anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"During the night of February 14th we, the silent shadows, sneaked into the tree cutters camp.

It was 3 o’clock in the night, but the workers were awake. They were going back-and-forth around the encampment, one quarry excavator was raping Nature while guards were watching TVs on their posts drinking beer. In our experience the camp was pretty large: 6-7 living sheds, several sheds for tools, 2 passenger cars, 3 excavators and 1 grader. Having sneaked between sheds and vehicles, we selected two excavators that looked as the most recent addition to local park (i.e., their loss will be most expensive). After that we followed routine procedure: put some rags around engine parts and oil pumps, soaked them with gasoline, etc. After we left the area, we tarried for some time to enjoy the night view. Both excavators were trailing huge columns of smoke into the air. We establish the damage done at around 6-8 million rubles (approx. 200 000 USD).

We hope this act will slow down operations in this quarry. The area already boasts several abandoned quarries. Since our initial recon in this district large tracts of wood were drained and cut in order to clear up space for more quarry works. The sand excavated in here is used for future developement projects that do not take Nature or clean air into account.

We wish best of luck to all of you. Keep that fire burning.



reported by activists in Russia:

"2 peacocks, 2 pheasants, 5 chickens and 4 pigeons were taken by Animal
Liberation Front from the private zoo in the center of Moscow. On the
night of 18 January activists cut out the grating and invaded the open-air

All the birds, including peacocks, were held in unsanitary conditions,
suffering from hunger and freeze. Despite the continuous complaints of the
neighboring houses tenants to the prefecture and other governing bodies,
local authorities were inactive and refused to solve the problem.

At the moment animals are kept in a safe and comfortable place, get proper
treatment and love of new caretakers.

'By this action ALF declares its resurrection in Russia. In the atmosphere
of lawlessness, corruption, overwhelming indifference and
anthropocentrism, direct action becomes perhaps the only one viable form
of struggle against animal oppression. We will be liberating animals and
causing economical damage to their exploiters by all means available.
Until the last cage is empty'.

Animal Liberation Front didn’t hold any activity in Russia since 2007.

Russian TV about the private zoo: (watch
starting from 4.20)"

January 11, 2014 - ELF TORCH EXCAVATOR

anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"During the night of December 31 – January 1 we torched 2 vehicles used in developement project in Southern Moscow. Security didn’t expect us to show up as they were busy drinking themselves into oblivion at the guardhouse. So we used 2 jelly cans of gasoline and some rags to destroy unguarded machinery. No harm came from our actions (only harm being made was that to the developer’s purse).

We dedicate this action to anarchists from Belarus, those who stay imprisoned. Guys, we remember you, we miss you and wait for you to become free again. We ask for ABC Belarus to help us in spreading this information and letting our imprisoned comrades know of our words and deed. We hope the news will help to lighten up the mood and keep you warm and smiling in the grey prison reality.

As for our ecodefence activism, we are not planning to make a U-turn. Unlike Mrs. Chirikova [self-proclaimed leader of mass protests during Khimki forest struggle - trans.] we are not looking for a comfortable chair in local administration. So we can afford to do what needs be done. We don’t accept moanings like: 'Violence is bad, we shouldn’t be torching vehicles, we should get more signatures under petition, so as to be heard by federal government.' This reminds us of the fears of a person who’s afraid to loose the goodwill of powers-that-be. If we allow somebody to commit violence against ourselves, it means we’re raising the white flag. It is time to question the rationale behind continuous withdrawal under the blows of authorities. It is time to stop hiding your inability to act behind phrases like: 'we shouldn’t act, this is violent tactics' or 'this is too machist' or 'this is illegal'. If you want to ask for permission to protest, you must understand that you’re in fact selling yourselves. Only uncontrollable forms of resistance can hope to remain free. Any protest coordinated from under liberal umbrella organization is doomed to a failure. Gather your strengths, stay free and be wild, god damn it!

IRF/ELF-Moscow 2014"

November 20, 2013 - Russia, Georgia, Armenia

On the night of November 17, 2013 animal liberation activists held an action named "Shut 'Em Down" by closing several meat restaurants and other enterprises that profit off animal suffering, in cities in Russia, Georgia and Armenia. The activists used extra strong glue to shut the door locks, or bicycle locks to block the doors. The activists report:

"There is no place for animal cruelty in a civilized society, especially in such a horrifying numbers and conditions, as it it exists in the enterprises of intensive animal farming. The practice of murdering, tortures and all forms of animal exploitation must be put to an end, as
well as the practice of using of child labor in Europe, labor of the slaves in America and labor of the prisoners on the territories occupied by Nazi Germany were stopped.

