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Shelter Rescues First Horse

August 23, 2008

We just rescued our very first horse. We weren't prepared for it thou. She's in my backyard. I need to find a way to be able to provide shelter, food and medical assistance to this horse and many more.

There are gipsy people who steal iron and steel and use horses to transport it. When the police is on to them they just abandon everything and run. Horses are also left behind.

Then, there are other gipsy people who just abandon horses when they cannot work anymore.

We being the only animal welfare charity in the city must start dealing with this problem as well. I know we cannot even solve the problem with the stray dogs and stray and feral cats. Not all at once anyway. But we have a TNR program running on a daily basis and some of the strays can also be adopted from us if someone wishes to.

We need to start rescuing horses as well. I need to know what to do and just as important, receive donations to do it.

If you know anyone interesting in setting up a sanctuary for horses here please do let me know. I am all ears ... and eyes . I say sanctuary because compared to dogs and cats, horses would not be adopted as pets in these parts. People either put them to work or they eat them. But they do not keep them as pets. So, my idea is to either find a sanctuary for them or have one here.

I need contacts, training, products and money. Please help me with magazines, books, accessories for horses, money, ideas, whatever you think would help me rescue abused horses.

I have quite a few photos of the horse we just rescued but somehow I cannot download them from my mobile phone. I'll take some more photos with the camera tomorrow and post them on our website:

Thank you again for being there for us for so long now. You make all these happen.



Claudiu Iosim

Environmental Engineer

Veterinary Student

Founder & Managing Director

ANIMED ARAD - the first and only animal welfare charity in Arad, Romania that runs a neutering program for stray and feral cats, stray dogs and cats & dogs with human companions on low incomes.

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HQ: Arad, 310091 Blanduziei Street No.3, Romania

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