcelona at 15 fur shops because of their exploitation of animals and in solidarity with our compa?ros/compa?ras imprisoned by the State of Austria. Activists attacked an Escada (an international target) shop several times and other shops that had previously been targeted.

Another target attacked was the Junta de Homologaci? de la Caza, the office that grants hunting licenses; this was the fourth attack at this office this year.


"Sabotajes (rotura de cristales, lanzamiento de bombas de pintura, y selladas) durante principios de este mes en Barcelona a quince negocios peleteros por su relaci? con la explotaci? animal y en solidaridad con lxs compa?rxs detenidxs por el Estado austr?co. Entre ?tos, cabe destacar que lxs activistas atacaron a Escada repetidas veces (ya que es un objetivo marcado por lxs activistas a nivel internacional), adem? fueron a por tiendas que ya hab?n sido anteriormente saboteadas, para as?causarles un mayor impacto.

Otro objetivo atacado fue la Junta de Homologaci? de la Caza, la cual es la cuarta vez en lo que llevamos de a? que es increpada.


August 9, 2008 -- Windows Broken at Fishermen's Shelter

reported by

"On August 2 we stoned all the windows of a shelter for fishermen in Guipuzcoa. We did the action in broad daylight. Anyone can carry out these acts against species-based killing. The reason one doesn't act is because one doesn't want to; no excuses.

Frente de Liberacion Animal"

"El pasado 2 de agosto apedreamos todas las ventanas de un refugio de pescadores en Guipuzcoa. Hicimos la accion a plena luz del dia. Cualquiera puede llevar a cabo estos actos contra el asesinato basado en la especie. Quien no lo hace es porque no quiere, no sirven las excusas.

Frente de Liberacion Animal"

August 1, 2008 -- Three Chickens Rescued

received anonymously (translation):

"On July 30 we rescued three chickens from a farm in Alcab? (Toledo). They were found in a concentration camp devoted to the fattening of chickens for meat consumption. Upon entering we found dozens of dead chickens on the ground and many others suffering. After taking the chickens we brought them to a veterinarian, but despite the care they were given two of them died because they all suffered from bloody diarrhea. The third enjoys freedom in a garden.

This is the only way to rescue those animals that are being exploited at this moment. But the only way that animal exploitation disappears is veganism.

Against speciesism always


Original Spanish:
"El 30 de julio rescatamos a tres pollos de una granja de Alcab? (Toledo). Se encontraban en un campo de concentraci? dedicado al engorde para el consumo de carne. Al entrar encontramos decenas de pollos muertos en el suelo y otros muchos agonizando. Tras sacar los pollos, los llevamos al veterinario, pero a pesar de los cuidados dos de ellos murieron debido a que todos sufr?n diarreas con sangre. El tercero disfruta de la libertad en un jard?.

Esta es la ?ica forma de rescatar a los animales que en estos momentos se encuentran explotados. Pero la ?ica manera de que la explotaci? animal desaparezca es el veganismo.

Contra el especismo siempre


July 30, 2008 -- Four Mink Freed in Open Rescue

The Open Rescue Team of Igualdad Animal (Animal Equalty) have rescued four mink from a fur farm in northern Spain. This is the second open rescue by Igualdad Animal (in August 2007, six baby pigs were rescued from an intensive farm).

In late July, activists entered the fur farm and documented conditions inside. Four mink were carefully removed from cages and later released into a natural environment many miles away.

Photos and video from the rescue are available at Igualdad Animal's website,

Excerpt from rescue report (translation):

"Although legally non-human animals, including mink, are considered property and therefore to remove them from cages is considered 'theft,' a criminal act, at Igualdad Animal we believe that no individual is the property of another and the moment has arrived to liberate our slaves. Just as in the past when some humans were considered property of others and this was an unjust situation, currently we are still involved with slavery. Animals are not property and to liberate them is not robbery but a legitimate act of justice.