Nowadays, when we know that animals are not mechanisms or 'natural sources', but sensible beings, capable of feeling not only physical pain and discomfort, but also all the variety of emotions available for humans, we do not have any right to treat them as stocks and stones, regardless of whether this exploitation benefits the humankind or does harm to him.

But even if we look at the situation from the perspective of human health and environmental condition, we will find that animal products only harm human health (inflicting cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and many other health problems) whilst doing irreparable harm to the environment, destroying it by intensive animal farming.

Animal exploitation as a whole does good only to the people who get financial profit of it. That is why we must put all our efforts to make the functioning of such enterprises extremely unprofitable.

It is a first, but not last action. We act autonomously, our structure is decentralized, so anyone can join us and shut 'em down by his own or accompanied by friends. Together we will close all the bloody enterprises in our cities. Please send your reports on and your actions will inspire other activists all over the world!

Until all cages are empty."


anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"On October the 2nd of 2013, 2 incendiaries 1.5l of gasoline each were placed at the sawmill situated on the land of a hunting resort under Bryansk (western Russia). Tongues of flames rose up to lick the rags left by unfortunate woodcutters right on the device. A nearby hill offered awesome spot to enjoy the night scene: thick smoke was soon gathering under the roof and coiling around the compound in a mist-like fashion.

We suggest this action to count as our input in PHOENIX project (#7), a project for the revival of direct action acts and anarchist resistance after repressions of 2010-2012. We wholeheartedly support our mates from Moscow cells of CCF and ELF when they state the necessity to resume and widen our attacks on state and capital.

Some thoughts about the recent critique by anonymous comrades from Argentina. Without any second thoughts of being self-referential or posting useless bravado:

Interior debates are not always worth it to publish them in English on international sites. Besides we thought that a series of attacks on similar targets still sparks debates in the anarchist community at least on the local level (we can name anti-police campaign of 2008-2011, Khimki and Butovsky forests, recent protests against mining project in Voronezh). Sometimes things go beyond debates.

We also considered it agreed upon that its very hard to coordinate timed hits at the similar structures on the international level (like fur farms, woodcutter industry, cops, prisons, military objects, industry, banks, gas and oil etc.) as this takes more time and we are communicating on a more or less public level here. So our enemies can get the better of us. It is debatable whether we should risk our freedom during next action for a chance to see a communique about similar action taking place 6 months later somewhere else. Besides, one cannot say we do not coordinate to some extent: notice the series of attacks at power supply lines and electricity industry objects in Belarus, Canada and Indonesia, actions taken against banking institutions in the UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Greece, numerous coordinated acts of hunger strikes performed by our imprisoned comrades throughout the planet.

For our collective the whole FAI-IRF thing is more important because of the feeling of being part to some wider community. In the past that was the “social anarchist” organizations’ exclusive domain. Now anarchists of other inclinations can feel camaraderie and support across the globe. Just several years ago in our country if you wanted to get in touch with anarchists you’d have to suffer through established mainstream anarchists organizations. And if some shit happened they were the first to mumble about police provocateurs and stuff. Now people who feel the same, who are edging towards rebellion and actions as no less valid than anarchist theory, can link up outside the pacifist and reformist anarchist framework. And when we read about hundreds of cars burning in one part of the world, banks going in flames in another and construction vehicles sabotaged somewhere else – so much the better. A short trip in memory: recall the heated discussions over the FAI acronym just a little while ago (or early discussions over the support/denouncement of CCF). We believe it is the achievement every group from FAI-IRF that things have changed.

We understand that your concern is lack of streamlined coordination in our attacks, but we have another issue to discuss as well: new groups to be formed, spreading of information, countermeasures against repressions. If one wants to coordinate her attacks more thoroughly, she needs only to read other people’s communiques better. But to fight the still ongoing repression aimed at direct action groups world wide – this is the task we believe should be addressed asap.

- ELF/ FAI, Nestor Makhno Commando"


anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"Two Moscow cells of ecoanarchists carried out a coordinated attack on highway construction site in eastern Moscow that ended in torching of two bulldozers. The action took place on 08/09/2013. First we came upon some construction workers who were busy burning fires at their wheeled houses near the forest. So initially we were tempted to fuck them up and torch their houses with tools and personal belongings. But turned out that our mutual desire to clean karma was stronger than inclination to spoil it, so we didn’t touch slaves. We torched their vehicles.

