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Activists supported the Week of Actions Against Vivisection

Russian activists have supported the Week Actions Against Vivisection

From April, 20 till April, 29th in different Russian cities actions according to the Week Actions Against Vivisection took place. People from the different countries of the world have organized during this week several actions against using of animals in severe experiments (vivisection). The Campaign takes place at the end of April and is dated for April, 24th - to the International day of laboratory animals declared by the United Nations. Protest actions took place in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Barnaul, graffiti's were drawn, anti-vivisection videos were shown for the discussion, a concert was hold and even one direct action with animal liberation took place.

April, 29
   On April, 29th 12:00, Moscow, Activists with a transparency with a photo of the dog killed in experiences and an inscription "Stop using animals in severe experiments!" came to the Novopushkinsky square. Also there were some posters against HLS where in torture chambers of laboratories 500 animals die every day. A lot of leaflets were given to people who passed by the demo. Get the photos here:




14:00, Petrozavodsk, Student's parkway. In Petrozavodsk more than twenty Karelian activists of the Alliance of Animal Rights have handed round 650 leaflets in the central parkway of the Karelian capital. In a bloody doctor's smock a vivisector was running around with a mouse and a scalpel in his hands. He suggested to people who passed by the demo to take part in experiment with a mouse. Not having received support from people he took seat on the ground in front of the Petrozavodsk state university and publicly cut the mouse with a scalpel. Behind the laboratory assistant animal rights activists were staying, they have put on t-shirts with letters which made an inscription "Stop the experiences!" and in their hands was a transparency with an inscription "Stop murdering animals!" Get the photos here:



20:00, St. Petersburg, club the Socle
   About 200 people came at the punk-hardcore concert of bands Salpetriere from Moscow and Warcry from the USA The member of band Salpetriere called to resist vivisection, and before the performance of Warcry band one of the activists came on the stage calling to liberate animals from places where they are abused During the concert a video with animal liberation actions from the different countries, including the action of the Russian ALF, was projected. In a hall the big transparency with an inscription "Stop animal testing!" was hung out and in premises of club posters and leaflets against vivisection were stuck. A distro with stickers, disks, magazines of ALF subjects worked during the concert. Get the photos here:


April, 28, 14:00, St.-Petersburg, Small Konjushennaja street.
   In front of the Kazan cathedral the transparencies were put with inscriptions "stop animal testing!" and "stop murdering animals in severe experiments!". 10 activists in masks of rabbits and dogs have put on T-shorts with letters and have formed a phrase "stop animal experiments!". 2 laboratory assistances in bloody doctor's smock were walking nearby. Activists organized a demo: laboratory assistant tried to use one of activists who played a rabbit in experiment but other animal activists prevented it, they tumbled down the vivisector and crossed him over with a bicycle. Shouting slogans from the transparencies and "animal liberation - human liberation!" attracted people who passed by, they also were given the leaflets. In such way the Russian activists have expressed solidarity with people from Great Britain and other countries where these days antivivisection actions passed too. Get the photos here:
Video: WeekvsVivis/antivivi_piter28apr07.wmv  (3.46 Mb)
or  (3.51 mb)



April, 27 St.-Petersburg.
   In area of the underground station Alexander Nevskiy a local a stencil-action was lead. On one of the walls the monkey in a cage was drawn and the inscription "stop animal testing!" was made. Other stencils were drawn in St.-Petersburg this day too. Get the photo here:

April, 26 Russia.
  The action of solidarity with SHAC was declared. In Russian representations of clients and other allies of HLS messages with offering to refuse cooperation with HLS were sent. Contacts for letters of the protest are placed here:

April, 25 Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Barnaul.
  At least in 3 cities distribution of stickers, leaflets and booklets against vivisection was lead. In Barnaul sticking-up has passed in the Central Altay Universities: the Altay state university, Medical university, Agrarian university. Many stickers have appeared on faculties of biological specialities. Students have received booklets against vivisection. Stickers contain pictures and the text describing necessity of the termination of experiences on animals. Photos and other info check here:

