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Belgrade Dog Sacrifice

Belgrade authorities announced (thru media) a big roundup of street/abandoned Dogs.
Reason for this �street cleaning� is a sport manifestation �The European Olympic Youth Festival" (will be held from 21 to 28 July in Belgrade.)
The European Olympic Youth Festival 2007. is organized by Olympic Serbian Committee (More about "The Olympic flame in Belgrade"
text On Serbian: )

Belgrade authorities practice "street cleaning" for every manifestation they host, this "cleaning" means that all street dogs residing in the area of planed festival- has to be gone. Many are killed by inhumane methods (and you can read about those methods here:  those are past cases for which we have documentation ) and some Dogs do get bought off from shinters/dog catchers - but many suffer badly by the time they were held in city kill pound "OVCA".

Shinters/dogcatchers are not animal control agency- they are communal enterprises working on controlling the pest population and are using poisons and other chemicals (like T-61) to kill unwanted Dogs.

If those young people (that are to take participation in this Festiva ) knew what is happening just so they can come in Belgrade and play some game, they would never come.
If those sportiests knew for this massacre of abandoned Dogs, they would not play the game.

If You feel like voicing your concerns for Belgrade street Dogs- this is the address of Olympic Serbian Committee

11000 Belgrade , Generala Vasića br. 5.
Phone (381 11) 3671-574; 3671-575; (381 11) 3671-576
Fax (381 11) 3671-887
E-mail: [email protected]
more addresses:

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