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Cruelty to Animals, October 2008

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I'd like to appeal to ALF to save animals from cruelty at the hands of the Singapore government, who has no love for animals, because animals can't vote them into power, and they are power-crazy! Let me list the critical areas of abuse:

1) The government allows crocodiles to be farmed for their skins! As if that is not sickening enough, you will see a shop at a farm displaying products made from crocodile skins! This is because these farms open their premises to visitors, especially foreign tourists. They can watch the crocodiles and buy the products displayed. Also, adult crocodiles are huge. They put a few adults in a tiny enclosure the size of a living room!

2) Stray dogs and cats are rounded up and taken to the government pound to be killed! They don't allow anyone to adopt them to save their lives!! Many of these animals are well looked after by animal lovers, who also sterilize them. Sterilized cats have the tip of one of their ears removed - standard procedure so that people, especially the authorities, will know they are sterilized and can't multiply. Yet the government will still remove them if they receive complaints, whether fair or not they won't investigate. Some people say these animals are cruelly killed by electrocution so that the government will save money on anesthetic! And cats and dogs are also poisoned if they can't catch them at a particular place! They used to shoot dogs in full view of the public until some people got killed by stray bullets! I myself saw a dog being shot on a busy road when I was a child. I have been traumatized up to now, and I really hate the government for it!

3) Crows are being shot dead in cold blood in densely populated residential areas! They do that a few times a month for a particular place. I have seen shot crows dropping from tree tops still alive when they hit the ground! Very cruel! These killings are influencing the kids and the impressionable to disrespect birds' lives: "If the government can kill them I can too."! Other birds, like pigeons, are also publicly killed - through poison! You can see dead birds here and there in residential areas. There should be a humane way of solving the population issue! These are short-cut ways and are cruel!

The Singapore government has done a great job for Singapore and the people. There is not much poverty, and 80% of people own their homes. Singapore is a first world country now. However, Lee Kuan Yew and his prime minister son are not animal lovers! They are also crazy for power, having ruled Singapore for more than 40 years, hence they worked hard to give Singaporeans a good life, so that they would be voted back into power. But animals can't help them. Hence the above cruelty. Singapore is a 1st world country, but the welfare for animals here is not even 3rd world, it's 4th world, which means no welfare!

There are no effective animal-rights groups in Singapore. They are are all afraid of the government, because the latter is well known to be arrogant because of their economic achievements for Singapore. If the government wants to do something, they will just do it, ignoring protests generally. The SPCA is the largest animal welfare group in Singapore. But they are a disgrace! They don't practice what they stand for: prevention of cruelty to animals! The big, disgusting joke is: they kill as many cats and dogs as the government annually - more than 10,000. Which means they are guilty of the worst form of cruelty - killing - when they are supposed to prevent it! They survive on donations. A lot of this money goes to the staff's fat paychecks and buying of anesthetics to kill the animals with and paying doctors for the killings at their clinics. The SPCA has never been publicly vocal against the government's cruelty to animals, because they are doing the same thing as the government! It's like they have been bought over by the government. With the huge donations they received over the decades, they never bothered to build more stories to their pathetically small two-storey building so that animals taken in can be housed longer and increasing the chance of adoption on Death Row. They always say they have to put the animals down because of lack of space. This is not a valid excuse! The present management needs to be removed for the animals' sake! It seems like they are in it just for the money! For they can use the huge donations any way they like. Nobody controls them.

For your information, I have been looking after stray cats in residential areas for more than 10 years. At the moment I'm taking care of about 100. It's very stressful to always make sure that the government's death squads don't come and remove my cats. But I can't look after them 24 hours a day in public places. So many just disappeared. And new abandoned ones will come and fill up the gaps. The main cause of this stray problem is abandonment, and the government just doesn't want to do anything about it. It can be drastically reduced with legislation and education. They prefer to continue the traditional short-cut way of solving the stray population problem by killing! Like I've said, once impounded, they won't allow anyone to adopt to save the animals' lives! It's barbaric, to say the least!

The Singapore government may change their ways if there's pressure from outside. This is because they are always particular about how foreigners see them. They want the world to admire and respect them. As local animal lovers can't get them to be humane, I, on behalf of animal lovers here, are appealing to your organization to help save lives here. If polite approach doesn't work, bad international publicity and activism without violence may.

You can write to our Prime Minister Office at:
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