With these open rescues we not only intend to rescue a few animals that were going to suffer and die, but we want to provoke a social debate that causes us to rethink the exploitation to which we subject the animals with whom we share the planet, and to bring about a change of mentality and habits of consumption in each one of us, because ultimately we are the ones who-- with our daily decisions of how we dress ourselves, feed ourselves, or entertain ourselves-- can put an end to the daily suffering and death of animals.

We also want to remember all of the victims who still remain in cages, to show our support for all those who rescue caged animals, and finally to dedicate this action to the Austrian prisoners Martin, Christian, Christof, Elmar, Felix, Jan, J?gen, Kevin, Leo and Sabine, who at this moment are victims of an unjust judicial system."

July 20, 2008 -- Bricks Thrown Through Windows at Escada

from Acci? Vegana (translation):
"Bricks rain on Escada [ZGZ]
We were passing very calmly down the street when we saw some bricks, and facing an Escada shop we believed that it was better for them to end up in their windows than not to be thrown in there ...
Don't take the skin off our brothers and sisters."
"Llueven ladrillos a Escada [ZGZ]
Paseabamos tan tranquilos por la calle cuando vimos unos ladrillos y enfrente una tienda Escada, creimos que era mejor que terminasen en sus cristales que no tirados por ahi...
No les quiteis la piel a nuestrxs hermanxs."

July 19, 2008 -- Fur Shop Sabotaged

reported on
"A direct action was committed against a fur shop located in Madrid one day this month of July 2008.
The furrier was found inside a building. The building was entered and the following actions were conducted:
-- Sealing of 2 door locks.
-- Various paintings.
-- Informational posters damaged.
-- Other material damages."
"Un d? de este mes de Julio de 2008, se cometi?una acci? directa contra una peleter? situada en Madrid.
La peleter? se encontraba dentro de un edificio. Se entr?al edificio y se realizaron las siguientes acciones:
- Sellado de las 2 cerraduras de la puerta de la peleter?.
- Diversas pintadas.
- Pegada de carteles informativos.
- Ciertos da?s materiales."

July 19, 2008 -- Proctor and Gamble Product Tampering

from Acci? Vegana (translation):
"Procter and Gamble attacked
A few weeks ago a well-known daily newspaper received an anonymous call informing them that several bottles of the product HEAD AND SHOULDERS (by the company Procter and Gamble), which had been contaminated with a substance to irritate the skin, were left in several shopping centers and supermarkets in the Iberian Peninsula. There was no way to distinguish them from the uncontaminated bottles and they had been distributed in various shops in Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coru? and Madrid. The same call reported that such actions and others will continue unless Procter and Gamble stops its involvement in the exploitation of animals.
No respite for exploiters. Britches Group"
"Atacamos Procter and Gamble
Hace pocas semanas un conocido diario recib? una llamada an?ima en la que se le informaba de la colocaci? de varios tarros del producto HEAD AND SHOULDERS (de la compa?a Procter and Gamble) contaminados con un producto irritante para la piel en varios centros comerciales y supermercados de la pen?sula ib?ica. No hab? manera de distinguirlos de los botes no contaminados y se hab?n distribuido por
distintos comercios de Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coru? y Madrid.En la misma llamada se informaba de que este tipo de acciones y otras se seguir?n sucediendo mientras Procter and Gamble no cesase su relaci? con la explotaci? animal.
Ni un respiro a los explotadores. Grupo Britches"

July 12, 2008 -- Exploiters Painted

from Acci? Vegana:

"Yesterday evening shutters of various businesses linked to animal exploitation in Badalona (Barcelona) were painted. With the phrase: 'Animal Exploitation Out' and signed F.L.A.

To our brothers and sisters.

For other animals, for your health, for the environment, to eradicate poverty... For all this and much more... Go Vegan!"

"Ayer por la noche fueron pintadas varias persianas de negocios relacionados con la explotaci? animal en Badalona (Barcelona).Con la frase : 'Fuera explotaci? animal' firmando F.L.A

Hasta otra hermanxs.

