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Action Against Hypermarket

The action against hypermarket "The world of fur and leather" has led to a conflict

March 22th, Moscow. About 30 activists fighting for animal rights entered all together the hypermarket "The world or fur and leather" near the metrostation "Sokolniki". They were carrying a transparency with an inscription on it "Leave fur for animals". The word fur was crossed out. Also they were distributing leaflets, shouting out slogans and talking about the real price of fur with a megaphone.

Some of the guards were trying to stop the activists, they snached the transparency out of their hands and started to turn the activists out of the hypermarket. As a result the defenders of fur-bearing animals left the shop themselves and stood outside it shouting out the slogans. First one of the customers or maybe even someone of those who worked in that shop was trying to run the activists over, but then he took a gas gun and began to shoot at activist's faces. In view of self-defence the activists used gas for neutralizing the agressive fur-lover.

The action was timed to the regular season of fur-traders, who befin that time to advertise themselves actively in order to get as much profits as possible selling skin flayed of animals. Every year millions of animals are violently killed at fur farms by means of electric current being passed through anus, poison injictions or gas chamber. Other animals are entrapped. Every year about 4 mln animals die in traps in Russia. Being entrapped animals can die for hours suffering from excruciating pain in splintered by prap paws.

Fur industry must be stopped! A lot of people in different countries coming out against using natural fur are sure: fur industry must not exist any more! A man can manage without clothes made of fur of animals, protecting himself from cold with materials, produced without animal murders.

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