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Animal Cruelty in Khabarovsk Russia

November 4, 2016

An egregious case got out in Russian city of Khabarovsk. Within half a year 20-year-old women took the lives of dozens of animals. Under the guise of the new owners, they took them from shelters, brutally tortured them in an abandoned building and then killed them for fun, posting reports with videos and photos on social network. The fleecers put out their eyes, hammered them, disemboweled them, had their hearts out, poured solvent on them, burned, drowned and shot poor animals.

Two weeks ago it became known to the public. Now only two of cruds are under investigation. One admitted everything and is grounded now, but parents of the other are trying hard to talk her way out of the possible punishment. Only two! But there are many more of them. Someone just presented at the executions, someone filmed it, someone commented on the barbarity, someone creates support groups for these monsters now and, finally, someone led them. According to evidences, they planned to switch to people in future.

In accordance with Russian law they may face up to 2 years of imprisonment at most. The case produced a tremendous publicity in our country and, if we can believe our media, in many other countries too (Metro Portal published articles on Khabarovsk fleecers).

Non-indifferent Russian people signed petitions, took part in rallies to tighten responsibility for animals abuse, organized pickets in memory of the murdered animals, recorded appeals to the President, created communities and highlighted other similar and unpunished cases of animals abuse. If the monsters wanted fame, they already have whack of it, but entirely blameless victims accidentally served as the cause for people's unity against cruelty, lawlessness and impunity. It became clear that together we can identify the problem, deal with it and try to exterminate it, making the world a better place.

If you can, please, help to make this bloody story public, it needs to bemaximum repost. In my opinion, as many people as only possible have to know about this terrible case. However, it is a drop in the ocean, because in every country and probably even in every city there are monsters, torturing and killing weak and defenseless creatures.

They live a comfortable life. Often they even don’t stand out from the crowd, give birth to children and nurture a new generation of sadists. They can be "cordial" neighbors, "good" friends and colleagues. Regardless of age, nationality and religion people can compassionate, think of it and confront injustice and cruelty, thus confirming the true HUMAN destiny.

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