PoR LoS DeM? aNiMaLeS, pOr tU SaLuD, pOr el MeDiO aMbieNTE, pArA eRRaDiCaR La pObReZa... PoR ToDo eStO Y mUcHoS m?... HAZTE VEGAN!"

July 6, 2008 -- Fur Shops Glued

from Acci? Vegana:

"One evening in June, in Zaragoza, we decided to go out and show our anger and glued three fur shops (one of these was Escada) and a pet shop. This action was done in support of our imprisoned compa?rxs, and above all for the Austrian group."

"Una noche de Junio, en Zaragoza, decidimos salir a mostrar nuestra rabia y sellamos tres peleterias (una de ellas de la compa?a Escada) y una tienda de animales. Esta acci? la realizamos en apoyo de nuestrxs compa?rxs presxs y sobretodo a la pe? de Austria"

July 1, 2008 -- Vehicles Vandalized During Bullfight

Media has reported that at least two dozen vehicles in the town of La Muela (province of Zaragoza) were vandalized during a bullfight. Messages such as 'Toros no' ('No Bullfighting') and 'Asesinos' ('Murderers') were found scratched into cars.

In some cases, messages were written on the vehicle's hood, tailgate and on the four doors. Repair costs could exceed one thousand Euros.

June 24, 2008 -- Freedom for Boar

from :

"On thursday 12 of june we freed a wild boar in Caceres. We opened the fence that kept him encaged. This easy action has given back freedom to an animal that was waiting to be murdered by hunters.

We want to show our solidarity with our Austrian comrades repressed and to every animal liberation activist in jail.


"El jueves 12 de junio liberamos un jabali en Caceres. Abrimos la cerca que rodeaba el peque? recinto donde permanecia encerrado. Una sencilla acci? que ha devuelto la libertad a un animal que esperaba su muerte a manos de los cazadores.

Aprovechamos para mostrar nuestra solidaridad con los compa?ros austriacos recientemente represaliados. Asi como con todos los activistas por la liberaci? animal encarcelados.


June 21, 2008 -- Wheels Flattened on Seafood Van

reported on :

"Sabotage of a fish van [Madrid]

Last Friday, we punctured the wheels of a van transporting fish/seafood. The next day the goods were not on time. Fishing and hunting only mean one thing, MURDER


"Sabotaje de una furgoneta de pesca [Madrid]

El pasado viernes rajamos las ruedas de una furgoneta de transporte de una pescader?/marisquer?. Al d? siguiente la mercanc? no lleg?a su hora. Pesca y caza solo significan una cosa, ASESINATO


June 19, 2008 -- Homes of Novartis Directors Graffitied

anonymous communique:

"Over the past two weeks the homes of 3 Novartis directors have been attacked with various graffiti. We also went to the headquarters of Novartis to express ourselves about the recent arrests of activists engaged in the struggle for animal liberation.

The message is this: At each measure that the police use to tighten their repression of us, we increase our actions even further.

Cut your ties with HLS and take your dirty hands off the animals at once!

We will not stop until the last cage is empty!
It's now or never, animal liberation by all means!


"A lo largo de ?tas dos ?timas semanas han sido atacados los domicilios de 3 directivos de Novartis con varias pintadas. Tambi? fuimos a la sede de Novartis para mostrarles qu?tal nos hab?n sentado las recienties detenciones hacia activistas comprometidxs con la lucha por la liberaci? animal.

El mensaje es ?te: A medida que us?s la polic? para endurecer la represi? hacia nosotrxs, aumentaremos a? m? nuestras acciones, os lo aseguramos.

Cort? vuestros lazos con HLS y sac? vuestras sucias manos de lxs animales de una vez!

No pararemos hasta que la ?tima jaula est?vac?!
Ahora o nunca, liberaci? animal por todos los medios!


