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Protest against Puerto Rico dolphinarium

Protest against Puerto Rico dolphinarium Nov 20, 2011

Our protest yesterday against the dolphinarium planned for San Juan Puerto Rico went very well, we were able to share a lot of information to educate the public about why it is wrong to keep dolphins in captivity.

Thank you to all who participated in the protest and we will continue fighting this project.

See Spanish-language video clips of part of the protest at protestancontralaconstrucciondeldelfinarioensanjuan-581972.html

The opposition we have mounted against the planned dolphinarium, has nothing to do with Puerto Rican political parties and has nothing to do with not wanting to help children with disabilities such as autism and Down's syndrome. We would be against the dolphinarium whether it was the plan of a PPD Mayor or a PNP Mayor. No matter what anecdotes the Mayor has to offer about "dolphin therapy" with autistic children, the fact is that studies by renowned marine mammal experts have shown clearly that there is no demonstrated scientific validity to this supposed "therapy". Mayor Santini has also said something to the effect that the planned facility would not involve any mistreatment of animals, but the point totally missed there is that the true abuse of the dolphins begins long before they have arrived in San Juan. For a dolphin, captivity itself is an extreme form of abuse, no matter whether the dolphin was wild-caught or bred in captivity, these are creatures that unequivocally belong in the ocean. People have commented about why do we want to "deny" Puerto Rico the opportunity of having dolphin facilities such as those that exist in the states or in nearby countries-----but we are against all such facilities that keep dolphins captive. The Mayor has also commented that we want to deny "dolphin therapy" to the disabled children. Even if there was validity to such a therapy (which there is not any proven validity), it is akin to a twisted USING of another species, as if one was saying, let me take an animal that should be living free in the ocean and basically destroy his/her life so I can try to make a change in the life of my child. I impatiently await the day when Puerto Rico can wholeheartedly join other compassionate people worldwide who believe in the concept of live and let live. Leave the dolphins alone, in their ocean world where they belong, and play with public and private money in a way that truly uplifts the proud people of this island, and respects other creatures. What a beautiful concept for Puerto Rico to become known worldwide as a place that says NO to projects such as this that are inherently cruel to other species, why not be known as a place that strives for such a distinction, rather than a place that must always "have" what other places "have", even when such things are in essence, no good. Start with what is in front of you, help the animals already suffering all over the streets, provide much needed basic services to children with autism, Down's syndrome, etc., instead of forcing multimillion projects to come into existence that reek of ethical blindness.

--------Glen Venezio, Animal Concerns Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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