As usual, we acted with impudence: we did our black deeds right in front of workers and passer-by car drivers. So we apologized to the guy who almost got into a traffic accident because flaming dozer hypnotized him so much.

We take this opportunity to remind you that roadworks at the site continue. Moscow region is teeming with projects like this one, when trees are uprooted and earth is covered in bitumen. The more roads there are – the less we got left to live. This is not okay with us. Good luck to those who are brave. Death to those who are not.




anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"About two weeks ago we torched a tracked excavator at the place where workers were destroying Ismailovo park. The vehicle was parked on the side of the highway, where they were adding more lanes to the road. It took us 3-4 minutes to do the job. We approached. We set up our load of rags, no rush (we targeted spots between the cockpit, engine room and hydraulics in the arm). Added some gasoline and set it on fire. Quickly ran to the opposite side of the street, took our bottles of beer from bags and headed towards the nearby subway station. After about 10 minutes of walking we saw a firefighter brigade (all noisy and flashy) driving to the place of recent ecotage (they would be just in time to save the smoking remains).

Words of encouragement to our Ukranian comrades who for reasons unknown suspended all activity. We would also like to mention our rage at the sentence of Igor 'Squash' Kharchenko: [antifascist from Moscow, sentenced to prison after a controversial trial despite all evidence proving his innocence]

Have no doubt, we will avenge him.

- ELF-Moscow"

anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"At the end of july 2013 near Maikop (resp. Adygeya) we carried out an ecotage action at the highway construction site. We chose a moonless night to reach the site of this horrendous rape of nature and chose our targets: personal belongings of slave-workers as well as corporate property. Having picked up a stone in the ditch nearby, we cracked open a window and poured some gasoline inside the mobile housing unit (we made sure no workers were inside before the attack). The rest of gasoline was poured on the wheels. In the next moment a flash of match send this shit to hell where it properly belongs. We wish the construction company to follow the vehicle there. Our withdrawal was lighted with flames (as usual). No guard turned up to stop us (as usual).

Do not wait for the optimal moment to present itself before you go on offensive. Only the state of permanent conflict will make your personality strong. If you follow the track of biding your time, hoarding money, buying some sophisticated stuff for the action � you�re subconsciously withdrawing from the struggle. No camouflage or fancy boots will carry out the action for you (though they do help). All things are mere tools. Go outside and fight now! Do not listen to those who murmur: 'now is not the time'! To hell with famous ideologists! To hell with 'inappropriate anarchy'! Anarchy is here and now! To hell with union struggle! Working class is dead just like the present day society. It�s rotten. It�s in decay. Yet we are supposed to communicate with it just like Russians are supposed to communicate with Lenin. Do what you want the way you want it to be done. Fight for your own freedom. Fight for yourselves. Fight for your brothers and sisters. Fight for the future of your children. Nobody will grant you freedom unless you take it by force for yourselves. If now is not the time for you to step over 'the law', to look beyond the templates of accepted 'resistance', then we bet you won�t find any courage inside when the civil war starts. We wish you luck.

CCF-Russia, 2013"


anonymous report:

"During the night of 08/03/13 we placed 3 incendiaries on construction vehicles in a sand extraction complex of Solnechnogorsk district (near Moscow).
The sand from this site goes to the highway construction projects in Khimki forest as well as some other regional developement projects. Two vehicles were completely destroyed: a tracked dozer and an excavator.

Because of damp weather one of the devices failed to ignite, so we had to backtrack. With ravaging flames from burning excavator at our backs, we approached the bomb and
re-wired it.

Wholehearted support to CCF-Russia, Indonesian rebels from Kulon-Progo, ALF/ELF/FAI groups around the world.
Combatant solidarity with "ALF lone wolf" Walter Bond, imprisoned members of greek CCF, Marco Camenish and italian anarchist persecuted under the police operations of 2012 like Tor etc.
Felicity Rider: remain free!
Tortuga: we enjoyed reading your letters man!

- Wolfpack, ELF/FAI"


anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"On wednesday, 06/03/13, we paid a visit to yet another highway expansion site. We looked for a decent target and, upon finding one, put 6 litres of gasoline wired to a timer inside driver's cockpit. Alas, the excavator didn�t burn out completely: as soon as flames burst out of the cockpit, workers rushed over and started fighting the fire. It appears that they have succeeded. Nevertheless, our point was made. In the following texts we'll speak of ways of assembling a primitive clockwork timer and how to upgrade on molotov fuse.