June 16, 2008 -- Fur Shop Locks Glued in Support of Jeff Luers

excerpt from anonymous report from

"In support of Jeffrey Luers and the struggle for animal liberation

During the early hours of June 14, the locks of every fur shop in the Bilbao city center were glued, in support of this prisoner and many others, and in general of the struggle for animal liberation."

Complete Spanish report:
"Apoyo el 14 de junio con Jeffrey Luers y la lucha por la liberaci? animal [Bilbo]

Durante la madrugada del 14 de junio, se sellaron todas las peleter?s del centro de Bilbao, en apoyo a este preso, a [email protected] [email protected], y en general a la lucha a favor de la liberaci? animal, que parece que en el estado espa?l est?dando de hablar m? de lo que esperaban [email protected]

Animamos a la gente que est?sensibilizada con el tema a hacer acciones as? de sencillas, que no comprometen pero que ayudan, que animan a [email protected] que las vemos y nos vemos presentes.

Sin llegar a ser guerreros ni soldados, ??vivan los sabotajes y los diablos!!"

June 15, 2008 -- Bullfighting Arena Targeted

reported by activists in Spain:

On May 31 a new bullfighting arena opened in Puertollano (Ciudad Real). Two nights before many posters promoting the opening were painted with red paint.

"El pasado 31 de mayo se inagur?un nuevo matadero taurino en Puertollano (ciudad real), y en el que suscribe estas lineas junto con un amigo, realizamos por la noche dos dias antes con spray pintar tantos carteles que pudimos de rojo.

Un saludo desde un lugar de la mancha, y seguimos en pie y con ganas de luchar, un abrazo y salud."


June 2, 2008 -- Fur Shop Windows Smashed with Stones

reported by activists in Spain:

"This weekend of San Isidro we decided to give a surprise to the owners of the fur shop on Berlin Square, in Madrid.

After having targeted the shop several times with paint and glue, this time we decided to use stones to smash their windows.

A grasser taxi driver called the cops, who were patroling the area, but they didnt catch us, as we run faster than they do.

Animal Liberation"

May 29, 2008 -- Fur Shops Glued

anonymous report:

"4 fur shops and the Hunting License Validation Facility x2 glued (Barcelona)

On Tuesday we dedicated to the full moon that illuminated the city some acts of sabotage against businesses that profit from animal exploitation. Also we did not forget the Hunting License Validation Facility, that 3 weeks ago received a visit from friends of the animals and nature, a sabotage that we did not previously communicate.

We hope that other people feel encouraged to keep up the direct action fight against human domination over the environment and the species in it that are oppressed."

"Selladas 4 peleter?s y la Junta de Homologaci? de la Escuela de Caza x2 (Barcelona)

El pasado martes le dedicamos a la luna llena que iluminaba la ciudad algunos sabotajes contra algunos negocios que se lucran con la explotaci? animal. Tambi? no olvidamos la Junta de Homologaci? de la Escuela de Caza, que hace 3 semanas recibi?una nueva visita por parte de lxs colegxs de lxs animales y la naturaleza, sabotaje que no comunicamos.

Esperamos ser un grano m? de arena para las ganas de activistas a no deteneros en la lucha mediante la acci? directa contra la dominaci? humana sobre el medio y las esp?ies que en ? son oprimidas.

Justice Department"

May 18, 2008 -- Pro-Bullfight Posters Destroyed

reported by activists in Spain:

"Some posters advertising a bull murder in Cordoba (Andaluc?) have been redecorated with spray paint and antibullfight posters were put over them advertising an antibullfight march."

April 26, 2008 -- Fur Shop Locks Glued

actions in Madrid, reported by activists in Spain:

"The locks of two fur shops were ruined during two consecutive weekends. One of them had just changed the locks due to previous attacks."

"Jodidas durante dos fines de semana consecutivos las cerraduras de dos peleter?s. Una de ellas hab? cambiado el sistema de cerraduras debido a varias visitas anteriores"

"Window panes were broken in a warehouse of a company linked with the construction of the High Speed Train."

