I thought it would be a good idea if I gave a short account of how CAS came into being. It has been some time now that I have been curious about conditions for animals in Serbia. It is always a very sad fact that wherever there is human conflict animals suffer. Even when the conflict is over, the animal suffering continues. It may take a country many years to repair the damage and heal the scars of their conflict. In that period of human recovery animals still continue to suffer.

Quite by chance I received an email from a lady in Germany. Someone who campaigns tirelessly for animal welfare. In that email a Serbian animal group was mentioned. I took that opportunity to contact them and to ask some questions about conditions for animals in Serbia.

I received a prompt reply and my contact was established. However what I learnt confirmed my worst fears.

Animals in Serbia have the worst of a bad deal. There is no respect. Periodically they have "round ups" in towns across Serbia. By this I mean that "dog catchers" are employed and sent out to round up the strays that have been abandoned. The methods they use to catch the dogs and cats are inhuman and inhumane. After the animals have been rounded up they are killed. The killing takes the form of a cruel merciless type of poisoning with injections darts. Sometimes they are killed by hanging. Then it could be by stabbing with pitch forks, strangulation, being hammered to death with blunt instruments. I have seen pictures of dogs tied up in plastic bags and dumped on waste ground. These dogs slowly suffocate to death.

The dog pounds are horrendous. Conditions are appalling with no care given to any of the animals in their charge. Not even basic care.

Reading the reports I received from EPAR in Serbia and viewing the pictures helped me make a decision to set up a group to try to help these animals who are so desperate for help in Serbia.

At the time of writing there is a "round up" of dogs and cats in the town of NIS. So far they have 100 dogs and they intend to kill them. I have been emailing the government authorities in Serbia, and also the papers here in England. I know that others have been working equally hard to try to halt the killings.

The aims of this group will be to -

1. Fund raise.

2. To help individual shelters.

2. To help the Serbian groups educate the public.

3. To set up vaccination, neutering and spaying programs.

4. To set up fostering and adoption programs.

This is my hope. For this to become a reality we need the group to grow and be pro-active.

I call upon anyone interested to contact me with their suggestions or their offers of help.

Latest News

At present we are attempting to rescue some captive wolves. All has been going well and according to plan, however our contacts within Serbia have had to call a temporary halt as they have had to deal with some sadness of their own. Hopefully we can get back on track soon.


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