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"Anti-Bullfighting City" Campaign

September 04, 2006

Subject: ANIMAL, in co-operation with the League Against Cruel Sports, has launched the "Anti-Bullfighting City" campaign - the first campaign ever in Portugal which aims to create the first Anti-Bullfighting City in this country where bullfights still exist

ANIMAL, in co-operation with the League Against Cruel Sports, has launched the "Anti-Bullfighting City" campaign -- the first campaign ever in Portugal which aims to create the first Anti-Bullfighting City in this country where bullfights still exist

While Spain has already 32 cities which have already been declared Anti-Bullfighting Cities, and while France has already at least one city which has made that important step, Portugal does not yet have any city that has made such a statement. With the support from the League Against Cruel Sports, ANIMAL is now targeting 10 cities in the Algarve (Portimão, Lagos, Lagoa, Aljezur, Silves, Albufeira, Loulé, Olhão, Tavira and Faro) and 1 city near Lisbon (Sintra) with this campaign, which was launched together with the new website, with an English section with information on what kind of action foreign people visiting Portugal or living outside Portugal can take to help accomplish this campaign's objectives.

The key-point of this campaign is to try to get the British tourists visiting the Algarve every year (as well as all other foreign tourists) to write to the presidents of the municipalities addressed in this campaign urging them to officially declare the cities that they govern Anti-Bullfighting Cities, by officially committing to not allow bullfights again and to openly condemn these cruel spectacles. By urging the municipalities to take this step, foreign tourists are invited to say to these officials that they are boycotting bullfighting towns -- which hugely depend on the money that they spend when visiting -- and they would like to visit anti-bullfighting towns instead. This will provide an economic motivation -- along with the ethical motivation -- for the local people and local companies to involve themselves in making this change happen, to avoid risking being boycotted. ANIMAL and the League Against Cruel Sports expect that this pressure will decisively help to make these municipalities commit against bullfights in order to protect the public image and the economy of these cities, having, at the same time, an excellent opportunity to market tourism in their cities internationally as ethically responsible cities.

This campaign is integrated in the League's new anti-bullfighting campaign, headed in, which aims to involve British tourists across the world to use their economic influence as tourists to help to achieve local bans on bullfights in cities and villages which are frequently visited by British tourists and that tremendously need the money that these spend when visiting. With this campaign, the League has found a very effective way to deal with a problem of extreme cruelty to animals such as bullfights and its traditional and economic aspect: to use the same elements that still keep bullfights alive -- popularity and money -- but against these abhorrent spectacles. In Portugal, this is strategy involving local bans is much more effective and realistic than it would be to try to accomplish a nationwide ban for now (although the entire campaign will obviously make it easier for that to happen sooner than it would if it was not for this campaign effort).

- Please support the Anti-Bullfighting City campaign -- please click here to go to the campaign "Take Action" page (in English)

- Please make a donation to support this campaign and help ANIMAL to create the first Anti-Bullfighting City -- please contact us at or donate through PayPal by clicking here

-- Please support the League Against Cruel Sports "Bullfighting Free" campaign -- please visit and learn more about what you can do to help end bullfights by simply using your influence as a tourist

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Thank you so much for your attention.

For the animals in Portugal,

Miguel Moutinho

Executive Director

Tm: (00 351) 96 235 81 83


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