A traditional salute to our comrades. We express wholehearted support to every anarchist who�s got in trouble. We hope you are reading this. Granted, this period is not the best one for you, but times will change and this will pass. Of course, no need to hope for a cloudless future. We wish you luck and all the best.

Our solidarity to all the imprisoned comrades from CCF, those on the run and under trial. To everyone who continues to fight, who refuses to bow down. To all our brothers and sisters who finds strength to resist. We dedicate this arson to you. We see you in the streets.

- Conspiracy Cells of Fire � Russia, 'Artificers cell'"

March 4, 2013 - HORSE SET FREE

anonymous report:

"Russia, Krasnodar - Horse Set Free in the Wild

During our scouting journey across the country we happened upon a lonely stallion chained to a tree. We knew that it belonged to a horse-breeding farm that sells horseback riding tours to willing tourists. Since we had our tools of trade (never leave home without bolt-cutters!) with us, we quickly cut the chains and set the animal free.

Let the steppes of southern Russia be teeming with wild horses again!

- Two Sequoias, ALF-FAI"


anonymous report, from From Russia With Love:

"10/02/2013 members of ALF-Kuban torched construction vehicles used for destroying a grove � one of the few left � in Krasnodar.

'All of the river basin is in danger, because these woods act as lungs for three districts: Komsomolsky, Pashkovky and Hydrostroy. In their lust for profit development companies won�t listen to locals, ecological surveys or petitions. So we chose to sabotage their efforts.

We are making them pay,' � ALF-Kuban"


reported on

"We send our fiery greetings to anarchist comrades in prison: Yana Terenina and Aleksandra Dukhanina. We take this opportunity to remind about Yana Terenina and her fate. She was put to prison after an incident near the 'Atrium' shopping mall in Moscow. A fight broke out between Yana and a lady enamored with furry coats. During the fight lady�s husband chose to join the action, while the lady herself used scissors as a weapon. After the trial judge decided Yana and her friend Maksim fitted 'armed robbery' charges. The fur-enamored lady rejected all offers of peacefull resolution of conflict.

Aleksandra Dukhanina is awaiting trial in regards with public disobedience during mass protests of 06/05/2012, when police forces provoked violence.

In the night of october 28-29 we destroyed a power substation that gave power to a hunting resort under Tver. We used bolt-cutters to cut through locks and gain access to the station�s interior. We planted two incendiaries (5l of gasoline each) and set the fuse on fire, retreating into the woods.

While moving through the forest we kept encountering hunting parties with dogs. We did our best to avoid them. Then we happened upon a hunting decoy (feeding facility for boars and elks). We vandalized it at first, but after a brief discussion decided to torch it to the ground. Soon the place was sound ablaze.

- Wild Hogs, ALF-FAI"


received anonymously:

"18 pheasants liberated in Chelyabinsk, cell tower torched in Kolomna, trees planted elsewhere. Acts of solidarity from Russia.

Hunting season in Russia kicked off simultaneously with autumn rains. Nowadays this is called 'We provide for the best spending of your leisure time'. Murder of wildlife has become a banal hobby, an entertainment, a way to relax from working routine in noisy megapolis.

On 21.09 we moved out to attack a farm where wild birds were bred in captivity. We failed to find bird cages on site, so a decision was made to torch a meat restaurant (a facility where most birds end up as meat dishes). But our scouts reported that this building doubled as a place for animal confinement during autumn and winter time. So an action was called off for fear of killing animals. We do not disclose the exact location of the facility because we are not done with the fuckers yet.

On 23.09 we continued with another attack, breaking onto the territory of another hunting site (Chelyabinsk region). We liberated 18 pheasants from their cages. It was a first action of this kind for our collective, so numerous doubts had been voiced. Birds could raise ruckus and thus alert guards to our presence. But the reality was different: captives cooperated with us and behaved as silently as possible.
It is above and beyond our capabilities to win freedom for human captives taken hostages by the system, but we do what we can in fighting for unconditional freedom for all living beings. So far we are content to have set 18 birds free.

In the same period we planted about 2 scores of seed bombs (apple-trees and maples) on territories where it had been possible to stop clearcuts. We include this fact in our report with explicit aim of demonstrating that it is possible to add new dimension to eco-anarchist and insurrectionary projects, the dimension not of destruction, but creation. Not only do we take pains to destroy the status-quo, we are also actively involved into the creation of another world we know is possible.

