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Romania Animal Rescue -- Web site - animal shelter near Bucharest

Be careful of ROLDA:

Street dogs transform lives of Bucharest elderly - Dec 2014

Stop massacre of stray dogs - July 2014

Best Ads on TV by Four Paws - May 2014

Petition to Prosecute Dog Catchers - May 2014

Teenager uses Facebook to save Romania's stray dogs - April 2014

Stray Dog Rescuers - Romania - March 2014 (2013 video)

ASPA Romania - Give Back the 90 Dogs! - March 2014

Dogs in Romania Need Help - March 2014

Respect jailed vegetarian, Romania told - Dec 2013

After boy's fatal mauling, spate of attacks puts focus on Balkan cruelty against animals - December 2013

The angels vowing to save Romania's stray dogs - October 2013

Romania Dogs Killed with Impunity - October 2013

SOS for Romanian Dogs - Urgent Adoption - October 2013

Romanian stray dogs massacre - Sept 2013,356494.html situation+of+stray+dogs+in+romania&gs_l=youtube.3..33i21.22.5579.

Brigitte Bardot and Pamela Anderson ask President of European Council to stop stray dogs being killed in Romania - Sept 2013

Please help us protest the dog slaughter in Romania! - Sept 2013
    Parliament Ratifies Law on Mass Slaughter of Stray Dogs

Canine Angel of Romania: Liz Jones sets off to Save Strays - April 2013

Plan to put down stray dogs causes howl in Romania - May 2011

bill no 912 debated - Mar 2011

Romania Animal Rescue - Dec 2010

AR groups: Bucharest stray dog problem could be solved by 2012 - 12/10

Romanian Dogs and Cats Need Help - October 2010

Romania AR Supporters - Sept 2010

Romania Newsletter - March 2010
Romanian strays find ingenious ways to escape the cold - January 2010

Romania Animal Rescue - June 2008 update

March 2008: Newsletter: http://www.romaniaa nimalrescue. com - a small animal welfare charity based in Arad, Romania, called ANIMED ARAD. So far (January 2007) we rescued 970 animals, rehomed 559 and spayed/neutered 931. You can find the detailed records at the home section of our website. We are the only animal welfare charity in our city. Please do try to support our work on behalf of the abandoned, abused, ill and injured animals.

2005: Stop the Dog Killing in Bucharest
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Actions Reported to Biteback - Dec 07

Help Needed for Stray Dogs - October 2008

Shelter Rescues First Horse - August 2008

AR News May '08

Helping Bucharest Dogs - May 2008

Clopotel Association - March 2008

Romania: Chamber of Deputies passes new law protection animals
http://www.evana. org/index. php?id=28867& lang=en - Dec 07

Romanian Catastrophe - Nov. 07

October 2007: EVANA now works also in Romanian: Articles in Romanian will be published and information translated from English to Romanian and vice versa. for more information:
http://www.evana. org/index. php?cat=& lang=ro&filterte xt=&Go=Go% 21

Animed Arad Update - June 2007

Newsletter - April 2007

Lucky, the dog - March 2007

Laura Pontini - one woman dog rescuing army

Romanian Dogs - August 2006, video of plight of dogs in Romania.

Romania AR -- Romania Animal Rescue, Inc.

Pupaza dien tei -- Organization working for homeless animals in Romania

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