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Video einer Aktion gegen eine Versuchstierfarm bei Moskau 

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translations on russian alf support site:
- Rod Coronado, Open Cages:
- Mistakes of an ALF Member:
- Steve Best, You don't support ALF? Why?:
- Rod Coronado, In defense ALF:
- Barry Horn:
- Direct Action:
- Rod Coronado, High Prise of pacifism:
- Dutch ALF disclamer:
- History RALF:
- ALF philosophy: 

and good website about animal abuse in russian language:
(zhestokosti - (in russian) "cruelty"; .net - "no")
Anti-vivisection campaign:  (info about russian vivisectors, breeding farm and SHAC campaign.

Actions Reported to Biteback - 2012-2016
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2008 - 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007

History RALF -- The History of the Russian Animal Liberation Front.

Georgia - ARA's in the country of Georgia

Animal Cruelty in Khabarovsk Russia - November 2016
Thousands of monkeys held in huge labs near Sochi - Feb 2014
The Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi - Feb 2014
Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi - Feb 2014
Animal Abuse in Russian Animal Circus - April 2013
Hunters Can't Be Called Normal People - April 2013
Russia mulls total ban on game hunting - April 2013
Animal Welfare: Russia in the Forefront - December 2012
'We have a pleasurable interest in the murder of others' -- vegan activist, interview. Part 1 - October 2012
Russian ARAs Are On the Offensive - March 2012
Kazakhstan ARAs Need Help - Feb 2012
Moscow ARAs protest Chinese cat fur coats - Jan 2012
Russian ban 'spells the end of Canadian sealing,' activists say - Dec 2011
Production Fur In Belarus and Elsewhere - November 2011
Moscow activists demand protection for stray dogs - October 2011
ARAs Face Trial Over Moscow Protest - October 2011
Activists demand protection for Moscow stray dogs - October 2011
Russia Fox research - June 2011
New Russian law protects sleeping bears from being hunted in dens, group says - March 2011
Russia: Weeb site created to find homeless animals new family - Feb 2011
Help Protect Russia's Animals - Jan 2011
Russian Law Brings Harsher Penalties for Abuse of Animals - Nov 2010
Minks starved to death during worker protest in Russia - Sept 2010
Police detain Moscow forest activists - July 2010
Russian Activists Protest Against Vivisection & HLS - April 2010
University in the Ural region agrees to stop animal tests - February 2010
Moscow Strays - January 2010
Moscow AR Movement Growing - October 2009
Animal Rights Groups Kick off Campaign for AR Law - June 2009
Fur auction "Sojuzpushnina" blocked again - April 2009
New campaign against fur industry in Russia - February 2009
Escada Protest December 24, 2008
An ARA was Attacked in an Escada Shop - December 2008
Confession of the Devil. A Film about the ELF - October 2008
Russian animal rights group called Vita is growing - August 2008
Meatless In Moscow - July 2008
Moscow AR News - July 2008
Photos from Russian Seal Death Camp - Arkhangelsk, Russia. April 2008
Beauty and the Beasts - cosmetic testing, March 2008
2008 AR festival "Voices for Animals!" - Moscow and St. Petersburg
Anti-Fur Actions - January 2008
AR Laws in Russia - November 2007
Russian Expelled for Refusing to Vivisect. Sues. - November 2007
Moscow Pigs - June 2007
Activists supported the Week of Actions Against Vivisection - April 2007
Three Guinea Pigs Rescued - May 2007
Burberry Fur Protest - May 2007
Russian Activists March on Lab - May 2007
ARAs for Strays - February 2007
VITA Anti-fur Protest - February 2007
Anti-fur Protests in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - January 2007
Russian Animal Rights Activistm, 4th quarter 2006
Action Against Hypermarket - October 2006
30,000 Mink Liberated - September 2006
18,000 Liberated -- video
Mobile Zoos - August 2006. Action against mobile zoos.
Fur and Meat Reactions - August 2006
Murmansk - July 2006
Fur Le Show -- Moscow, June 15 , 2006. Russia Action Against Fur Exhibit "Le Show-2006"
Dubna -- June 8, 2006. At night RALF activists made an action against fur store 'MehiCo'.
May 06 -- Rat liberation from Rappolovo' lab animals breeding farm
Pavlov's Inst -- May 2006. Activists blocked the entrance to Pavlov's Institute.
Moscow Breeding -- May 2006. 50 activists attacked breeding farm.
AR Newsletter -- Russian AR Newsletter, August-December 2005.
Nov. 2005. Sheep Prot. Moscow Activists Show "Bloody" Side in Front of Australian Embassy.
Nov. 2005. Russia-fur  Increase in fur raids.
Oct 2005. New Russian Laws on animal testing.
Sept 2005. Fur Protest
Sept. 2005 -- Raccoon Liberation
June 2005 (Moscow region, village Zverosovkhoz) - ALF members cut metal fence in order to gain access to the fur farm 'Pushkinsky'. The cages were overcrowded with ferrets. Activists take away more than 180 ferrets in bags and release them far away from the fur farm in a forest. Some of cages were destroyed. Slogans "Freedom to animals!" and "ALF" was left inside of fur farm.
      Liberating 180 ferrets

May 2005 (Moscow) - RALF activists come into the building of the Biological Department of the Moscow State University and save lives of five frogs. During this raid vivisectors' equipment was damaged and spray-painted slogans against experiment on animals.

Click here to watch video footage of the raid.
49 frogs.wmv


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