On 24.09 we torched a cell phone tower that had doubled as satellite relay. It was situated in Kolomna district (near Moscow), just several dozen yards from human habitats. The flame eventually consumed whole length of the tower and we had been enjoying flashes from exploding equipement for quite some time.

All of the aforementioned acts were carried out in the spirit of solidarity and support of eco-anarchist and insurrectionary anarchist prisoners, suspects and refugees throughout the world within the new wave of decentralized attacks.

Greetings to Friends of Freedom, Russian cell of CCF, BlackBlocg collective and various anonymous groups of anarchist urban guerrilla active in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
Total support to ITS and CI-MSA in Mexico.
A warm embrace to all unsurrectionary groups around the world.

- Wolfpack, ELF/ALF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation"


anonymous report:

"By the end of summer ALF activists have spiked 10 kms of forest roads in hunting resorts of Naro-Fominsk district of Moscow region, including roads surrounding ranger houses. Road signs and hunters' message boards were destroyed or vandalized when possible.

We also cut fences that served to keep wild animals away from 'privately owned' forest and plains.

A huge rabbit, an owl and a hedgehog made their appearances to share their good will with us. It was a wonderful feeling to actually see the living animals we're fighting for.

- ALF, Moscow region"


reported by activists in Russia:

"Russia. Khimki forest (north of Moscow). Construction vehicles torched, tree-cutter assaulted, his arm broken.

Unknown activists have torched several construction vehicles and assaulted tree-cutter at the new toll highway construction site in Khimki forest. These news appeared in joint declaration, published by state enterprise �Avtodor� and �North-Eastern concession� (subsidiary of Vinci). The accidents happened on nights of 19.07 and 21.07.

�Avtodor� representatives stated that an assault on tree-cutters took place on 19.07: one of the workers tried to prevent eco-activists from entering the construction site. In the following fight his arm broke.

On the night of 21.07 special construction vehicles were torched: several brand new harvesters and hydraulic excavator were completely destroyed by fire. Material damage is estimated to be over $ 2 000 000.

Earlier the same companies filed a complaint about unknown people opening fire on construction vehicles (supposedly from �Saiga�, a civil 12-mm carbine) and torching workers sheds with molotovs.

Eco-activists present at the site of eco-camp near the construction failed to provide police with evidence or ideas about the nature of perpetrators."

April 3, 2012 - FOREST DEFENSE

Butovo forest

anonymous report, from (rough translation):

"During the night of March 25-26, Moscow eco-anarchists visited the Butovo forest where a business class cottage village is being built. During the night activists were busy in defense of the forest.

Eco-anarchists spiked old, perennial pines and birch trees. In total, 7 trees were protected, what is not a bad result. Also, activists cut and dismantled a fence dividing the forest into bourgeois "possessions" and made it difficult for motor vehicle access, including construction equipment, by blocking roads with logs and iron pipes. In general, the mission was completed and most of the pre-planned goals accomplished. The whole event was quite easy: no police patrols, and even the guards did not suspect anything.

'Despite the opposition of local residents, the contractor is continuing construction, cutting down precious forests which were created dozens or even hundreds of years ago. Eco-anarchists advocate for the forest and the integrity and inviolability of the ecological system, because the forest is not only a source of oxygen, it is a whole world for a variety of animals, birds and insects. Breaking the main link in the chain, namely, a home for all of these beings, will mean death for all of them. So every sane person has a duty to protect our shared Earth, which provides to all of us shelter and food. If not us, who?'

ELF Moscow"


anonymous report:

"2 cell phone towers torched south of Moscow (Rostov-na-Donu direction). The cottage settlement we chose to disable is a popular site among hunters. And not only that. Local residents decided to add to the abuse of wild life and started two commercial fishing resorts. They grow up fish for it to be hunted by tourists.

So in a festive winter spirit (New Year/Xmas and St. Vallentine's Day) we decided to send them a message of love and harmony: 1 tower was left completely burned out, another one - severely damaged.
We used incendiaries with 1.5 liters of gasoline/kerosine each.

Words of solidarity and support to Marco Camenish, members of Indonesian FAI (both in prison and on the run), and Silvia Costa and Billy

Our respect and wholehearted support of actions carried out by ITS (Individuals tending towards the Wild), as well as other animal/ earth liberation collectives

Long live ALF/ ELF! Long live FAI!

With love, ALF/ELF-Moscow region, FAI."


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