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Help Needed for Stray Dogs, Oct 2008

Hello! My name is Palcovici Loredana, I'm from Romania and I need your help!

I think that you know or heard about animals in Romania, they don't live like they should! I mean that almost 80% of dogs are on streets! Here don't exist animals police, or any law to change anything about this situation, even if they say there will be, they never say when will happen!

We had talked with primary, because they support the flayers and dogs are suffering because of them! We need your help with support to create shelter for this dogs, to invest in their drugs, food, home and adopt! Animals in Romania need your help! I live in a city called Resita, and I will send you a website with a video and a profile with some photos to present how dogs live in Resita! For the video and photos viewer discretion is advised! Maybe you will say that we will continue doing this even if you will support us! But that is why we send messages to others in different countries and not in our, because here in our country the corruption is part of daily life in Romania, with almost half of Romanians admitting to paying bribes!

They don't care about animals, they just care about their money, and what they must do to have more money then anyone! I was several times to primary of my town, but they say that if I want to help these animals, I have to pay from my own money if I want to change the world! And that is it! They kill dogs in 5 days if nobody come and get them from the paddock, and they don't kill them with drugs or what is legal, they just hit them till they die! Dogs eat bad food and nobody clean their mess! You will see all of this in the video that I wrote down! If you can support us, I will wait for an answer in the mail that I wrote here and I will be happy that someone somewhere cares about animals!

Here is the website where you can find the video:

Here is the profile where you can find photos:

And here is the website where you can find about corruption in Romania

Thank you!

P.S. I apologize for my mistakes on writing!

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