April, 24 Moscow, Vorobievy Gori
   The action took place near the main building of the Moscow State University as this university is one of the largest scientific center of the country and a place where students are compelled to study using severe experiments (vivisection). Members of initiative group "Stop vivisection!" have put on T-shorts with letters, that made an inscription "stop animal experiments!" They also put on masks of animals - dogs, rabbits and monkeys. 10 minutes later after the beginning the demo animal rights activists directed to the biological faculty of the Moscow State University, shouting on a way slogans. Someone has informed the guard of faculty and militia that defenders of animals were going to arrange pogrom at the University. That is why the guard hasn't permitted passing to a building. In truth pogrom wasn't planned at all, the action had exclusively peace character. The activists have decided to finish their demo to avoid detention by militia. The action was dated for the International day of laboratory animals. Check the photos:[147]=x-150-11203


April, 23 Moscow.
   1. Vorobievy Gori, the Moscow state university. On a building of biological faculty of the Moscow State University an inscription "stop animal testing!" with the image of the monkey in a cage made by an aerosol paint and a stencil has appeared. Approximately during the same time a lot of stickers against vivisection appeared on the walls, columns, bus stops and just everywhere on the territory of university. The militia tried to detain some activists, but didn't manage to.
   2. Timiryazevskaya academy. Anonymous activists have informed, that 3 guinea pigs were rescued by animal liberation activists from vivisection. They have got into a cellar of academy and liberated all 3 guinea pigs that were in cages there at that moment. The inscriptions "Animal liberation!","Vivisectionists are terrorists!" and "A.L.F." were written on the walls. All rescued animals were brought to safety houses, fed with vegetables and fruit and were acquainted with their present friends who will protect them from cruel men.

April, 22 Andreevka, Moscow region
   On 22 of April nearby 3pm animal defenders celebrated the beginning of the Week of Actions Against Vivisection. In Moscow area settlement Andreevka nearby Zelenograd a vivisection farm is situated. 2 years ago it was visited by ALF activists. In night darkness they got into the farm and left it with hundreds of rats and thousands of mice. Since than the farm has practically stopped working but not completely. In some constructions mice and rats are still kept in order to be killed during animal experiments. This time the farm has drawn attention of animal defenders operating openly. They came in the middle of the day and marched through the farm's territory with banners against animal experiments. Some constructions were drawn with anti-vivisection inscriptions. Before the activists left the farm several premises have been crushed, windows have been broken and etc.
   Animal Rights Activists consider that in such an obvious way they can explain the vivisectors that earning money by cruelty and animal suffering will not stay unpunished. Farm's security had an attempt to step in but it was vainly, so it stayed witnessing the action nearby. Such places are created for breeding animals in order to kill them in cruel experiments. Animal testing is unnecessary and it doesn't bring any profit to people. To get the video of the action check the link: WeekvsVivis/andreevka.wmv  (1,63Mb, Windows Media)

April, 21 Moscow, Jerry Rubin's club.
   The film "Behind the Mask" about animal liberation was shown. Initially this film was made in English, translation into Russian has been organized specially for presentation during the World Week for Animals in Labs. At the same time there was a distro where it was possible to get materials about animal rights and, including, vivisection.

April, 20 Altay.
   At the conference of young scientists, on faculty of philosophy at the Altay state university, animal right activists have given to attention of listeners the report " Experiments with animals: a modern sight ". The basic purpose of the report was the proof, that the most part of experiments with animals can be replaced by alternatives, and using animals in experiments is immoral and are only the vestiges of the past.

The additional information
   In April under the initiative of animal rights activists a group "For Abolish Vivisection!" was created in Russia. Its members achieve the full termination of using animals in experiments.

The group has initiated a campaign against the large Russian organizations which are engaged at vivisection and grow up animals for these purposes, and also has supported the international campaigns against vivisection. If you wish to join the group or to support its work, you can contact its representatives by e-mail [email protected], visit its site or blog

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