"Destrozadas las lunas de una caseta de obra perteneciente a una inmobiliaria. La empresa ten? relaci? con el macroproyecto de la construcci? del Tren de Alta Velocidad"

April 11, 2008 -- Communiqu?Released from Fur Farm

anonymous communique:

"We claim responsibility for the liberation of 1100 pregnant mink which took place [during the night of March 30] in Santa Mar? de la Alameda, in the only mink farm in the Province of Madrid. With this type of action we want to show that the animal liberation struggle in Madrid is very much alive and we encourage others to carry out similar actions. It's time to leave behind empty debates and start to take part in actions that will decisively smash the fur industry and any other industry that profits from the exploitation of individuals.

We also want to send a warm hug to those people in the various distinct Mexican groups (Comando Verde-Negro, FLAM, etc.) that have decided to make Animal Liberation a reality. We hope to continue hearing about your great news for many years, and that you can spread the call to all of South America.

Finally, we invite all those who want to unmask the academics that have spread through our movement, to do it without cheap, weak insults which are unnecessary. We understand that these scum have awoken hatred in many people, but some ways of responding to these intellectuals should be discarded. Time will put everybody in their place.

A strong embrace to the ones who fight."

Original Spanish:
"Reivindicamos la liberaci? de 1100 hembras de vison pre?das, ocurrida en Santa Mar? de la Alameda. Unica granja de la provincia de Madrid. Con este tipo de actos queremos dejar claro que la lucha por la Liberaci? Animal en Madrid est?muy viva, y animamos al resto de compa?rxs a llevar acabo actos similares. Es el momento de dejar de lado debates vac?s y empezar a realizar acciones que golpeen de manera contundente la industria peletera y cualquier otra que se enriquezca acosta de la explotaci? de individuos.

Adem? queremos aprovechar para mandar un c?ido abrazo a aquellas personas de distintos grupos (Comando Verde-Negro, FLAM, etc. ) de M?ico que han optado por llevar a cabo la Liberaci? Animal a la pr?tica. Esperamos seguir oyendo grandes de noticias vuestras durante muchos a?s, y que se extienda la llama por toda

Por ?timo invitamos a todx aquel que quiera desenmascarar a lxs distintxs intelectuales que infectan nuestros entornos a que lo hagan sin insultos baratos y casposos (adem?, no son necesarios). Comprendemos que esta chusma haya despertado el odio en muchxs, pero hay maneras de responder ante lxs intelectuales que deben ser totalmente descartadas. El tiempo acaba dejando a todxs en su sitio.

Un fuerte abrazo a lxs que luchan"

April 1, 2008 -- 1000 Mink Freed

1000 mink, mostly pregnant females, were freed from a fur farm in Santa Mar? de la Alameda (northwest of Madrid) late on March 30. According to the media, escaped mink have been spotted in two nearby rivers and as far as five miles from the farm. Several hundred mink have been recaptured.

March 23, 2008 -- Fur Distributor Hit with Paint Bombs

reported by activists in Spain:

"On March 20 we went to a fur distributor and threw light bulbs filled with paint at the large poster at the entrance.

This will not stop until all are free. A.L.F."

"Bombillas de pintura contra la industria peletera

El d? 20 de marzo nos dirigimos a una distribuidora peletera. Atacamos nuestro objetivo con bombillas de pintura, que fueron lanzadas contra el gran cartel de la entrada a la nave, quedando tapado el logotipo central.

Que esto no pare hasta que estemos todxs libres. F.L.A."

March 7, 2008 -- Anti-Hunting Action

from (translation):

"During the last night of February a group of people approached the Hunting License Validation Facility in Barcelona. We glued three padlocks that open shutters on the premises; at the same time we spraypainted them with the following message, 'First warning. Murderers. We will return. FLA.'

