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Anti-fur Protests in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

From January 23 till January 30th, 2007 there has passed Week of anti-fur actions. The initiator was the Alliance for Animal Rights, but representatives of different initiatives participated in actions. By quantity of cities-participants this Week became the largest campaign in protection of animals from three allied countries: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The action was supported by animal rights activists from cities: Barnaul, Vladimir, Voronezh, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, Minsk, Moscow, Nizhni Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Petrozavodsk, Prokopevsk, St.-Petersburg, Samara, Saratov, Tolyatti, Tyumen, Ufa, Kharkov, Chelyabinsk and others. Some actions devoted to this Week took place in advance up to its beginning.

Novosibirsk on January, 21st, Prokopevsk on January, 24th and 25, Barnaul: on January, 26th: these days activists went out on the streets of the cities and distributed leaflets with an appeal to refuse fur and shouting the slogans "Its life is more important than fur coats!" Activists from these cold cities have supported animal defenders of other regions proving that alternatives to furs are suitable even for Siberia.

St.-Petersburg 22, on January, 24th and 27:

1) A graffiti has appeared on walls in area of station of underground Chernyshevskaja and two other areas of city. Inscriptions said "Fur is murder!", "Your fur coats are in blood!", etc. a Number of mass-media (in particular, and the newspaper "Neva time") have informed on this action, having quoted the statement of unknown activist, as the application of the Alliance of Animal Rights that mismatches the validity. The text: 2007/01/26/015/ The photos  ,  and

2) on January, 26th on the Neva prospectus of St.-Petersburg animal rights activists have lead actions against four shops engaged fur trade. Shops have preferred to be closed temporarily in connection with actions of defenders of animals. The first action consisted of a funeral procession. Near show-windows of shop wreaths and flowers were put and candles were lighted up. A photo with black stripe with the image of a raccoon was put in front of the shop. Protection and employees of shop have preferred to observe of all event through the show-windows. After shouting out the slogans on a wall of shop some graffiti's were made. Some participants of the action were with black stripes, tied on hands as a token of mourning for victims of the fur industry. Then about thirty activists have moved down the Neva prospectus, distributing leaflets and stopping people in fur coats for conversation. On a way two more fur shops have been pasted over by labels. The security guard of one of them, having noticed coming nearer activists, has blocked a door from within and held it that nobody could enter. Procession came to the end near shop "Lena". Animal defenders tried to break into the shop, shouting out the slogans, but the input was blocked by three security guards. As a result only one person managed to enter the shop and threw around the leaflets, but after he was thrown out of the doors. The facade of the shop was painted by slogans. References to photos and video in the near future will be placed on this site. The additional information

 3) on January, 27th in the center of Petersburg about thirty activists of animal rights developed transparencies and posters opposite the Kazan cathedral. Some of them have put on masks of animals and all together they have started to shout out the slogans: " Leave fur for animal! ", " fur is murder! " And others. During the action there was a small incident - the passed by woman in a fur coat has asked " what are your boots made of? ", and has attacked one person - the press photographer who was taking pictures of the event. After that she hurried to disappear. The same day animal defenders came into the fur shop on the Neva prospectus where to buyers and the personnel were distributed the leaflets and explained, how it is bad to work in the fur industry. Only two employees behaved themselves aggressively and attacked two defenders of animals and tried to take away the camera. The security guard of shop went out on the street and continued the discussion in front of an input. But having realized that his arguments were too poor, he made a decision to go back to the shop. Photos:  , ar_activists/41527.html Video:

 4) The distributing of the leaflets in the center of St.-Petersburg took place on January, 24th and 31. This event was devoted to the Week of anti-fur actions. About 10 activists took part in this action. Photos:
On January, 25th an action against fur trade took place in Moscow: defenders of animals lead a picket on the Pushkin square. Activists shouted out the slogans, distributed leaflets and addressed to passers- by in furs with the requirement to refuse from fur. Transparencies said "Say NO to violence!" and "Leave fur for animals!". Also there were many posters with various appeals and photos of fur animals. Approximately at the same time animal defenders approached to fur shop near the Patriarchal ponds and quickly pasted the anti-fur stickers over show-windows of shop. Suddenly the security guard run out the shop, having slipped, fell near the door. Then tried to catch someone from activists, but didn't manage to, and when he started to take off the stickers from a show-window, defenders of animals threw at him snowballs. Photo: index.php ,

Petrozavodsk, January, 26th: not less than 15 activists took part in the action for the ethic attitude to animals, for use of alternatives to natural fur. Near one of the places where fur trade is conducted, picket with transparencies and posters was exposed. Details and photos:[147]=x-150-10651 
Saratov, January, 27th: in front of the House of officers where an exhibition of furs passed, activists of Alliance accommodates a banner "Fur is murder!". To passed by people they explained, why it is necessary to buy natural fur. After distributing of leaflets near the House of officers, activists directed to the shops which are situated on Moscow street. They entered inside the shops and talked to buyers, sellers and security guards. Animal defenders informed: "We are very glad, that have lead the action during a Week of anti-fur actions". Photos:

Tolyatti, January, 27th: animal rights activists distributed and sticked hundreds of leaflets and stickers against fur. With posters in hands they passed down the streets of the city, representing fur animals. Photo: index.php

Voronezh, January, 29th: animal defenders lead a picket near the House of the Architect where there the Kirov exhibition-fair of furs passed. Leaflets extended, the passer-by were showed the photos of the tortured animals with the stripped off skins, slogans were cried out: "Refuse furs - fur clothes for losers!", "Your fur coats are in blood!", "Fur - a word from three letters!". At this time from a roof of the nearest house the banner size 1.5x5 meters with a slogan "Fur is murder" was hung. Photos: 15969/index.php

Ufa, January, 29th: near the store shop "World" activists distributed to passers-by the leaflets telling about cruelty of the fur industry and calling to refuse furs and leather.

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