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Easter Message from Slovenian President

Vegan Slovenian president Dr. Janez Drnovsek send clear Easter

 Dear friends of animals!

I send you link on strong Easter message of Slovenian president Dr. Janez Drnovsek, who is vegan and great friend of animals.

Please, send this link to your members, friends, media, politicians. ..

Best greetings!

Anita Novak, Slovenia

English version
http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=21087&lang=en

German version
http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=21086

2007 Easter Message by the Slovenian President Dr. Janez Drnovsek:

"The Easter Holidays are near. Let's spend them in peace and good company. You can also renounce the ham, chocolate-eggs should be sufficient for an Easter atmosphere.

Would it not be more harmonious if we did not associate religious celebrations directly with ham and other non-spiritual symbols? Do really so many animals have to die when we celebrate higher consciousness and try to develop spiritually? The answer is clear: of course not.

Feasts don't have much to do with spirituality, just the opposite. Even considering that we can try to understand that in some eras, in which food was scarce, religious events were celebrated with banquets, we can now leave such material remnants behind us. True spirituality does not need them, just the opposite, because they show us that religions demanding such identifications got stuck at a relatively low level of consciousness.

That's why we'll try to celebrate the occasion differently this time. We use the opportunity for a walk in nature, for a cleansing of the spirit, for the search for internal peace. We are friendly to our family, our neighbours and all those suffering in this world. Also to animals. We spare them this time from our lust for meat and we try to overcome historical behavior patterns.

We will do something good for our spirit and our body."

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