This simple action has only been a warning, to make them understand that while we are on the streets and animals and nature are dying, they will have difficulty continuing to exist and sleeping so tranquilly.

We think that there are too many targets to attack for you to stay at home quietly. This, we repeat, is nothing more than a small warning as well as a call to other groups and individuals so that they do not stop performing the art of sabotage, a constant exercise demanding your conscious body and mind. Small actions are also important; do what you think is necessary and what is possible. Pressing the dialog of action, you must believe that nothing is absolutely impossible. We sabotage it. They give in. If they say they will not yield, we will return to press them using other means.

What really counts is that the fight will not stop, because while you doubt whether to act or not to in this climate of chaos, haste, confusion and general contamination of the environment . . . . the clock imprisons us with the bondage of work, the human scum bastards attack women; land continues crying and animals surrender and are dominated by our absurd miseries.

For all this, death to the domination of civilization. Stop the genocide of the planet and of all beings who live with us here.

Animal Liberation, Human Liberation, and Earth Liberation, Here and Now!

FLA/ALF (Frente de Liberaci? Animal)"

Original Spanish:
"Durante la ?tima noche que le quedaba al mes de febrero un grupo de personas nos hemos acercado a la Junta de Homologaci? de la Escuela de Caza de Barcelona, les hemos siliconado los tres candados que son los que abren la persiana del local, al mismo tiempo que les pint?amos con espray el siguiente mensaje "Primer aviso. Asesinos. Volveremos. FLA.", tambi? les hemos dibujado un amenazador punto de mira para hacerlos entender que vamos en serio.

Esta sencilla acci? s?o ha sido una advertencia, para hacerlos entender que mientras nosotrxs estemos en la calle y los animales y la naturaleza muriendo, ellxs tendran dificultades para seguir existiendo y durmiendo tan tranquilxs.

Pensamos que hay demasiados objetivos para atacar para quedarte en casa quietx. Esto, repetimos es nada m? que una peque? advertencia, como tambi? una llamada a los dem? grupos y individualidades para que no paren de actuar y de hacer del arte del sabotaje, un ejercicio constante que te piden consciencia, cuerpo y mente. Las acciones peque?s tambi? son importantes, tu haz lo que consideres necesario y lo que est?dentro de tus posibilidades. Presionando con el di?ogo de la acci?, piensa que nada es del todo imposible. - Nosotrxs los saboteamos. -Ellos ceden. Si dicen que no ceden. - Nosotrxs volvemos a presionarlos utilizando otros medios.

El que realmente cuenta es que la lucha no se pare, porque mientras tu dudas entre el actuar o no hacerlo en este clima de caos, prisas, confusi? y contaminaci? general del ambiente, los Estados nos enfrentan a las personas de los diferentes pueblos entre nosotrxs, el reloj nos encarcela con la esclavitud del trabajo y escoria bastarda humana agrede a las mujeres; la tierra continua llorando y los animales quedan sometidxs y dominadxs por nuestras propias absurdas miserias.

Para todo ello, muerte a la dominaci? de la civilizaci?. Acabemos con el genocidio del planeta y el de todxs lxs seres vivxs que en ella vivimos.

Liberaci? Animal, Liberaci? Humana y Liberaci? de la Tierra, Aqu?y Ahora!

FLA/ALF (Frente de Liberaci? Animal)"

February 28, 2008 -- Broken Windows

reported by activists in Spain:

"A group has claimed different anti-capitalist and animal liberation actions that have taken place in Madrid in the last months. Actions include:

The windows of a poultry farm van were smashed on two different occasions.

A hunting shop had its windows smashed with stones and 'Hunters murderers' spray painted."

February 18, 2008 -- Paving Stone Thrown Through Window at Novartis

reported on Indymedia Barcelona:

"The night of the 8th of February we attacked the Novartis Consumer Health building, located in the Marina area (Barcelona), in response to the relationship of this multinational company with animal experimentation.

