March 20th, 2007 : Lucky is still with us and getting better. As you can see in the photo below she is beginning to make use of her rear legs - 10 weeks after surgery. Your generosity allows us to do our work and thanks to your support Lucky too has a future. Please keep us in mind for future donations.

For details on our work in Arad, Romania, please visit our website or send us an Email.

Thank you very much for being amongst our friends and please know that any donation you make goes directly to our charitable work.

With friendship and gratitude,

Eng. Claudiu Iosim
Founder & Executive Director

ANIMED ARAD - the first and only animal welfare charity in Arad, Romania that runs a neutering program for stray and feral cats, stray dogs and cats & dogs with human companions on low incomes.

Please send us a donation to enable us to fix more of the above. Please visit our website for details on our work:

Thank you very much to all our friends. We can't work without your generosity and support.
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