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This Beautiful Dog (That Survived Slaughter)

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This story is an undeniable proof of human cruelty.

All that you will read here is nothing but brutal truth. All that you can see happened before eyes of children. All that you can feel is anger, rage and desperation.

The place where this event took place is Mladenovac, suite "25. maj".

Bella (whom I gave that name, because she is really beautiful dog) her home and person who taked care of her once. For reasons unknown, she was abandoned and left to take care of herself. Sentenced to life on the street, children made connection with her as friend. She was giving back goodness and unselfish love back to these children. They became good friends. She took care of these children which adored her.

Adults loved her also and they have tried to find these persons that took care of her before. Unfortunately, nobody reported she was missing, so they could do nothing. Search ended without any success.

Life on street is not easy and is full of dangerous situations. Every day brings insecurity, fear and continuous fight for survival. Bella felt this darker side of life on the street in hardest way possible.

On Sunday, June 7. 2009, children's laughter and joy were substituted with tears and cries. R.D, a person better known by his nickname "Jaje" (which means "Egg" in Serbian language), tempted by his smart-ass "buddies", under influence of alcohol (he drank much beer) and with reason known to him only (and maybe not to him even) made decision to break one bottle and slaughter Bella. Children were horrified with this and tried to stop him, but he attacked them also and started to make his words into actions. Bella is peaceful, loving dog who could not even expect that this evil can come from human side. So she stood and waited.

This horrific act was broken by a woman who saw entire event from veranda, heard cries of children and screams of molested dog and tried to prevent this fiend to hurt Bella. She called the Police, which, by not having chance to see many of these cases before, were also shocked by bloody mess. This woman that saw entire happening is eyewitness and to one must confess that she have showed very high level of humanity and responsibility for life of others - hence, she should really receive gratitudes for this.

Tragedy is even worse once it is said that Bella was pregnant during attempt of slaughter and that the same evening she gave birth to five beautiful puppies.

Branka Stojanovic, the President of the Society for the Protection of Animals "Mladenovac" condemned this inhuman act. She said that Bella now feels fine, that she is provided with all the necessary medical treatment. "I asked him WHY did he do such thing and he lied that a dog attacked him, and added that he did not slaughter this dog but that will certainly do so later. Children obseved all this, saw that scene when he walked before them with bloody hands and it was terrible eyesight", said Stojanovic.

She is currently recovering from all these traumas. The wound has been successfully treated and complete recovery should come in some time. An information to her previous owners have been passed through local media, to either come and start take care of her again, or someone else will take care of her until she is adopted.

Secretary of this Society, Milan Stojanovic, announced that criminal report has be filed against R.D. regarding issues of animal abuse and attempted murder of animals. Now it is upon police and courts of justice to do their work.

The only thing which we can hope to is something positive, that Bella shall recover quick and find her home, that her puppies will be adopted and that she will with much love and care be able to forget what happened to her.

Between cruelty to animals and cruelty to people there is just a thin line, which is becoming thinner every day. There is really not much difference between coldblooded murderers of animals and humans. They are capable of performing both actions because they have not appreciation for life.

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