Even though there was a security guard in the hall, a paving stone was enough to smash the front windows of this scummy business and to send a clear messege to our enemies.

Novartis, there will be no peace for you while you continue this massacre. Let's be clear, we will win this fight.

Dedicated to Mel Broughton, recently imprisoned comrade in England.


Note: This action occured the night before the large march against Novartis in Barcelona.

"La noche del 8 de febrero atacamos la sede de Novartis Consumer Health situada en la zona de Marina, en respuesta a la implicaci? de la multinacional en la industria de experimentaci? animal.

A pesar de que hab? un guardia vigliando la puerta, un adoqu? fue suficiente para hacer a?cos las lunas de este sucio negocio y enviar un claro mensaje a nuestros enemigos.

Novartis, no habr?paz para vosotros mientras continueis con la masacre. Tenedlo claro: esta pelea la vamos a ganar.

Dedicado a Mel Broughton, compa?ro recientemente encarcelado en Inglaterra.


February 18, 2008 -- Slogans Painted Against Vivisection

reported on Indymedia Barcelona:

"On February 8 we spray-painted phrases like, 'open the cages' and 'animal liberation now' at the entrance to the Biology department at the University of Barcelona, and we threw paint bombs.

This action was part of a week against animal testing.

Till the last cage is destroyed."

Catalan version:
"El passat 8 de febrer vam omplir de pintades com "obriu les g?ies" o "alliberament animal ara" l'entrada de la Facultat de Biologia de la Universitat de Barcelona, llen?nt tamb?algunes bombes de pintura vermella en llocs ben visibles.

Emmarquem aquesta modesta acci?en les jornades de lluita contra l'experimentaci?animal i animamem a tothom a que aporti el seu granet de sorra per parar els peus a aquest sistema abocat a la bogeria.

Ni els humans ni els animals som recursos. No som estad?tiques a la pantalla d'ordinador d'algun laboratori. No som m?uines. No som mercaderia. Som individus i volem ser lliures.


February 15, 2008 -- Photos from Novartis Demo

Photograph from the February 9 demonstration against Novartis (Huntingdon Life Sciences customer) in Barcelona. For additional photos, visit  (click "SIGUIENTE" to view three pages of photos).

February 11, 2008 -- March Against Novartis Ends with Smashed Windows

reported by activists in Spain:

"On Saturday, February 9, between 150 and 200 people marched in Barcelona against Novartis and its links with Huntingdon Life Sciences. When the march arrived at Novartis headquarters a small group of masked activists smashed a CCTV camera and windows and spray-painted the walls."

February 10, 2008 -- Home Visits for Novartis Reps

reported by activists in Spain:

"During the early hours of Friday, February 9 we went to the posh flats of four representatives of Novartis in the center of Madrid. On their doorsteps and around the doors we spray-painted clear messages for Novartis to cut their ties with HLS immediately, and we warned them, 'we have an eye on you'. Neighbors were informed about the type of people who live near them and their exact addresses. Afterwards we phoned because we wanted to have a direct conversation with them to explain what we are going to do next. Unfortunately, because of the hour no one answered the phone. They were sleeping peacefully over the dead bodies and chains of millions of animals.
Things are going to change, we promise.
Whether you want it or not, you will cut your ties with HLS. You don't know what's coming next."

"Durante las primeras horas del viernes 9 de Febrero acudimos a las lujosas casas de cuatro representantes de la compa?a Novartis en las calles m? c?tricas de Madrid. En sus portales y alrededores les dejamos pintados claros mensajes en los que se ped? que Novartis dejase su relaci? con HLS de forma inmediata, y en los que se les advert? de que "vamos a por vosotros". Adem? se informaba a los vecinos de la clase de personas con las que conviv?n as?como su domicilio exacto. Posteriormente quisimos tener una conversaci? directamente con ellos por v? telef?ica, para explicarles m? claramente si era posible hasta donde estamos dispuestos a llegar. Lamentablemente, debido a las horas de la madrugada a las que se les llam? no conseguimos que nadie descolgase el tel?ono. Dorm?n placidamente sobre los cad?eres y cadenas de millones de animales.

