Even though, "new sterilization program is elegy "humane" ( just and only if we take in consideration how inhumane past projects were -when every dog category was under extermination program), These days in Belgrade kill pound OVCA:

-dogs younger than 4 (four) months are killed because they are too young for sterilization

-females that are big, are killed because of the higher amount of anesthetics have to be used (in relation dogs mass)

-old, sick aggressive and all others by the "estimation"

-The big number of dogs die due to unprofessional medical treatments and after they were brought back on street they die of infective diseases.

Witness report: November/December 2006.

"Hygiene do not exist in Ovca facilities, it's a total disaster.

Cuts done during the sterilization operations are too big- huge (5 times longer than its needed, which prolongs healing and can help in sepses development �which can lead to mortality (as dogs are not kept in hygienic wounds usually get infected), we are trying to get this message to other citizens not to bring their old pets in OVCA- as OVCA is no heaven for dogs>- it's a such a devastating moment when U see an old man carrying an old dog into OVCA to "put a dog to sleep"� ---D. Kosovac/Belgrade

dead..9November 2006.) returned to street after unprofessional sterilization

"Still, there is not way to go in that part where dogs are cramped in small dirty cages if U do not pay�I wonder why they have such a high level of security there? Like they are guarding some treasure? OVCA is a public facilities, but citizens cant come inside if they are not searched and asked for name and personal documents�) �is that the way how is done in other countries? I am not sure ." --Citizen wanted to remain anonymous due to his constant enrolment in dog rescue from OVCA facility

Belgrade citizen Kovacevic said following

"Chipping of street dogs (which are then lrealised back on the street) is not free as city officials stated several months ago.

I have sterilized my dog Boni and paid 800dinars- and then I have chipped our "building" dog and I have asked why am I chipping "street dog" I got the answer- so that he cant get lost"� pretty lame answer�"- ---- Kovacevic noticed

"Several times, as I went to get many dogs out of that horrific place, and by those occasions workers of OVCA insisted that I have to vaccinate dogs I am taking. I have paid several times 450 dinars, and few days ago I have heard that I am not obligated to vaccinate taken dogs in OVCA, nor I have to sterilize them there.

They ripped me off so many times and dogs almost did not survive, well because of my dedicated care they are alive, but I think they will never forget what happened to them." MRs. Milka, Dorcol/Belgrad

(Invest. NOTE: Milka is an old lady � 62 years old)

front: this newly painted (in green) is the only part that can be seen publicly-in these cages dogs that are selected (look good, are of some expensive breead, or are "tredny" and look adoptable...) others are "stored" in back part of the OVCA facilite

"I have tried to get media attention- I have wrote and sent photos of OVCA's conditions- I was aiming on citizens- to inform them.. But Belgrade media did not wanted to talk to me.

It was crucial truth to be told, but someone is trying to hide it.

I don't understand what dogs have done so wrong- to be treated like Serbian enemy No1, but if authorities keep terrorizing dogs and their owners, street dogs, cats and activists citizens will have to reach for higher relevant world institutions- as basic human rights are invaded�. And we will not tolerate it anymore."

-Cvijanovic Lj. / Beograd

"We have sterilized our (5) dogs from neighborhood- we have paid for all of them- nothing was free- also, we clean them every year off parasites, and we vaccinated them regularly----many are now chipped- we paid for that too (all though almost all were previously marked with tattoo and then after all that- "dog catchers-shinters" killed Malena and Bata- (as we were out of country on four days (by business)- people that fed those park dogs in that time, did not realize that those 2 dogs are missing- they thought that dogs are " in love" somewhere out there and that they will come back�sterilized dogs in love somewhere???!!!). When we got back- 2 days took for us to search our neighborhood- and then we find out that they could be took in OVCA, but by the time we got permission to "visit" OVCA- dogs were not there. We are so devastated by this pain we fee every time we go out to care for dogs that are left, my heart is braking and I wake up at night thinking I have heard dogs' cries. Our daughter (10 years old) spent a week sitting in window frame- holding her puppy dolls and crying for Malena as she was her favorite (street) petite dog.

Anabela Sipka/Belgrade

( Serbia )Criminal law:

Giving unscrupulous help to the animal in need

(Article 271).

Veterinary or authorized vet worker, who during the time of assistance of veterinary help, prescribes or uses obviously harmful means or improper manner of medical treatment or over- all he is unscrupulously treat animals he suppose to cure and by that he is causing death or other considerable harm, he is to be will be charged with money penalty or with prison sentence up to (two) years.

If Act from 1. Paragraph of this Article was done unintentionally, committer is to be punished by money penalization or by sentencing to prison up to 6 (six) months.


September 2006

During the September, the 1st month of "new humane program" from 597 catched dogs,

Killed: 74 grown,

237 puppies

6 dogs died during the process

24 puppies died during the process

Dead bodies gathered from streets : 96

Sterilized: 256

Adopted: 46

Public statistics:

October 2006.

(2nd month of "humane program" )::

Cats and Dogs cached and brought to OVCA facilities: 454

Mature dogs: 308,

Puppies: 125

Cats: 21

Mature dogs Killed: 38

Puppies: 42

Dead Bodies gathered on Belgrade streets:

Dogs: 53

Cats: 8

Dogs Sterilized: 255

Dogs took back on the streets: 184

Adopted: 10

Back with owners: 61

Big number of dead bodies is not cleaned from streets as many do not die near the commute roads.

Kill pound OVCA facilities:

Adress; Ovčanski put (Ratanačka) 42.

Telefoon: + 381 11 332-22-91.

Working time: 3PM- 6PM

Saturday: 9AM � 12PM

NOTE: All photos are dating from November 2006.

photos borrowed from Belgrade

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