March 2007

Policy: Neuter, Adoption, Education

Dear Animal Lover,

We would like to thank to those of you who had been supporting us in helping the dogs in need. We need support for providing the dogs in our care good conditions but also for running our projects. Unfortunately, we dont receive any support from the Romanian government and rely entirely on the generosity of kind-hearted people like you.

Founded legally in April 2000, our association has now 7 years of hard working and devotment for offering animals a decent life and understanding, for reducing stray dogs' population through neutering, for making people aware about animals' rights through continuous education with the support of mass-media. Although sometimes we passed through hard moments, when it seemed that there was no way out, we succeeded to pass it thinking of all the animals that can't protect themselves, that depend on us entirely and we are responsible for their well-being.

We did our best to save as many animals as possible, to treat those who were sick, to neuter them, to offer them care and love, and to try to find them good homes although it is not easy.

We have cooperation contracts with mayors from 6 towns in Gorj county, proposing the ''Neuter and Return" programme as an alternative at their "Catch and Kill" programme. And also in Tg-Jiu, we have signed in October a contract of cooperation with the City Hall and mentain a good relation with the Public Institutions, like Police, Sanitary Veterinary Direction etc.

We also have started in 2006 the education programme in school called " Open your heart" and the animal assisted therapy " Soul to soul" that are among the first programmes of this type in Romania.

Our biggest challange is now to build the private shelter called "Hope for hopeless", a safe place for those needy dogs and cats saved, that will be formed by a rehoming center for the adoptable animals, a sanctuary with trees and playing grounds for those of them who, from different reasons, can't be adopted, a clinic equipped for surgeries with a recovery areas, and quaranteen rooms etc

We have plenty of new projects that can't be achieved without your support!

Please don't forget that with so little from you, GIVES so much for the animals in need!


1. School Education Programme

2.Therapy dog programme.

3. Shelter management and education training.

4. Trap,Neuter,Release.

5. Our activity lately

7. Help us to help !

1. Youth Education programme, called " OPEN YOUR HEART".

Youth education is extremely important for children to understand that every animal is a sentient being, that they have feelings too, the same needs as we have and we must be kind to them. We are trying to teach them how to help to create a more responsible and humane community.

The project lasts 5 hours at every class. Each pupil receives his own booklet with information about Pro Animals, dogs, neutering programmes, how to be a responsible owner, laws, lots of photos, games and questionaires. Besides this we also have 3 posters about 'animal cruelty' and 'how to play safe with a dog' , a power point presentation with a video projector etc. At the end pupils receive diplomas and small presents ( like badges, stickers, paitings colors, pencil cases etc). All the 400 pupils that we had until now, made lots of drawings and cooperated very well. There were also articles about our programme in the local newspapers.

In order to continue this education through the next years at the same pupils, we will have a small publication especially for kids that we will distribute , in schools, for free every month informing kids about animal rights, laws etc and also they will have the opportunity to contribute with ideas, drawings etc.

Also in June we intend to organize an Exhibit with the best drawings made by pupils until then but also an Adoption Campaign. We will send invitations to all the schools we visited, but also to mass-media representatives and Authorities.

2. Therapy Dogs' programme , called " SOUL TO SOUL".

Started in September 2006, the programme is running very well. We also have organized the Christmas day there, decorated trees, brought ornaments for each room and presents (including a photo with them and one of our dogs) for all 100 residents wrapped in shinny boxes. With us came Kiki, Dolly but also Mica who loves spending time with the people there. They were dressed like little Santa's and were delightful. See bellow some of the photos. This people have no hope for tomorrow, you can hardly take out a smile from them, but when they see our dogs their faces lighten and are happy that 'someone' came to visit them.

Because of the success this programme had we will continue it also this year.

We thank to Pro Animals Finland for their moral and financial support in this projects .

3. Shelter management and education training.

One of our representatives attended two trainings during 4th - 11th of March at Dogs Trust England. The training costs were covered by Dogs Trust and Pro Animals Finland. There had been discussed about shelter management, neutering, rehoming, standard operating procedures in shelter but also about education in schools. We visited three 'rehoming centers' and as we intend to build a new shelter this was quite useful, but also two schools where pupils were thought about how to be a responsible owner. It was a useful training , learning new information that can be applied here in our county.

4. Trap, Neuter, Release programme in Tg-Jiu.

As you read in our last newsletter this contract was signed on 24th of October 2006, in cooperation also with other foundation. The City Hall started to expand the actual shelter ( until we will build our own private shelter) in order to be enough room for the recuperation after neutering. We made an informative brochure to be spreaded with the support of the Community Police, in 25.000 pieces, all over the city, in order to inform people about this programme. According this contract, stray dogs will not be killed anymore but humanely collected, brought at the shelter, neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated, kept for recovery for several days and afterwards returned or adopted. Those who are too old to be returned or have health problems, will remain in our shelter.