Las cosas van a cambiar, os lo aseguramos.

Lo querais o no vais a dejar vuestros lazos con HLS. No sabeis lo que se os viene encima."


February 9, 2008 -- Locks Glued at 16 Pharmacies in Week of Action Against Novartis

reported by by activists in Spain:

"During the early morning between February 6 to 7, as part of the campaign of decentralized actions against the animal experimentation company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), specifically focused on Novartis, 16 pharmacies had their locks glued. We chose this target for its close relation to this laboratory. This is just the beginning. We encourage everybody to take action in this campaign against HLS and all the companies that sustain them.

Barcelona. February 2008."

"La pasada madrugada del 6 al 7 de Febrero, dentro de la convocatoria por las acciones descentralizadas contra la empresa de experimentaci? animal Hunginton Life Sciences ( H.L.S. ), y centrando ?tas en la empresa farmace?ica Novartis fueron selladas 16 farmacias. Elegimos este objetivo por la estrecha relaci? con este laboratio. Esto s?o acaba de empezar. Animamos a la gente a que apoye de forma activa la campa? que se est?llevando acabo contra H.L.S. y todas las empresas que la sustentan.

Barcelona. febrero 2008."

February 5, 2008 -- Vivisector Visited in Barcelona

anonymous report:

"Last weekend we visited the flat of Jordi Cant?Martorell*, head of the animal research facilities at the University of Barcelona, where many species of animals are imprisoned for use in experiments.

The door and several walls of the building was spray painted with sentences such as 'Jordi Cant?Murderer' or 'Jordi Cant?imprisons and kills animals for money'.

To publicly expose those responsible for animal exploitation is the least we can do to make them understand that the impunity under which they operate is beginning to crack and that sooner or later the harm they have caused will come back to them.


Lovers of the night

February 2008

*Note: Jordi Canto is also president of the Sociedad Espa?la para las Ciencias del Animal de Laboratorio (SECAL), the Spanish Society for Laboratory Animal Science.

"El pasado fin de semana se visit?el domicilio de Jordi Cant?Martorell, m?imo encargado del estabulario de la Universidad Aut?oma de Barcelona donde animales de diversas especies son encerrados para su uso en experimentaci? animal.

Se pint?el portal y varias paredes de los alrededores con frases como "Jordi Cant?Assass?quot;, o "Jordi Cant?encierra y mata animales por dinero".

Marcar p?licamente a los responsables de la explotaci? es lo m?imo que podemos hacer para que entiendan que su impunidad comienza a agrietarse y que tarde o temprano todo el da? que est? haciendo se volver?contra ellos.


Amantes de la noche

febrer 2008

January 22, 2008 -- Escada Attacked wtih Paint Bombs

reported by activists in Spain:

""ESCADA shop sabotaged (Zaragoza)

During a night in January an Escada shop was attacked with paint bombs.

Leave the animals alone or there will be no quiet."

"Sabotaje a una tienda de escada [zaragoza]

Una fria noche de enero una tienda de Escada fue atacada con bombas de pintura.

Asquerosxs dejad tranquilos a los animales o vosotrxs no estareis tranquilxs."

January 8, 2008 -- Novartis, Fur Shops Targeted

Recent actions in Catalu?, reported by activists in Spain:

"9th of November: red paint was thrown on Novartis headquarters. Also graffities were painted in the surrounding area of Novartis. Such as 'Novartis stop dealing with HLS'.

28th of November: Escada fur shop had it's lock glued and graffities where made (Barcelona).

19th of December 5 fur shops had their locks glued (previously other 5 fur shops where attacked on the 4th of December).

Another fur shop was attacked in Gerona (Catalu?) in November, as the newspaper 20minutos reported."


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