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Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2006 1:56 AM
To: MARK JOHNSON; Operation Toby;

Dear every friend of animals

Public Prosecutor of Svilajnac city , the same as many other Public Prosecutors all over Serbia , found no evidence of "crime" even though there were 52 dogs in filthy green cages and after 5 days dogs were lost .We do not know where the dogs disappered to , but we are afraid that they are dead lying under mountains of garbage .But that dogs were healthy.( The Mayor of Svilajnac : soinf@ptt.yu )

Subotica city authorities state that they don't kill stray dogs- but authorities and garbage collectors JKP" CISTOCA i zelenilo" of Subotica city have only 20 boxes : 2meter x3meter, and 255 dogs are placed into this very small place and it is called city shelter. This is brutal cruelty. They lie and state that the dogs die of natural causes. We know that this is not true.

The Mayor of Subotica is threatening us, because we state the truth about the horrifying conditions and publicize these atrocities to the civilized world.

The authorities in Belgrade state that they have a "New Strategy for Stray Dogs ".In reality it is a dirty business , because they sterilize for only 650 thousand dinars per year from the city budget , and they mass kill for 12,5 million dinars per year( this is from official financial construction , You can view documentation detailing the financial construction of "New Strategy" on ).When we want to visit dogs in the recovery room of JVS "Beograd"-Ovca , dogs which were sterilized by JVS"Beogard", Mrs Ivana Lazic tell us : this is not possible, and that is not simple . Why ? What is going on ? What are they hiding from the world ?

In Sombor city authorities have plan to to put stray dogs into small cages and killing them with injection T-61 into dogs lang after 72 h. You can send protest letters as prevention of this crime- this mass killing , to The Mayor of Sombor city

On this website : You can read about the horrible reality of life for animals in Serbia.

We want all the world to view Serbia as it really is and witness the torment and sufferings of our animals .

We really believe that a strong World can help the poor animals- not only wach , in our country animals are treated as filthy garbage , some of them as good food . But they are sentient creatures with a heart and soul just like we are .

We insist on implementation of laws of Serbia , but without you , we cannot win. Please support us in this very important campaign with many protest letters to:

President of Serbia, Mr.Boris Tadic

Prime Minister of Serbia, Mr.Vojislav Kostunica

Public Prosecutor of Serbia-Deputi, Mrs Gordana Milosevic Stojanovic

Thank you so very much for your support. It is almost impossible to fight for animal rights and welfare in our country. There are laws but the laws are not implemented and actually no one cares ! The government officials are not compassionate and show no mercy to the animals who suffer so much brutality. The authorities equate stray animals with garbage . Our government views all stray animals as "living garbage" ! Animals here are killed for a bounty ! ( Money ).

Serbia is a small country but an immense ocean of pain for all animals and every town and village is the same !

Please support us and stay by our side to help us in our battle. We beg you not to leave us to fend for the animals by ourselvez !

United , we will be so much stronger, and united we can win.

Thank You and best regards

Slavica Mazak Beslic

Dear friends,

write what ever you feel- as for now I believe you understand how crooked and mean those in killing machinery are, please contact your friends and your representatives in EU and pleae lobby for serbian homelles animals. I thank you on all your past actions and on all efforts you put in this horror story. thanks, Jx.


Ladies and gentlemen,

I am horrid by the fact that You, as important Serbian officials- representatives of Your Nation, are continuously destroying Your Nations' reputation by denying the truth about the mass extermination of Serbian stray cats and dogs and overall very inhumane treatment of animals in Serbia. Now, I must get your attention with the fact that by this kind of behavior that you are expressing toward people who wrote to You in past years, pleading you to implement humane methods to resolve homeless animal population all you showed to us is intolerance and arrogance; we did not get any cooperation from You, but only denial and blank promises without firm proofs for Your deeds. On what basis you became so arrogant toward people that pleaded You to help the animals? If you have something against the world civilization/ human population- that should not be an excuse for NOT to help the animals, as they did nothing wrong to You nor to Your country.

For as deep in history I go, researching about Serbia I cant stop asking my self when did some of You people in Serbia became so ruthless and barbarous, when your people were so sophisticated back in time when used silver forks before in grate England's Castles were used; and Your nation is brought up as Jesus followers, among first in rows. Jesus loved animals, and protected them, so why are you so heartless toward them? Please listen to the worlds cries, among those cries many cried for your Nation when that was needed, don't forget that its not the whole world that is "your enemy"- Serbia has many friends in the world population, do not disappoint us, we believe that you will embrace homeless animals –and understand that they suffered same as you and your Nation suffered thru history. These lost, alone, desperate animals are under constant fear, they represent no threats to Your citizens if Your citizens (as human beings- intelligent ones) could change their approach toward homeless animals. Street cats and dogs are not meant to be on street, so they suffer everyday, and someone is chasing them and killing them because they are sharing the same street. Ladies and Gentlemen that is not fair, please stop this needless massacre. Please accept help offers which Serbian officials received from activists and organizations –willing to help. They will do everything, because they know how- it's their job and they do it professionally. Only like that problem will be solved, everyone will be satisfied and lives will be spared.

In hope to hear good news soon Sincerely,


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