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Belgrade premiere of "Kinofil" movie


On Tuesday 21st December, the crowded amphitheater of Veterinary Faculty of Medicine featured a Belgrade premiere of engaged documentary film titled "Kinofil". Author of the film, Damir Nemir Janeček, hosted a premiere with personally, and after the screening he has answered many questions that viewers have asked. His companion has, as always, been his dog Ska.

Damir leads us in a very direct, honest and courageous manner through the true story of everyday people's long struggle to rescue animals from the streets of Sarajevo. He exposes their courage, honesty and consistency to persist in that, despite many obstacles and situations in which their lives have even been put to risk. The film teaches us of compassion and humanity that people show towards animals, towards those who are helpless without the right to vote. It teaches us in a peaceful way how to share this planet with them. It teaches us that lies and a crime could never be hidden and that the truth will always, sooner or later, reach the surface.

Also, the film deals in a very specific way with people who, thanks to their professional knowledge, have built certain relationship with animals as their potential patients. The question here which is asked first is that the evaluation of certain moral principles can overcome everything else that contradicts them. Is it true that the the profession must unconditionally always stand ahead of humanity? Or we are dealing with the opposite conclusion - that humanity wins the gold medal and stands as first in the line? Which factor is dominant to decide in choosing between these two options?

The film intrigued present viewers with it's provocative way of presenting the whole problem of abandoned animals, primordial evil that surrounds us - whether it is disguised through the institutions of a state system or whether it comes down purely to personal animosity.

In the epilogue, the main hero of this movie - if you exclude all the abandoned dogs from Sarajevo - Velimir IvaniĊĦević (Velja Pas) concludes that those who perished and suffered most due to the lack of empathy and compassion toward all those who are in distress, can reach a catharsis and therefor dismiss their numerous everyday life problems and move forward through life. It is difficult to understand and even harder to sympathize.
A film you definitely have to give a chance.

Damir Nemir Janeček is a graduate student of television, radio, film and theater direction at the Academy in Sarajevo. He made a dozen short films and documentaries. To find more about the author and the film itself, visit these pages:  and

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