Also, according this contract our association will have to build the private shelter but also to neuter daily,vaccinate, deworm, deflea, vaccinate, earclips identifying, keep for recovery for several day, support the needed food, employees wages and other expenses. It is a hard challange but it is very important that finally, due our hard work and commitment also, stray dogs will have a better life, hopefully.

5. Our activity lately.

Luckly, we had a very mild winter and this was good for our dogs from the shelter. We also succeeded to make some repairing to the fence around and wooden cages.

We try our best to find loving and responsible owners for the wonderful dogs we have at the shelter. All the dogs we give for adoption are neutered. It is important to make people understand that animals need our care and love, that they must not be treated as simple objects for guarding homes or toys for children.

Now, warm weather came already and dogs in the shelter love this. We have happy dogs in our shelter, visitors also noticed this Our dogs don't stay all day long in their kennels, closed, but stay free from morning until late afternoon when is time for food. In the two big courtyards, they all stay free, play, run, have pieces of wood to climb on it etc. Almost all the dogs have their own names, they are very sociable and love to have visitors to spend some time with them.

Recoveries . Below you can find some of our dogs whom were found in terrible situations, very sick, weak that , at first look, seemed hopeless. But, we always do our best for them to recover, offering intensive care and treatment, and we have been doing it successfully. We know that if it werent't for us, a big part of these dogs we saved, wouldn't be living now. They are very loving and sociable dogs, kissing us as if wanting to show their gratitude for our efforts.

Buffy, was found when he was just a puppy - outside in snow -, very sick, weak, and couldnt walk on his back leg. After a period of treatment and good care,when was thinking that hope is no longer present, he recovered and now he is a strong, fat boy, very lovely. Ciocolata, was a poor puppy that was abandoned together with his brothers at the shelter some time ago. Luckly, she is the only one who had survived and now she is a 'kissing' girl and very fond of us.

Daisy, was brought at the shelter by an animal lover who has found her abandoned near her block. She was in a very bad state, with the back legs broken. After a long period of treatment and intensive care, she needed a pretty long period of recovery. Luckly,now she is all right, very healthy and looks like a real ' lady'. Madalin, was found after a car accident having his back leg broken but also a severe skin problem. Unfortunately, nothing could be done for his leg so we had to amputate it. After intensive care, he recovered and although now he has only three legs he is a very active and good looking. They both play and run in the shelter.


Adoptions: Below are just some of the adoptions made lately. We do our best to find good homes for the lovely and very sociable dogs that we have in the shelter. The dogs are neutered, de-wormed, de-flead, vaccinated and we are offering them free of charge, asking owners to fill in a form. Through our education programme we are also trying to teach about responsible ownership and how to be a good and a carring owner.

6. Cruelty cases under investigation at the Police. Lately, poisoning cases were reported in Tg-JIU. We called Police who came there and we collected the dead bodies, brought it to the Sanitary Veterinary Laboratory for analises and discovered the substance used. Also, we have been reported a cruelty case against a dog who was beaten by an old man so bad that he could barely move. There were the witnesses and came the Police. We took the dog to the vet and he gave us a written notice regarding her state.

In both cases, we brought intimations to the Police asking to investigate and send us the result, according with the Law 205/2004 of Animal Protection.

7. Help us to help!

Presented above is just a small part of our work. For more details you can contact us directly or visit our website ( updating soon). For running our projects we really need your support. Your help will be much appreciated and will gives us the power to continue in offering these dogs a second chance, a new life. You can choose the way you would like to help:

-Sponsorhip programme. For just 10 Euro/ month you can choose to sponsor one of dogs from the shelter. You will receive 6 times/ year news from your sponsored dog as well as a certificate from us. In the next email you can choose one of the dogs you would like to help.

- Support for food needed or/ and neuterings.

- Medicines ; equippments for collecting dogs, transport and caching cages etc.

-Regular expenses in the shelter ( wages, different needed items, detergents etc)

- Support for the education programme ( for printing booklets,materials, small presents for children, editing a monthly publication etc)

-Support for the animal assisted therapy.

- Any kind of donation is very welcomed .

You can help also by:

-Give our newsletters and brochures to any animal lover you know in your communitty;

- Organise a fundraising event in your town, with your effort you give a inestimable support to hundreds of poor animals;

- Write some words about our dogs and needs in a local newspaper etc.;

Thank you for reading our newsletter and for caring about animals!


GOOD DEED OF THE DAY: - forward our newsletter to every animal lover you know! It might be more helpful then you can imagine!


Pro Animals is a registered non-profit charity association, Authorization: H.J./113/24.04.2000, Code of Fiscal Registration: 13346147. We receive no financial support from the Romanian Authorities, and rely entirely on animal lovers donations. Our main purpose is to save , neuter and find loving and responsible owners for the stray animals but also to make people aware about animal rights and welfare.

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