A peaceful protest against Canadian seal hunt has been performed on march 15, 2007 in front of Canadian embassy. The protest is a support to a worldwide action aimed towards the accomplishment of permanent seal hunt prohibition.

Canadian commercial seal hunt is the world's largest useless sea mammal slaughter. During the March and April. Canada is planning to kill over 325.000 seals!

Activists of different societies like Noa and Oslobođenje �ivotinja (Animal Liberation) have joined the protest, as well as biology students and citizens that could not just let it all go.

A protest letter has been written and given to the assistant to ambassador of Canada, as the ambassador himself (Mr. Robert McDougall) was unreachable at that time. The letter appeals to Mr. McDougall to use his credits and make an impact to Canada's prime minister Stephen Harper and the entire Canadian government to make a historic decision and permanently stop with the commercial seal hunt.

Canadian government seeks various different ways to increase profits from their annual seal slaughter. Currently they export seal fur, skin, meat, oil as well as some body parts (read this: penises) that are rumoured to be aphrodisiacs. Due to a fashion trend, a demand for seal fur and skin has lately been growing. Fashion designers like Prada or Dolce & Gabanna are selling clothes made of seal fur. During the last year Canada has exported seal fur into 11 countries; Norway, Germany, Greenland and China are have imported the largest amounts of it. Other countries that import Canadian bloody fur are Finland, Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Greece, South Korea and Russia.

This is the first protest against Canadian seal hunt that was organized in Serbia � being the first, it has gained huge media attention. Some radio stations (B92/BBC, Beograd 202), weekly and daily newspapers (Danas, Glas javnosti, Kurir, Press), TV stations (B92, RTS2, TV Ko�ava, Avala i Fox) and press agencies (BETA and TANJUG) came out with objective reports about the protest.

During the one hour protest the activists have presented their posters, canvases and paintings to public, have shared some flyers and were interviewed by media.

Why did we protest against killing seals in Canada?

* The killing is extremely cruel; by some official reports, 42% of seal cubs were skinned alive.

* The victims are usually cubs. Actually, 95% of murdered seals are cubs not older than four weeks. Most of those cubs are killed before the eyes of their mothers.

* It is a threat to the existence of some seal species.

* It is a threat to the existence of stockfish.

* It endangers the ecosystem which has functioned perfectly without human interference for thousands of years on those places.

* It is not a necessity, but a deed with a purpose to feed human greed, �luxury� and vanity of clothing; having that said, it's more then obvious that it is useless and not necessary.

* It is just an outlet for frustrated human to redirect their aggression towards the ones that cannot defend themselves or hit back. That leads to a conclusion that a seal hunter must be a very weak persona.

The police, which has always had a good relationship with the Freedom for animals society, was once again more than correct. Several police officers have said that they would gladly join this protest, but that they couldn't have done that as they serve the force as protection to the embassy.

In 12:00, all activists have peacefully left the plateau in front of the embassy, hoping that this was not only the first, but also the last protest of this kind - we all hope that the future will bring a permanent prohibition of the seal hunt.

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